Experience the VysionQuest
VysionQuest: Awaken Your True Path
Discover who you are, what you want, and what you're really here to do
Experience the VysionQuest
Discover purpose, direction and inspiration that you didn't know was possible
Do you need clarity for your next chapter? Have you achieved some success but still feel lost or empty? Have you already done some great things, but deep down you know you must be meant for something more?  Are you struggling to understand what your true purpose is and how to get there?
When your life vision isn't clear...
  • You can waste years "stuck at a crossroads"
  • You feel stuck, bored and unmotivated
  • Work becomes soul-draining
  • You second guess yourself
  • You unconsciously take your frustrations out on your loved ones
  • You don't know what to do next in your work or life
Experience the VysionQuest process and let your life become the exciting and meaningful adventure that it should be.
Experience the VysionQuest
The VysionQuest is a transformational life purpose program. It helps you unlock the True Clarity you need to answer your soul's calling in work and life.
Experience life-changing clarity with our 7-step framework and realign your life with your authentic purpose and dreams.
  • Wake up every day with a clear sense of purpose and direction.
  • Gain a roadmap to your true path - personally AND professionally - and the conviction to walk it.
  • Ignite your life's purpose and vision in just 28 days with our virtual program or in 6 days with our retreat.
  • Create a profound, life-changing experience that will alter the course of your life forever.
True Clarity is the catalyst for meaningful change and the key to living a purposeful, fulfilling life.
VysionQuest helps you overcome fear and unlock the clarity you need to create soulful change in your life and business.
There are 2 ways that you can experience the VysionQuest process. Which one is right for you?
 1 - At home 
The VysionQuest Virtual
  Next intake: May 28  
Discover your authentic purpose and dreams with our 28-day online journey. Follow the simple steps which show you how to silence the fear, listen to your guide inside and find the answers you've been looking for. Our 7-stage framework will guide you to life-changing clarity like clockwork.
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 2 - In person 
The VysionQuest Retreat
  Next Retreat: Sep 5-10  
Ignite your life's purpose and vision in less than a week! Join us on the Sunshine Coast of Australia for a 6-day live immersion in the VysionQuest process. Get daily guidance from me and the team, along with your accommodation at the stunning retreat property, incredible food, daily yoga, nature time, and connection with other soulful high achievers.
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It switched on the light in my soul and showed me all the treasures I already had inside that were impossible to see in the dark.
Rick is a true healer both personally and for others.

I always thought I had a pretty good idea what my purpose was but came to the retreat to cement it in and work out how to juggle everything.

But what I really learnt was that it's impossible to build an empire if the groundwork is unstable. I discovered that it was my own internal struggles that were holding me back from my true potential.

The VysionQuest gave me the tools to fix that and I'm leaving the retreat energised, excited and ready to carry out my purpose with a bang.

The process helped me connect, reach, dream and believe in everything I was born to be. It switched on the light in my soul and showed me all the treasures I already had inside that were impossible to see in the dark.

The process was pretty easy and fun but extremely clever. The modules walk you through simple exercises which eventually show you exactly what you want from life.

It's like working on a tapestry square by square and then taking a step back and realising you've created a beautiful piece of art.

It helped me sort through the endless ideas and desires that run through my head so I could identify the ones that truly mean the most to me.

Once you know what's really important to you the next step is easy – go and get it!

What I didn't expect were the connections I would make with the other retreat members sharing the journey.

From the very beginning Rick helped us remove our protective outer personalities and allow us to be our true selves.

Seeing other people share their true desires and vulnerabilities gave you an insight into their soul and created bonds that I'm sure will last a lifetime.

The future is bright and I can't wait till we all meet again.

Thank you, universe.

Danielle Runge
Owner/Director - Luminise Care Solutions
By far the most POWERFUL form of personal development I have ever done.
The last 2 years I felt as though I had simply been surviving life, when I really wanted to be thriving instead. I wanted to make 2021 a year filled with joy, energy and alignment - but I had no idea how to do it.
I had new opportunities arising so I wanted to make sure that any decisions I made moving forward would bring more joy and fulfillment in my life. I was tired of feeling tired! I knew I needed to go 'all in' to find my mojo again.
Enter VysionQuest. By far the most POWERFUL form of personal development I have ever done.
The workbook guides you through each lesson to help draw out your inner dreams and find more clarity, purpose and energy than I ever knew possible.
Since completing VysionQuest I now have a strong inner knowing and clear directions to live out an incredibly fulfilling life. I cannot wait to get started on my new life filled with joy, energy and alignment.
So now I'm back. More focused than ever and with a heart filled with gratitude and love for the magical life I've been able to create for myself and a child like excitement for what's yet to come.
If you're needing some real clarity or simply a big fat dose of self love - I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you're feeling uncertain whether VQ is right for you - stop thinking and just do it.
Trust in the process that Rick takes you on. It's an unforgettable journey that has the power to transform your life. Fuck yeah!
Haley Hughes
Founder - Empire & Co
I had a profound experience with Rick which quite literally changed the course of my life.
At first I was a massive cynic.
I had been burned so many times that I thought personal development was bulls**t and that life was actually quite meaningless.
It's hard for me to write those words now, but that's where I was. Everything was black.
This was before Reliable Education and I was in a world of pain.
I was:
- Angry with the world.

- Disappointed with humanity.
- Tired.
- Completely lost inside.
- Suffering from intermittent but severe panic attacks.
- Disconnected from any sense of community.
Regularly using sleeping tablets to help me sleep.
- AND - making quite a bit of money through my Amazon brands and my animation company back in Los Angeles (living proof that money doesn't equal happiness).

So why this post?

Because I know there are a lot of people around the world right now who feel many of the things that I felt back then and they need help. If that's you, move mountains and get your ass onto one of Rick's VysionQuests.

I had a profound experience with Rick which quite literally changed the course of my life. And within a few months, we launched Reliable Education which has now gone on to be my proudest business achievement to date, not to mention what has been done for charity as a result of all the collective giving from our amazing community.

Your life is too important to spend another day in pain, frustration and disorientation.

Give this gift to yourself.

I am not getting paid to post this.

I am doing this simply because it changed my life profoundly and without Rick, there would be no Reliable Education.

He's a genuinely good human doing good work.

Thanks Rick. I appreciate you brother. You're an elevated soul moving big things quietly in the background. Those who know, know. x

Adam Hudson
Co-Founder - Reliable Education
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Meet Your Guide
Rick Cowley, Founder
The VysionQuest process was born out of Rick's experience with leukemia at 21 years old. He learned three important things: We each have a purpose. We have no time to waste. And clarity is key. Now, through the VysionQuest framework, he and the VQ team help others discover their purpose and dreams to live a life of fulfillment and meaning. The unique process was refined and developed during more than 60 live retreats with input from hundreds of high achievers. Experience the VysionQuest and nothing will ever be the same again.
Experience the VysionQuest
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