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Adam Hudson and Alicia Albright - Dreams Coming True

In 2016 a group of people wearing bikinis and board shorts on Bali wrote down their most important dreams for the next 5 years. Two years later TO THE DAY two of their biggest dreams came true on opposite sides of the globe.

This is what happened for VysionQuesters Adam Hudson and Alicia Albright…

VysionQuest Bali Retreat #30 (aka The Dirty Thirty)

Mar 16-23, 2016

Seven people sit around a wooden table under the shade of a cliff top hut.

The warm Bali breeze kisses bare shoulders. The rhythmic music of the aqua waves lets minds release and relax. Pens flow, leaving destiny-forming trails in their workbooks.

They’ve been here adventuring together for 6 days.

Cliff jumping. Surfing. Motorbiking. Snorkeling. Yogaing.

Reconnecting with their joy and inspiration. Leaving behind fear and limits. Remembering what they REALLY want to do with their precious time on Earth.

And having a sh*tload of fun.

And now that the inspiration pump has been primed, they are ready.

Day 7 is the day for creating their Fyckit Lists (five year bucket list).

What do you want to be, do, and have in the next five years?

This exercise, when you’re ready for it, is so inspiring to do, and has the power to alter the direction of your life.

Today is no exception.

There’s no way they could know it at the time but two participants, Adam and Alicia, would have massive dreams that come to fruition on the same night exactly two years later.

Adam Hudson, founder of Reliable Education


Mar 23, 2018

“The Rhino Factory” — Reliable Education Headquarters
Gold Coast, Australia

Adam stands in a warehouse surrounded by 150 of his smiling students.

Well a few months ago it was a warehouse.

It’s been transformed into a creative space for his team. A factory for dreams. Oversized inspirational quotes on the vibrant orange, white and blue walls. The big old rhino mascot sits perched on the upper level, guiding them forward. You can FEEL the potent blend of play and business here.

One thing we’ve all learned about Adam: Put a microphone in his hands and he becomes an electromagnet.

And guess what… he’s holding a mic! And all eyes are on him.

He smiles back at the people in the crowd. His clients, team and friends. They’ve come from far and wide to celebrate with him. (I traveled 8 hours round trip to be here).

Tonight is the launch party for Adam’s “Rhino Factory”, the new creative headquarters and office space for his company Reliable Education.

“Hi everyone!” he says with his trademark smile. “Thank you so much for coming…”

And then he says too much good stuff for me to put here.

Let the party begin!

Alicia Albright - Singer, Dancer, Broadway Performer


Mar 22, 2018
Disney’s Frozen on Broadway
St. James Theater, New York, USA

The standing ovation feels like a tsunami of love and appreciation.

Months of preparation have paid off. Actually, a LIFETIME of preparation has paid off!

Opening night of Disney’s Frozen on Broadway was a success!

This dream went from a spark in a little girl’s heart, to thousands of hours of dancing and singing practice, rehearsals and performances, to words on a page of the VisionQuest workbook, to a string of auditions, to finally being cast as an original member of a Broadway musical

(Of course, there were about a thousand more steps in this dream of a lifetime, but these were some of the big ones.)

Two things made this night extra sweet:

1. Alicia’s good friend — and fellow VisionQuester — Spencer Clark is in the show too! In the shot below Alicia is in the pink dress and Spencer is the guy behind her. Go Spencer!!!

2. Alicia’s parents flew out from Hawaii to see the show!

My kids and I got to catch up with Alicia a few times when we were in New York in January. Unfortunately, Frozen was still in rehearsals so we’re gonna have to make another trip from Australia to see it. We did go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Broadway with Alicia.

Some thoughts before I go

Neither Adam nor Alicia had totally smooth sailing all the way to these dreams. 

I was privileged to have a behind-the-scenes view on their journeys. There were challenges and hard times. There were tears.

I got to offer support when they felt discouraged or frustrated, and help them reconnect with their inspiration and refocus on their visions.

But these dreams are deeply connected to their unique life’s purpose. And when you have that, you are living your life’s mission, and you simply don’t stop.

Both Adam and Alicia have done the VysionQuest Bali Retreat TWO TIMES.

This process is not something that you do once and then your life is forever set and you live all of your dreams and fulfill your purpose and live happily ever after.

Everyone needs to take time out periodically — I suggest once a year — to spend some time tuning into their vision and adjusting the trajectory of their life!

Taking this time is an investment in living your best life. And it pays off.

How’s the synchronicity???

These dreams HAPPEN to come into reality two years later TO THE DAY*!

Spooky! Incredible!

There is magic swirling beneath the surface of life, and I love it when it comes up and shows itself.

*Note that because of the time difference, Mar 23 in Australia is Mar 22 in the States. Same day ?

Is two years a long time for a big dream to come true?

You might be thinking,

“Two years? That’s a long time. I want my big dream sooner. Like in 3 months.”

And that could be possible.

But the bigger the dream, the more smaller dreams need to come true first to pave the way.

And I think what happens for most people is that they’re actually scared of their big dream. So they never take the time to clarify their vision of it and put pen to paper about it. And then their wish of it happening quickly is ridiculous.

The sooner you clarify your purpose and vision, the sooner your most fulfilling dreams can come true.

Even if it takes 2 years. Or 5 years. Or 10 years.

Your life has an expiration date and you don’t know when it will be. If it’s truly important to you, start now.

I am so deeply proud of Adam and Alicia and grateful to count them as my friends.

Adam, I’ll see you and 1000 of your students in 2 weeks at the next Reliable Education summit!

Alicia, I’ll see you at Frozen in 2019!!!

You both inspire the sh*t out of me. Remember to enjoy what you’ve created. Excited to see what comes next.

I love you guys!


Author: Rick Cowley
Rick is the founder of the VysionQuest process. Find out more about him here (link to About Rick page)
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