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VysionQuest Retreat Review - Actor Harrison Gilbertson

Australian actor Harrison Gilbertson @sloan_gilbertson did the VysionQuest Bali Retreat with me in 2013 (at just 19 years old!). 5 years later he sent me this video to explain what's happened since. Love you, Harrison!

"Through Rick I have since completed nine feature films in lead roles and TV shows in my pursuit and my vision of becoming a successful actor, and a photographer and a writer.

I’ve continued to write poetry and short films. And I’ve directed two music videos. And I’m currently doing the conceptual artwork for a band over here in Los Angeles, which I’m very excited about.

And I do feel like I owe lot of that to Rick, in that he taught me that those pursuits don’t have to be hard. You can let them come to you easy.

You can just stop and breathe and let them arrive at your doorstep through mindfulness and awareness of what you desire, as opposed fighting for it or feeling like the world is crumbling in when it’s not there for you.

I love you, Rick. And yeah, to our visions."

- Harrison Gilbertson

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