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Mar 2021 VysionQuest in Australia - Reviews

This is how people look at the end of the VysionQuest...
But at the beginning they look more like deer in headlights! 😱😁🤣

Everyone is skeptical and anxious when they arrive. There is no way to prepare you for what lies ahead. And no need to. You just have to show up with an open heart and mind and be ready for an adventure into yourself. I guide you step by step through this proven process.

I ran my 4th VysionQuest Australia retreat recently. This was my 57th retreat overall. Here's what my participants said about it.

"The VysionQuest process is the most powerful form of personal development I have ever done."
- Haley Hughes

"I have my life manual now - a guide with flesh and bones to keep me on track and the best thing - I wrote it!"
- Fraser Vickers

"If you're thinking of coming get off the fence, choose the side of YOU - just f*cking DO IT. Invest in yourself and find out your true purpose and begin to LIVE the life you were gifted with."
- Richard Wilkin

"I came to VysionQuest because I had no more places in my life to run and hide from myself. Now after finishing it I feel free, excited and grateful to Rick and Josh. My workbook is like my own sacred bible to my soul and I will treasure it, reread it many times and let it guide me forward."
- Donna Pengelly

"Even if you don't think you need this, you do. Rick will turn your mind, your heart, your soul inside out and back again. I will be forever grateful for giving me this incredible renewed life."
- Kim Gatt

"I signed up for VysionQuest because many people told me to go. I was skeptical... but there was something in the sound of their voices. But the main reason was I'd lost my purpose, career, work and value. I wanted my power back. Before I'd been in limbo and couldn't see my path. Now I feel at peace. I have arrived. I am ready for my next chapter."
- Simone Ramjet

"I came to VysionQuest because I was lost. I was at a crossroads and didn't know what to do with my life or what my life was worth. If you're thinking about doing it and not sure, just bloody do it. You're at the hardest part right now, sitting in your old life wondering if you can change, or if you're ready to change. Just say yes! The rest will take care of itself."
- Josh Milinkovic
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Rick Cowley - Creator of VysionQuest
The VysionQuest is a spiritual adventure to help achievers at a crossroads find purpose, direction and inspiration for their next chapter.
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