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VysionQuest Retreat Review - Nethir Osman

Nethir Osman was the recipient of a free VysionQuest Retreat for a young adult cancer survivor in July 2021.
"Before I came to VysionQuest, I was a little bit stuck in life.
I tried a lot of the things that I usually do, and it really wasn't working out. And I really thought that that was like my highest level. And I didn't know if I could go any higher.
I found out about the VysionQuest from Canteen. Canteen's an organization that supports young adults with cancer.

I saw the email and I saw the information about it. I'm like, why not? I've got nothing to lose. Seems like the right thing. And I just went with it.

I felt like I was done with life. I felt like I had nothing more to give.

But going through the VysionQuest process and being with everyone and seeing what true love actually is, has inspired me to just keep going.

And it's clarified a lot of the things that I already knew. And it's in a supportive and safe environment, that's going to enable me to continue in life, continue with my purpose and have again more clarity and creating miracles and magical moments.

I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, Rick and Josh are just amazing people, accepting, kind and loving.

And this experience is irreplaceable so I really want to thank you all for letting me be here, letting me be in this environment, letting me grow, letting me become a better person, letting me learn from everyone, letting everyone share and be vulnerable to grow.

It's like it unlocked a little piece of my heart."

- Nethir Osman

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Rick Cowley - Creator of VysionQuest
The VysionQuest is a spiritual adventure to help achievers at a crossroads find purpose, direction and inspiration for their next chapter.
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The 6 Keys to Finding Your True Purpose-Filled Path in Life and Work
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Watch my free Masterclass:
The 6 Keys to Finding Your True Purpose-Filled Path in Life and Work
Click here to get the free Masterclass
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