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Guided Meditation and Journaling Session with Rick Cowley - Letting Go Into the Great Flow

If you’re feeling stuck, guess who’s holding you there?

This 30 minute session will help you let go of your problems and slip back into the Great Flow of Life. When you fight the current, life feels like a struggle. When you surrender to its power, solutions come fast. 

Be brave because it can be a wild ride.

Grab your headphones, pen and journal and sit in a quiet place.

What is a Silent Sunrise Session?

It's a guided meditation and journaling session to help you find purpose, direction and inspiration for your life.

This process has been refined every morning during 50+ VysionQuest Retreats.

We start with breathing, then a short guided meditation to reconnect with your Inner Knowing, then a potent question to reveal the answers deep inside of you and capture them on paper.

Why do it?

In daily life the subtle voice of your Inner Knowing is drowned out by the noise and busyness outside of you and inside of you.

You gotta take special time out to find the truth inside of you. And regularly.

How do you do a Silent Sunrise Session?

Okay here are the guidelines…

— Best done from 5:30 a.m. – 6:00 a.m.

— Create a sacred work space. Tidy up. Light a candle. Pen and paper ready. Prepare it the night before.

— Beforehand don’t check email or messages or social media. Don’t talk to anyone either. If you’re doing this with other people, don’t make eye contact. Stay in your own insular semi-sleepy state.

— Turn off your notifications.

— After you hit “play” on the video you can just close your eyes and listen.

— No need to watch the video. Bring your attention inwards. I’ll tell you when to open your eyes and write.

— Also, I suggest using your phone (as opposed to your laptop, because smaller screens are less distracting) with headphones.

*** It’s very important that you have no distractions before or during the session. People and messages will hi-jack your thoughts and kick-start your personality. This will make it hard to hear the inspired messages from your Inner Knowing. ***

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