Live True to You

Your life is a gift. You are a gift to life. There is a version of your life that is more true to you than you can probably imagine right now. It feels so right. Who you are. What you get to do every day. How you get to help people. The overall sense of ease and joy that guides you moment by moment throughout your day.

Everything that happens in your life is a gift that is carrying you closer to this truer version of yourself. Every loss and struggle is helping you let go of something that is not aligned with the true you. 

The VysionQuest is a proven process to help you understand yourself, your life's mission, and the vision to fulfill it so you live in alignment with the power of Life and enjoy the ride.
  • Let the struggles in your mind and heart come to rest
  • Regain your confidence
  • Feel focused, alive, and inspired
  • Overcome fear
  • Let go of a past trauma/loss and move forward
  • Connect more deeply with the people you love
  • Know what to do next in both your professional and personal life
  • Fulfill the dreams that matter
Welcome to my site
You're probably reading this because SOMETHING recently caused you to start asking the bigger questions in life.
Is this IT? 
What do I really want for my life? 
Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing? 
What am I really capable of?
What is my purpose?
It could be inspired by a growing sense of discontentment or frustration with your life, even though you’ve achieved so much of what you thought you wanted. It could be inspired by some kind of big loss or “failure". It could just be inspired by realizing that you’re getting older and that your time is limited.

Met his woman and built a new business to 7 figures by the second year
"There are SO many amazing things happening in my life as a result of me or someone close to me doing Rick's VysionQuest. Just. Go."
Keith O'Brien
CEO of PageOne
Ft. Lauderdale, USA
Hey, I'm Rick
For me those questions came intense focus when I was 21 years old and got diagnosed with leukemia. At the time it was like a lightning bolt that smashed my life and my body... but like most curses in life, it turned out to be a bigger blessing than I could have imagined. Since then I knew I wanted to help people understand themselves and live the life they were born to live.
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Quit her job in Seattle, travelled the world for a year, moved to Hawaii, and got an awesome job there
"For anyone considering the VysionQuest, I would say that this is an amazing gift to your future bad ass self – and s/he deserves it."
Jeanette Lodwig
Attorney at Hawaii Community Foundation
Honolulu, USA
How does the VysionQuest work?

The VysionQuest process is a simple but powerful sequence of 28 lessons and writing exercises that I've tested, refined and perfected over the last 9 years during 40+ retreats. The purpose is simple. To help you reconnect with what gives you the most joy in life, and to create enough SPACE and CLARITY to fan that quiet flame of knowing into a bonfire of action that sets your life on a new and more meaningful path.

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Who is the VysionQuest for?
People in all kinds of professions from all kinds of countries (16 at last count) have done the VysionQuest to launch themselves into the next phase of life, including entrepreneurs and business owners, consultants, actors, Broadway performers, digital marketers, doctors, lawyers, massage therapists, yoga teachers, photographers, radio djs, coaches, corporate leaders, and school principals.
If you read my site and feel INSPIRED, the VysionQuest is for you. But there IS a certain type of person for whom the process is especially powerful.
  • You're a business owner or professional who is a natural leader and action taker and has achieved some level of success.
  • You feel a growing discontentment with your current path, but you're not quite clear on what's next.
  • You feel like you're at a crossroads of life. Possibly a reinvention.
  • You're seeking a deeper experience of life, maybe even some kind of "spiritual" connection
  • You're seeking more freedom to choose your own schedule and location and people you spend time with.
  • You want to do good with your life and make a difference.
  • You realize you've sacrificed in some personal areas of life (relationships, family, health) to achieve financial success and you're wanting more balance and joy.
  • You want to be the best version of you that you can possibly be.
  • Maybe you've suffered a loss or big challenge recently and it's shaken up your life.
These are the problems that the VysionQuest helps you solve
Two Options for Doing the VysionQuest
It takes something special to reveal your purpose and vision.
Bali Retreat - 8 Days
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Online Program - 28 Days
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Landed 9 lead roles in feature films and tv shows and moved from Australia to New York

"'Thank you for your impact on my life."

Harrison Gilbertson
Actor - Upgrade, Need for Speed, Fallen
New York, USA
Free mini-course to help you find clarity
The 5 Minute VysionRESET is 4 x 5-minute videos and writing exercises that will help you reconnect with your inner wisdom and find practical answers for your life quickly. It's a good way to get a taste of this work and see if it can help you.
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