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The Secret to Finding Your Flow in Life

Good morning.

Today, I want to talk about the importance of understanding your unique purpose, and having a clear written vision for bringing it into reality.

And I want to take you back to the beginning of when I started doing this work in 2010, and as many of you know, the first retreat that I ever ran was called Surf Life, and it was a retreat for young adult cancer survivors to help them kind of regain their power in life, and help them find their flow in life, and finding your purpose, and creating a vision was part of it.

But it was more centered around about how to get back in the flow in your life.

I did those retreats for two years, and then I did the Bali retreats.

Welcome to Bali, where it’s the noisiest place on earth. You only realize it when you start filming something or recording some audio. I’m going to wait. If you want to make noise happen on Bali, just hit record on your phone or your audio, and somehow it magically appears.

So, then I started running the retreats in Bali for anyone who’s got that combination of heart and ambition, mostly entrepreneurs and professionals.

Still it was called Surf Life, and it was still focused around finding your flow. What became evident after about 20 retreats, is that the most powerful way to find your flow is to connect with your unique purpose, because life wants you to fulfill your purpose.

So, there’s a flow in life, and it’s always carrying you to towards the fulfillment of that purpose, and even when things seem like they’re curses, or doors are closing, it’s really redirecting you to where the doors are open, so you can do what life put you here to do.

And so, my business kind of went through a rebrand, from Surf Life to VisionQuest, because the number one thing that I found to help people find their flow in life and align with the magic of life is to clarify their purpose, and to create a purpose driven vision to guide their life.

That’s it, everyone. Have a great day.

If you are ready to start to reconnect with your purpose, and clarify your own vision for your life, and specifically for the next phase of your life, then you can start by signing up for my free video series called The Five Minute Vision Reset, and I will take you there. All right, the link’s down below. Have a great day.

Bye, everyone.

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