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How to wake up to your life's vision so you live more of the dreams that matter
28-day Online Course
A virtual personal and professional development program to help you cut through the noise, follow your guide inside, and do what you were really put here to do
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"Anyone who is going through a life transition or is hungry to find more meaning, purpose and clarity would benefit from the VysionQuest."
- Jeanette Lodwig, Attorney, Hawaii
If you knew you were going to die 5 years from today...
  • What would would you change about how you live?
  • What would you let go of?
  • What would you finally have the courage to attempt?
If you're ready to find out, the VysionQuest is a proven method to take you to this kind of clarity and courage... and fast (in less than a month).

It takes some discipline. It takes some early mornings. And it takes self-honesty.

It's not always easy. But it's totally DOABLE.
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Are you curious about who are you and what you're REALLY here to do with this precious temporary life?
 Most of us take paths in our lives that weren't meant for us. (It's not our fault... it's the effect of decades of schooling and society that trained us away from our own natural sense of inspiration and purpose.)

We stay on those wrong paths for years or decades, long after we know they won't make us happy or fulfilled, because we're too scared to leave. We get frozen by fear.

But change isn't a matter of courage. It's a matter of self-understanding. Most people go to the grave without getting it, and miss out on the main point of their life.

What's different about the VysionQuest process is how it systematically takes you to that level of clarity and inspiration.

Imagine getting so much understanding about who you are and what you're here to do that you can't NOT do it... AND succeed at it.
The VysionQuest is really simple and designed to fit into busy lives
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Reveal your purpose-driven vision in 28 inspiring mornings
Fulfill your purpose + dreams
Understand who you are and what to do with your life
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"My company wouldn't be here today without the VysionQUEST."
Adam Hudson
Founder of Reliable Education
"Rick's VysionQUEST was the third pivotal moment of my life."
Carmen Marshall
Founder of Soul Craft™️
"To say that the VysionQUEST is life changing would be an understatement."
Jamie Knowlton
Co-Founder - Better Place Forests
What's YOUR vision?
It's interesting times in the world. On one hand things are pretty f*cked up. Lots of intense changes and uncertainty for most people.

On the other hand... it's all good! Every curse becomes a blessing. I mean, despite some intense pivots I've had so much good come into my life and business because of these COVID changes. You?

ONE THING IS FOR SURE: It's more important than ever to be tuned into your own inner compass, rather than looking to the world to give you answers for your life.

People who understand who they are and what they were put here to do are going to be the ones who rise up and become beacons of light for the rest.

The VysionQuest will quickly guide you to this understanding.
If you're at a crossroads and curious about what you really want out of this life, the VysionQuest Membership can help you.
  • Are you struggling with indecision, second guessing yourself all the time, even if you've already accomplished a lot in your life?
  • Have you experienced a big loss or challenge recently that's pushing you to finally ask yourself the bigger questions in life?
  • Do you feel a constant pressure, like a weight on your chest, or like a cat in a bag trying to get out?
  • Do you sometimes wake up at 3:00 a.m. feeling the temporariness of your life... and worry if you've got your priorities right?
  • Are you feeling disillusioned with the concept of "success" and wonder if you're somehow missing out on the deeper magic and meaning in life?
  • Do you feel an inner frustration that you CAN'T ignore anymore... Like something's GOT TO CHANGE?
"I look back over the past two years since I did your online program and the stuff I envisioned has happened and is still happening."
Adam Guthrie
Founder - I Feel Good Magazine
"Everybody needs some guidance once in a while to find your purpose and dream big and the VysionQUEST can help."
Jones Tchiakpe
Radio Host/Producer - Couleur 3
"During a time of transition and reflection Rick's process prepared me to enter the next chapter in my life and embrace all life has to offer."
Seth Rosenburg
Investor - Greylock
Hi, I'm Rick Cowley
When I was 21 years old I got leukemia. Turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to for me :)

You get really clear about what's most important, and inspired to just effing DO IT, when you're facing your mortality.

Since then I knew that I wanted to guide people through an awakening experience like I had, but the question was how to do that without 'putting a gun to your head' through an illness or accident?
Well, fortunately for my soul and my sanity, and maybe yours too, I found a way.

This totally unique process got improved and refined and perfected during 50+ retreats with input from hundreds of high performing entrepreneurs and professionals (my awesome participants).

And then a few years ago I took the best of the best concepts and questions and reformatted them into this virtual personal and professional development adventure that you can do from anywhere in the world.
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"I don't think I would have booked this gig and fulfilled this dream if it wasn't for you and the VysionQUEST."
Alicia Albright
Swing Captain - Disney's Frozen on Broadway
"Rick, thank you for your impact on my life."
Harrison Gilbertson
Actor - Upgrad, Need for Speed
"There are SO many amazing things happening in my life as a result of me or someone close to me doing the VysionQUEST."
Keith O'Brien
CEO - Page One
The two most important days in a human's life are the day he is born and the day he discovers why.
- Unknown
The Level 1 - VysionQUEST Course is how you will finally discover why.
This Online Course is a powerful proven sequence of guided meditations and writing exercises, done first thing in the morning every day for 28 days, to help you find answers to the most important questions about your life, your purpose and your dreams. The "Silent Sunrise Session" format works to interrupt the habitual patterns in your life so you can change your life's trajectory.

Many of my students carry their completed VysionQUEST workbook around with them wherever they go. It's like a guide map for your best life.
  • Make peace with the past
  • Feel grateful for your life
  • Learn to listen to your inner knowing
  • Accept, love and appreciate yourself and your sensitivity
  • Discover what's important to you
  • Get your life's aim right
  • Reveal your life's work
  • Craft a crystal clear written vision to guide your next phase
The VysionQUEST Course is not about filling you up with ideas, but rather making a space for you to hear your own truth.

Most people, no matter how "successful", say that this program gave them more clarity about who they are and what they are here to do than ever before... AND gave them the inspiration to just effing DO IT.
  • 28 Daily "Silent Sunrise Session" modules
    (audio lesson and writing exercise)
  • VysionQUEST printable workbook - 78 pages
  • Weekly Live Group Q&A Call with Rick Cowley
  • Do a "refresher" course whenever you want (every 1-2 years is ideal)
If you are not living your dreams, or if you are not sure what your dreams are, then Rick's VysionQUEST is a giant step you can take.
Jim Banks
Surfboard Shaper
"Thank you for creating the structures and space to allow me to grow, blossom and shine."
Heather Hobbs
Yoga Teacher Trainer
"This process is devised in a way that makes you go deeper and deeper into your subconscious and helps you unlock your purpose and your dreams."
Phil Hadfield
Online Seller
"I was skeptical until I started. But VysionQUEST works."
Brett Mills
Owner - Ken Mills Toyota
"The process was pretty easy and fun but extremely clever. The modules walk you through simple exercises which eventually show you exactly what you want from life."
Danielle Runge
Owner/Director - Luminise Care Solutions
"Best gift I've ever given myself. My life is on a whole new trajectory."
Christine Schuck
Owner/Therapist - Schuck & Associates
Plus get 4 x Live Weekly Coaching Calls with me
Laughs and tears... no extra charge :)

There's a powerful group momentum that we tap into on these calls. It's the next best thing to being at the retreat table with me on Bali.

I will support and coaching you to get the most from every exercise inside the Online Course.
The VysionQuest track record speaks for itself
We've helped people from over 20 countries from all sorts of professions...
  • Business owners
  • Corporate execs
  • Parents (and grandparents!)
  • Authors
  • Scientists
  • Online marketers
  • Dancers
  • Actors
  • Civil servants
  • Therapists
  • Veterans
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Coaches
  • Yoga teachers
  • School principals
  • Online sellers
  • Photographers
  • House wives
  • Movie directors
Do things like...
(These are all real life examples from VQ students.)
  • Heal relationships with loved ones
  • Write books
  • Sail around the world with your family
  • Create online courses and trainings
  • Successfully negotiate for less time in the office.. and raises at the same time
  • Find a life partner and have kids
  • Launch purpose-drive businesses
  • Move to places like Hawaii and Bali.
  • Launch in-person retreats and trainings
  • Develop meditation practices
  • Take a year off to travel the world
  • Buy/build dream houses
  • Quit soul-draining jobs
  • Sell soul-draining businesses
  • Soulfully rebrand businesses
  • Launch online/consulting businesses
  • Create charitable foundations
  • Drink less alcohol and coffee ;)
  • Book roles in major movies and Broadway shows
Each of these dreams began with deep self-understanding and a crystal clear purpose-driven vision. That's what VysionQUEST's step-by-step process does.
So what about you?
Whether you are wanting...
Greater freedom... externally or internally
This is YOUR LIFE! Maybe you just want to have a bigger say in where you spend your time, what you spend it doing, and who you spend it with. Maybe it's time to break free from a disempowering job, business, relationship or habit. Maybe you want more freedom in your mind and emotions... and "get your head right".
More creativity, connection, meaning
Deep down you just want to help people. You want your life to make a difference. You want meaning! You want deeper connection with others. Deeper spiritual connection. What if you could spend more time doing things that feed your soul and make you happy? What if you could even help others do this too, just by being you?
A full reinvention of you and your life
Maybe you are at one of those crossroads times in your life... Where you've outgrown the old you and a new light wants to shine through. It's scary because it's something you've never done before. And you'll be "seen"... you can't grow and keep hiding. Maybe it's launching your life's work. Maybe it's a huge life-changing dream...
... VysionQuest can help you.
There is no other training or experience out there (as far as I know) that can help you get your life's aim right like VysionQuest does — and our clients say so...
"In the last 2.5 decades I've spent over $200,000 on books, audio programs, seminars, retreats, memberships and mentorships... I can confidently assure you that Rick Cowley's work with VysionQuest stands as one of the most profound and impactful experiences available."
Leigh Storr
Owner - Resinc Solar
"In the last 2.5 decades I've spent over $200,000 on books, audio programs, seminars, retreats, memberships and mentorships... I can confidently assure you that Rick Cowley's work with VysionQUEST stands as one of the most profound and impactful experiences available."
Leigh Storr
Owner - Resinc Solar
Prices in USD
The VysionQuest 28-day Online Course includes
Insert Label Here
Daily "Silent Sunrise Session" module for 28 days
breathing, audio lesson and writing exercise
VysionQUEST printable workbook
78 pages
4 x 60 min. Live Group Coaching Calls with Rick Cowley
2 call times to choose from to accommodate all time zones
Private Facebook community for support
Lifetime access to all online materials
review the program whenever you want
 Bali Retreat $3995
Next program:
Jul 21 - Aug 17 — Americas
Jul 22 - Aug 18 — Aus/Eur/Bali/Middle East
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Jon Tilley
CEO - ZonGuru
Amanda Clarkson
Founder - G'day Gorgeous
Still not sure? Let me explain why I do this work...
I believe that you have a unique and important purpose for your life.

I believe that life WANTS you to fulfill your purpose — I mean, it's the reason life put you here on Earth — so life gave you natural talents and abilities and passions to help you do it.

The problem is that, after decades of fear-based influence from school, parents and society, you have become disconnected from your natural sense of purpose and inspiration.

So you go along with society's prescription for "success". Day by day. Year by year. Actually moving farther away from your true path in life.

From the outside your life may look nice.

But inside you're suffering...

If this is you, I can relate
I know how frustrating it feels to KNOW you've got more to offer the world, but to not know exactly what that is.

I also know how frustrating it is to have a pretty good idea what you want to do next, but to procrastinate for years or even decades.

(13 years for me! One of my biggest regrets... a lot of wasted time and unnecessary struggling.)

Ten years ago I was working in sales, raising a young family... and so effing frustrated with my self.

Just like you, I knew I was capable of more but I felt frozen by self doubt...

"Who am I to be great? Why would people listen to me? My life needs to be more perfect before I can really help others. I need more qualifications first, etc... "

And just like you I felt trapped by the responsibilities of life...

"I've got bills to pay. I've got a family to take care of. I think I need a nicer car first, etc..."

The crazy thing is that I was struggling with this stuff even AFTER I'd been through leukemia at 21 years old -- which turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me -- because I learned how fragile life is... the fact that this life is a temporary trip and the time is NOW.

And I'd already done a ton of inner work, with the help of a mentor, and started to ask myself what I really wanted in my life and make some bold changes to follow my heart.

But even with this wisdom, I struggled to find fulfillment.

Until I found the missing piece, literally, in an old yellowed book that crossed my path...

It helped me discover my "life purpose"...

And my life started to morph in the direction of my purpose... in a way that I couldn't stop it even if I'd wanted to.

I knew too much now and my life started to change quickly.

For example... I created the first version of this VysionQUEST and ran my first retreat, I quit my sales job, I moved to Bali, I've run 50 retreats now, and I created this online program and get to work with inspiring people from all over the world.

It wasn't until years later, after guiding hundreds of people through the VysionQuest process, that I understood what had happened...
Your life's vision is like a puzzle...
The pieces are your true goals and dreams.

In the center is the key piece that binds and strengthens all the others: your unique purpose.
What makes VysionQuest so different is the sequence of the content, which allows you to disarm your fear, go deep into your subconscious, access these "puzzle pieces" — especially your purpose — and bring them up to the surface of your awareness.
"This has been the single most revealing process I've done over the past 15 years on my journey of personal development. The process has a special way of coaxing out your inner most thoughts/feelings and the pen literally just flows..."
James Denham
"This has been the single most revealing process I've done over the past 15 years on my journey of personal development. The process has a special way of coaxing out your inner most thoughts/feelings and the pen literally just flows..."
James Denham
But not everyone is right or ready for this VysionQuest adventure
This VysionQuest Online Course is a safe space for people who are genuinely seeking self-understanding and a more authentic life. But I've been doing this long enough to know that this work is not for everyone. I also know what kind of people will struggle with it, or just aren't ready for it.

So don't sign up at this time if:

- (THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE THING...) You don't have the discipline to complete it. In other words, if you can't commit to getting up early every day for 28 days and spending 30 minutes doing this deep reflection. This is the heart and soul of the VQ process, and how you will ignite the clarity and courage to change your life.

- You aren't willing to be deeply uncomfortably honest with yourself. Or to discover what that means.

- You are high maintenance. You are hooked on blaming and complaining. The other Vysionaries and I don't have time for this.

- You firmly believe that you HAVE to keep on doing a job/business that you don't like because you've already invested so much time/energy/money into it. This belief will ruin your happiness and prevent you from discovering what you were actually put here to do.

- This webpage doesn't inspire you. Get on Google and find a program that does inspire you!

If any of these are you, that's okay. Maybe VysionQuest will be right for you in the future.
"Rick, your process has changed the course of my life and the ripples will reach far and wide."
Chris Jeong
Founder - Aligned Digital Marketing
"This is an amazing gift to your future bad ass self – and s/he deserves it."
Jeanette Lodwig
Attorney - Hawaii Community Foundation
"Love your process, Rick. Thanks for being an awesome caring human."
Phil Richards
Director - SmartPayroll
If you're feeling excited AND nervous about signing up, that's a good sign... you should probably go for it.
Prices in USD
The VysionQuest 28-day Online Course includes
Insert Label Here
Daily "Silent Sunrise Session" module for 28 days
breathing, audio lesson and writing exercise
VysionQUEST printable workbook
78 pages
4 x 60 min. Live Group Coaching Calls with Rick Cowley
2 call times to choose from to accommodate all time zones
Private Facebook community for support
Lifetime access to all online materials
review the program whenever you want
 Bali Retreat $3995
Next program:
Jul 21 - Aug 17 — Americas
Jul 22 - Aug 18 — Aus/Eur/Bali/Middle East
Register Now
Will I get immediate access to everything?
After you register you will have immediate access to the Level 1 - VysionQUEST Online Course. You can go ahead and get started on your Prep Assignments so you're ready to start Module 1 with everyone on Day 1.
How much time does it take to do this program?
The VysionQuest 28-day Online Course takes 30 minutes first thing every morning for the 28 days.

Think of it like kick-starting a meditation practice. Or the practice of dedicating the first freshest part of your day to YOU.

In addition to that, you'll have access to 4 x 1 hour weekly live group Coaching Calls with me.

Then in less than a month you will have a clear written vision for your purpose and your dreams to guide the next phase of your life.

Remember, if you don't ever start, you could be waiting for years and still never get clear on what you really want in life! And waste even more time, energy, money NOT doing the things you LOVE or BEING the person you were meant to be.

This VysionQuest is the first step.

How long will I have access to all the materials?
You will have access to the online materials for life.
English isn't my first language. Can I still do it?
You of course need a pretty good grasp of English. But I talk pretty slowly in the audio lessons and I'm pretty easy to understand. If you can read this website, you can do the VysionQuest. For the writing exercises, I've had some ESL participants who write in English and some who write in their native language. You should write in whatever language allows you to express yourself best.
I live outside of the US. Are there calls for my time zone?
Yes, I offer two call times so that anyone in the world can join in at a convenient time.
I don’t know if I can make all the Q&A Calls. Is it okay to miss some?
I strongly suggest you join the 4 weekly calls during your VysionQUEST 28-day Online Course. This will help you get the most from the process.

If you need to miss a call I post audio recordings of the calls so you can still listen to it and learn.
Do you offer private coaching?
Yes, I offer a package of 5 one-on-one coaching calls to guide you through the VysionQUEST Online Course.

You've got to do that before having access to other kinds of private coaching with me.

Send me an email if you'd like my private coaching rates
How doable is it to follow the VysionQUEST Course for 28 days? I’m worried I won’t complete it.
It takes discipline. But it's totally doable, even for busy people.

I've created it to be as easy as possible to follow. All you need is your phone, Wifi, and your workbook which you'll print out.

All you need to do each day is login on your phone, listen to one audio lesson, and do one writing exercise. It takes 30 minutes first thing every morning. Just that process of spending your first 30 minutes of the day doing something inspiring for yourself is a life-changing habit.

Also the weekly Coaching Calls give you extra support and accountability.
Do I HAVE to wake up early to do the modules?
For the Level 1 - VysionQuest Course the short answer is "Yes."

The course was designed around doing the exercises in the morning, called "Silent Sunrise Sessions" because this is the time of day when your mind and soul are the most likely to be connected, pure and free of the distractions and ego structures that our day tends to fill us with.

Once you get the hang of it, it becomes addictive - to wake up in the wee hours of the morning and see the sun rise is precious - and we promise, once you start doing it you will start to feel the magic of this sacred time.

What if I need more support than just the Q&A calls? Will I have access to more if I need it?
First off, the main way I support you during this process is during the live calls. I can see you and hear you and dialogue with you about anything you feel stuck with or aren't quite getting, and help you get the absolute most from each exercise.

Then, yes, we have an online forum where you can add your comments and questions about the exercises or any challenges you're facing. I will support you there too.

And if you need deeper one-on-one coaching with me, I offer private coaching sessions too.

Email me for my private coaching packages and rates
I’ve never done a self development program before. Is this program right for me?
VysionQuest was developed to help people at any level of personal or professional development find clarity and inspiration for the next phase of life.

Whether you're just out of college or the owner of a million dollar company - Whether you've done several self or professional development programs or nothing at all - Whether you consider yourself to be super spiritual not, VysionQuest is skillfully designed to meet you exactly where you're at, to open your mind to what is possible, or remind you of who you are and what you're really here to do.

I’ve done a lot of spiritual and personal development work over the years. What is so different about VysionQuest? How can it help me?
We have had people of all walks of life find success and fulfillment through the VysionQuest. From actors and celebrities to small business owners and large business owners to accountants and dancers and coaches and yogis, DJs, chefs, marketing execs....

The bottom line is - if you're open and ready for it, you will find what you're looking for.

What makes VysionQuest different is the content, the questions, and especially the SEQUENCE they are presented in.

Each writing exercise poses a different question to help you look at your deepest desires, hopes, dreams -- and anything holding you back that you might be unaware of -- skillfully placed in a particular order that supports you to open up to different aspects of yourself, deeper and deeper as the program progresses. That's why it's a process. You can't get to these inner answers from a book or a TED Talk or just journaling. This is a deep process that carefully uncovers the essence of YOU.

No one is telling you what to think or feel. The questions are designed for YOU TO BE THE CAPTAIN of this ship and reveal what's really inside your subconscious mind through WRITING, putting PEN TO PAPER, and asking you questions you otherwise probably would never ask yourself, and therefore never really know about yourself.

How fast can I get results? Can you guarantee this will work for me?
I can't guarantee anything in your life.

But from what I've seen, if you do the simple, step by step process starting with the VysionQUEST Course, are honest with yourself, and participate in the coaching calls, you will find the clarity you are looking for.

As far as how long it takes for you to implement the changes in your real life, that's up to you and varies person to person.

Some dreams seem to fall into your lap as the result of deep clarity. It can seem like some kind of magic is working in your life!

And other dreams will take years of persistent focus and action. And that's why it's so important to have a clear, compelling vision.

There is a divine timing to life - and those who are ripe for the VysionQuest hear about it, know it's for them and sign up. Afterwards, they couldn't be more happy to have done it.

I'm not good at meditating. Will it work for me?
While the Modules put you in a meditative state... I've had hundreds of people successfully do my programs who had no prior meditation experience. That just doesn't matter.

That's part of the power of the courses... how they take you to deep stillness and let you hear the quiet voice of your Inner Knowing.
Do you offer a money back guarantee?
No. This is a proven program. Do the work and you'll get the clarity you're looking for.
What are your payment options?
You have two options:

1) You can pay with Paypal.

2) You can pay with your debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or American Express).

Payments are encrypted and all of your personal data is safe.
Mary Eberle 
Owner - Anemone Paper Flowers
Nathalie Parent
Management Consultant
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