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"The two most important days in a human's life are the day he is born and the day he discovers why."
- Unknown
The VysionQuest process is how to finally discover why.
A proprietary formula that CAUSES life-changing clarity
The VysionQuest process was developed over 12 years in the real life laboratory of 60+ retreats.
(There's no way I could have just dreamed this program up in my office...)
There are 5 key ingredients that make up the process:
1) The Sacred Container: We interrupt your normal patterns of thinking, feeling and doing to make space for a reinvention or change of trajectory.
2) Silent Sunrise Sessions: Early morning with no distractions is the easiest time to clearly hear the subtle whisper of your soul. This commitment also shows the universe - and yourself - that you are ready for change.
3) Meditative Audio Lessons: The VysionQuest is not about filling you up with ideas but rather making a space for you to hear your inner answers... however, there were some ideas that kept coming up retreat after retreat that help you reclaim your power to create your life. These ideas are in the audios.
4) Writing Exercises: The exercises guide you on a treasure hunt to reveal all the puzzle pieces of your life's vision, including the big central piece that ties all the other pieces together - your PURPOSE. The 3 previous ingredients allow your soul to speak to you with crystal clarity in the writing exercises.
5) The 7-Step Sequence: This is really the special sauce of the VysionQuest process...
Without the proper priming it's almost impossible to transcend fear and reveal your true purpose and vision. But the right sequence makes this life-changing clarity inevitable. Like lighting a fire - from paper to twigs to sticks to branches to little logs to big logs - the VysionQuest step-by-step formula will ignite the bonfire of your soul's vision.
All you really have to do is show up, be honest with yourself and trust the process. It works like clockwork.
You will finish feeling alive and inspired, with more clarity than you've ever had before about who you are, what you want and what you're here to do.
It's the adventure of a lifetime.
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Free Masterclass
How to let the the quiet voice inside redirect you down a path of inspiration and meaning, rather than a path that others said you should follow.
"Thanks Rick. You're an elevated soul moving big things quietly in the background. Those who know, know. x"  - Adam Hudson
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