Purpose Workshop with Rick Cowley  | LIVE 90-minute webclass on Zoom
How to Wake Up to Your True Purpose-Filled Path in Work and Life
Sat, Apr 15, 2023
8:00 a.m. London
11:00 a.m. Dubai
3:00 p.m. Singapore
5:00 p.m. Sydney
7:00 p.m. Auckland
You will learn some of the greatest insights, tips and tricks I've gained from running 60 life purpose retreats, including:
  • How to let the the quiet voice inside lead you to your true path, rather than a path that others said you should follow.
  • How to silence the fear that tries to keep your purpose hidden for your entire life.
  • How to get a level of clarity that COMPELS you to move on your purpose - and may even work a little MAGIC in your life.
  • Your two words that change everything (they certainly did for me as well as for hundreds of VQ grads).
"SO many amazing things are happening in my life right now as a result of me or someone close to me doing VysionQuest."
Keith O'Brien
"A year ago I did VysionQuest and everything changed for the better... the door of prosperity opened and keeps expanding."
Joanne Stone
"It's 6 months after VysionQuest and I'm working less and making more. Not just in my work but in my entire life."
Mark Aponas
"Best gift I've ever given myself. My life is on a whole new trajectory... Is this real? Is life really this f*cking awesome?!"
Christine Shuck
Shuck & Associates Therapy