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Get your pen and journal and get some CLARITY for your life.
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Unemployable with Adam Hudson
James Schramko
High Performance Father with Alex Ranieri
Soul Craft Your Life with Carmen Marshall
Stay Grounded with Raj Jana
The Intelligent Vocalist with John Henny
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Guided Meditation and Journaling Sessions
It's nice to talk about life-changing clarity, but it's so much better to EXPERIENCE IT. These sessions, also known as Silent Sunrise Sessions, will help you hear the subtle whisper of your soul and find practical guidance for your life. All you need is a quiet place to sit for 30 minutes, headphones, pen and journal. You can them at random or go through the list in order. Either way you'll get what you need!
7 Mistakes That Prevent You from Finding Your Life Vision
Struggling to find direction and purpose for your next chapter? This free pdf guide will help.
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