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The magic that happens during and after your VysionQuest blows my mind.

It's helped me find my place in the world, find my authenticity and has allowed me to confidently be me and do the work that I know I was meant to do in the world - helping people heal through whole plant foods and self-love.

I look back over the past year or two since I did the online program and the stuff I visioned has happened and is still happing.

Your work has been a big part in transforming my life. It's an incredible ride. Thanks for developing this process, brother.

Adam Guthrie
Founder - I Feel Good Magazine
Byron Bay Australia
My company Reliable Education is here today because of the VysionQuest Bali Retreat. Rick Cowley will forever be part of the fabric of this community and I truly believe in his work.

I first attended the retreat after breaking down from the stress of running multiple companies in LA, while not really being touch with my own life's purpose. 

Rick's retreat is not for everyone, but if you're feeling lost or like you're struggling to find authentic purpose and passion, then you may be interested. If you feel like you want to attend a workshop where the leader creates space for your inner voice to tell you what you need rather than having a seminar leader tell you what they think you need through their own lens on life, then this retreat is ideal.

Thanks, Rick. What you are doing is really special. If not for your retreat we would not be doing what we are now and what we are doing is changing lives. Thanks for your influence in my life which now extends to many more (and growing).

Life is too short to live it with a nagging feeling that you're not really happy or living the life that is right for your unique soul.

I appreciate you brother. You're an elevated soul moving big things quietly in the background. Those who know, know. x 

Adam Hudson
Founder - Reliable Education
Gold Coast, Australia
I've done different personal and spiritual growth retreats before but VysionQuest has impacted my life tremendously Every little detail touched my heart. I had questions without answers about some personal and professional things, and my purpose in life. The way Rick guided me and the group step by step was just amazing - finding myself again, finding true north again, having conviction about where I'm going, my giving and contribution, and adding value in people's lives. I highly recommend this experience. The energy created in the group is magical and I can say they are part of my life now. It was too good and I feel it is just the beginning.

Alba Liliana Mora
I signed up to VysionQuest because I felt lost in life. I felt like I was doing all of the right things. I looked after my health. I had a successful business. But inside I had this empty feeling. I knew I wanted more from life but didn't know what to do next.

VysionQuest is an immersive experience unlike any other. By disconnecting from the noise of life and surrounding myself with other people who were here to learn and grow I was able to go deeper than I ever have before. I was able to gain much needed clarity. Hand on heart I can honestly say I know what's most important in life. It truly is not hard to be happy.

I feel so much lighter now. What a life changing experience. I feel so grateful that I was able to spend this week with these f*cking beautiful people. I know myself better than I ever have. There were tears, there was anger, there was frustration, there was happiness and joy. But beneath all of it I was able to discover my authentic true self, and it feels f*cking amazing to leave here knowing what I need to do to be happier, more fulfilled, and free.

VysionQuest is for anyone who wants more from life. If you feel like you're doing all of the right things, but have an underlying feeling of frutration, or maybe you feel a little lost with what to do next, then this is for you. They say money can't buy happiness yet here I am leaving happier than I've ever been. If you're on the fence, just do it. You won't regret it.

Alex Ahern
Albury, Australia

I’ve done the VysionQuest Bali Retreat twice and it changed my life .... twice...... I can not recommend an experience more!!!!!!! 

The first time I came, I was so lost and sad and making a big life change, and I was very confused.

And through the retreat I found myself again, and it changed my life, and so many incredible things happened after.

I came a 2nd time because I have a new job that is huge and I was finding myself stressed out and unclear and not my best self. So, I had a break and came back to find clarity and a deeper sense of my purpose. I wanted to be really clear on who I am and who I want to be in the world and what I want to do in the world and for the world. I wanted to be so grounded in that purpose that nothing could throw me off.

And you know what.... it worked.

It’s hard for me to express feelings that are really deep in my soul. I’m a dancer and movement is my deepest expression. But I will try my best with words. I learned in an even deeper way who I am and what I want and what my purpose is. The writing exercises helped to bring clarity and helped me to release my fear that tends to hold me back from my life. It helped me to move myself and my fear out of the way to reveal the light that illuminates from within.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, imagine feeling a deep, authentic, peaceful joy in the center of your chest. It makes you want to spread your arms like you are flying. Like bursting from your chest. And the biggest ear to ear just shining from your beautiful face. And feeling free. Free of worries and sadness and fear and full of purpose and authentic joy. You feel so light that your heart-bursting chest could just lift you up and you could effortlessly fly. And that you being THAT and living from that place, touched and moved everyone around you, and made the world a better place. Like an angel of light illuminating the world. Well, that’s how I feel. And if you want to feel that, come! You have nothing to lose, except maybe living your best life. Don’t do that. Just come.

Rick is wonderful. He makes you feel truly seen to the depths of your soul just by looking at you. He is an example of someone truly living their purpose and changing lives by doing that. He is inspiring, he is a guide, he assists you to find the answers on your own and he creates a space for transformation, growth, laughter, tears, healing, love and finding your soul and purpose. 

I feel clear, I feel inspired, I feel grounded, and I feel excited about the future. Life is short and I want to live my BEST LIFE EVER. I want everyone in the world to feel how I feel. 

If you are feeling lost or sad or stuck or uninspired or just want to get more out of this amazing one life that we have, then come. IT. WILL. CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE.

Alicia Albright
Singer/dancer - Disney's Frozen on Broadway
New York, USA
Wow, where do I begin?

From the adventure to the soul searching it was magnificent. I grew so much during this week. I let go of fears from my past that were driving my future and began to really truly feel what were the most important things in my life. Rick’s guidance, love and encouragement helped to give me structure so that my creativity could flourish.

I now have the clarity I have been yearning for on what I want to create in the future and I am so excited to embrace it and share my gifts ‘all out’ with the world.

The surfing was extremely fun and inspiring. I learned to just go for it even when I feel fearful. I regained and strengthened my passion for life, courage, and joyful confidence and enjoyed myself thoroughly on Ricks’ retreat. His passion for transforming lives was a catalyst for me wanting to contribute even more to others. I feel alive, passionate, creative, tuned into what inspires me, and ready to go.

This is the first time in a long time that I’ve had this long of a nourishing break and space to play, be, do and have who I am and love to be. It’s a state of being that I will cherish forever and a feeling and energy I will cultivate for myself and my family. I’ve experienced more Sublime Energy.

Rick, you're a very unique soul and have such deep gratitude for life. I’m so happy to feel ‘seen’, it’s amazing.

From my heart to yours, thank you with deep gratitude.

Aliky Kouroupis
I came to VysionQuest because I no longer knew myself. My inner voice was quiet and I felt empty, without purpose or conviction.

The VQ process was like a warm hug, a SOUL MASSAGE :) Exercises combined with deep new connections, shared experience and wonderful guides. The acceptance and trust was so profound I could share my inner-most feelings with ease.

Now I feel renewed, I'm at peace and calm. I've listened to my inner knowing - she was there the whole time waiting for me to rediscover her. I have a plan. I have new belief in myself and I feel at peace with my difficult decisions ahead.

My workbook is the air hose back to my air compressor on the surface! It's going to keep me grounded, tethered and safe and sure when waters get deep or I feel myself doubting. It's my whole heart and my purpose.

Put yourself first, explore VysionQuest because it's every little bit of personal love and respect and development you need no matter what you are going through.

Alexia Jankowski
I remember the first day of the retreat when Rick asked me many open questions and a lot of my answers were, “I don’t know.” He told me not to worry because I am exactly where I need to be. Skeptically, I had no idea how all my biggest life problems would be solved in a week. Now at the end of the week I can’t say all my biggest problems have been solved but I can say this… There is no problem too big that I can’t get through in a positive light. I have never been so focused in the direction of where I want to go in my life. It is the strongest mindset I have had in my entire life.

Amanda Zaal
I truly feel my life has changed and that I have changed fundamentally as a person, from this one week with Rick. 

The writing sessions were so empowering and from continuing this writing since leaving Bali, I have noticed bigger positive shifts in my life. I have a renewed excitement for life, for what I am capable of creating, co-creating and experiencing!!

We had a couple of profoundly emotional conversations that completely changed the way I see things and allowed me to find the peace I was looking for.

We spent a lot of time talking about conscious living, about true and deep connections with people, about how to inspire those we come in contact with but also about how to just let go, have fun and ride the wave!

Learning to surf is one of the greatest things you can do in life. The thrill, the connection to the ocean, the challenge, the sheer play and joy is unlike anything else. I'm hooked.

The yoga was beautifully empowering and energizing. Learning to tune in with what's going on, in our mind, in our bodies, listening to what it needs and what feels good. Feeling good! Which is really the main focus of the week. Learning to create thought patterns that make us feel good so we can in turn create what we want in life.

Life is such a gift and we are all powerful creators!

Amber Clayton
I think a week on this VysionQuest would do anyone good. It’s a week of disconnecting from your normal routine and reconnecting to yourself. You are free to be who you want to be, to open up, explore and share. The questions you’ll be asking yourself here cut straight to the heart. You’ll share an adventure with great new friends who are also looking forward to the next chapter of their life story. How can we live better, happier and more fulfilled…? That’s what you'll find out.

Anderson Charles
I came to VysionQuest after two dear friends attended earlier retreats. They saw and heard me experiencing unhappiness and frustration with my work life and that a change in my life was needed. Based on what they had seen in me and what VysionQuest gave to them it was a match made in heaven, it was meant to be.

The VysionQuest experience for me has been mind-changing. It was gifted me the tools and inspiration to make the most of my remaining years as a better version of myself. I have gained a vision of self worth and the courage to face what opportunities and obstacles lie ahead on my life journey.

I too would recommend the VQ retreat to anyone that I thought needed clarity, support, a vision for their lives. Enjoy the Quest!

Andy Ralphs
Thank you soooo much for this week. This retreat and your guidance has filled in so many missing pieces in my perception of life. Thank you for the inspiration to actually dream and helping me find the confidence to take action. My heart feels full of love and gratitude!


Anisha Rajguru
The VysionQuest Bali Retreat was a life changing experience. Rick challenged me, supported me and empowered me to step out of my mind and to drop into my heart.

This retreat has shown me that I can shine and inspire people. It showed me that I can be paid for doing what I love! It showed me that fears are scary but they are energy that can be transformed into so much love for the benefit of all living beings! Soul trust.

It was one of the highlights of my life.

Since then I have achieved so many of my goals like becoming a craniosacral therapist! He still inspires me everyday when I tell myself: F*ck it, I'm doing it anyaway! I am so delighted to have him as a friend in my life.

Thank you so much for this incredible journey.

Anouk Soko
Dawn breaks as the pens flow, dreams unfolding on paper.

This is my second time doing this VisionQuest, back in Rick’s magnetic flow and inspiring vision… to guide other people through his brilliant, mapped out VisionQuest. To guide them home to true purpose. To feeling happy and fulfilled.
That’s what’s led me here. A strong desire for community, a sense of belonging, fun and empowering love, depth in relationships, and clarity in just what I want to be, do and have. What will feel fulfilling?

Rick’s VysionQuest three years ago was such a pivotal turning point. I set a new course in my life. For example, I was accepted into programs to study yoga therapy, and then invited to stay on and apprentice at the yoga school, and then invited to teach the yoga teacher training. This is just one area of my life that accelerated beyond my wildest dreams.
Clarity, belief in myself, grateful for the journey and the co-creating… it was working.

I returned to the VysionQuest retreat three years later, in love and in an incredibly fulfilling relationship, healthy, having just trekked the Himalayas, taught a series of yoga workshops, created my own retreat, and connected with so many inspiring, colorful friends and communities.

Back again now to dream even bigger. The VysionQuest process has evolved in those three years and I am so in awe of Rick. His insights and authentic way of guiding you home. I cannot put the magic of this course into words. It works MAGIC.

I feel so clear on my path, empowered, inspired by my own potential, so appreciative of this experience and this one wild and precious life.

Gandhi’s famous words, “My life is my message…” Rick lives and breathes and inspires this idea. His life is his message.
With so much love and appreciation, and a beaming smile and humble heart, I can say that with the guidance of Rick’s VysionQuest, mine is too.

Thank you, Rick. This one world and precious life of mine burns brighter thanks to you.

Ari Bean
I knew a few people who had done Rick's VysionQuest and I had wanted to do it a couple years ago. It wasn't until I went through a relationship breakdown that I ended up booking one. I am so grateful I did.

It was the perfect place to be. It was at times really emotional for me but I can tell you the safe strong clarifying space Rick holds as well as the new life long friends I've made here got us to all step into being really real with ourselves -- not something we usually got to tap into. It has been clarifying, full of breakthroughs, and confidence boosting.

It's in a beautiful part of Bali where we could do daily yoga and surfing if we wanted. I actually learned to surf and gained a taste of what the surf school of life is REALLY about.

I now have a personal guide book that came from me -- that's gotten me clear on my personal purpose and what tools I've got to start fulfilling it. And now I'm excited to step forth with everything I've realised and recognised about who and how I truly am. It really is the coolest process -- AND we have had an exceptional amount of fun.

I feel like there's no time to waste. If you are thinking about it, it really can change your life.

Thank you to infinity and beyond for what you do, Rick Cowley.

Barbara Behal
VysionQuest is the greatest self development journey I have ever experienced and the greatest gift I have allowed myself to receive.

I walked in with an open mind, unrealised potential, and a weight on my shoulders. I am walking out with a level of consciousness, clarity and belief in my life's true purpose.

During the VysionQuest process I experienced a deafening quietness in my thoughts as my mind woke up to the joy of knowing how I will lead my life from here forward.

If you're curious about attending - do it.

If you're nervous about attending - don't be. Rick creates the most beautiful, caring and safe environment for all participants to flourish. There was also plenty of laughs and down time to reflect.

If you're frustrated - do this VysionQuest.

I know my life is about to change forever for the better.

I'm eternally grateful.

Brad Polling
I went to VysionQuest on the recommendation of my wife who completed the retreat 3 months earlier. We had some big life decisions to make and I was working a job that was well paid, but uninspiring. I had dreams, but I didn't know how to break out of the safety and security of what would be considered by most to be a really good life.

Over 8 amazing days in Bali, we worked through a series of exercises and discussions, surfed, meditated, did yoga, and ate fantastic food. VysionQuest taught me how to get in touch with myself, and I reconnected with what I'm passionate about and what inspires me. It made me grateful for the wonderful people I have in my life, my own achievements, and strengthened my self-belief. Most importantly, it gave me a framework that connects my deepest desires with my dreams.

The VysionQuest process has empowered me to make those hard life decisions and live my dreams. I don't usually like group work, but Rick's skillful facilitation and deep insights made it rewarding and fun! Through this shared experience I have made some really important new friends.

If you're stuck in life, afraid to make difficult decisions, or are at a crossroads, I have no doubt that VysionQuest will help you reconnect with what's important to you, and you'll be inspired to take action on living your dreams now with courage and clarity of purpose. Don't bumble through life without a vision – ride the wave and get clear with VysionQuest.

Brad Wolfgang

Rick, thank you. Thank you. Everything about this week has been amazing. That you created this from nothing is a credit to you. I have felt every deep emotion this week. I am better for having met you. VysionQuest works!

Brett Mills
Owner/Dealer Principal - Ken Mills Toyota
Sunshine Coast, Australia
I signed up to go VysionQuest because my family was facing some major changes in our lives and I knew that just continuing to apply brute force and grinding away at the problems was only leading to exhaustion. I needed a catalyst to make the changes happen.

The process has been an amazing journey. I started the week with seven strangers who were in one way or another lost in their lives. In the space of a week we have shared our deepest hopes and fears, laughed more than I’ve laughed in a long time, cried and grown all together. Rick’s beautifully choreographed process was the perfect combination of reflection, questioning and discussion, paired with physical adventures to help free ourselves from the areas in our lives that had become stuck. On top of all that, I've made friends for life with seven remarkable people who will always be an important part of my life no matter where we are in the world.

If you are frustrated and feel you are living a small version of the life you are meant to lead, VysionQuest is for you. Book your tickets, trust the process, and reunite yourself with your purpose. The energy you unlock will take you in to heights you’ve always known were possible.

Thank you, Rick, for being who you are. I love your fabulous mix of zen spiritual facilitator and kid having the time of his life. I feel very lucky to be one of the people touched by your purpose.

Bronwyn Wolfgang
When I want to step into some bigger dreams I know that Rick's VysionQuest program will provide the inspiration and container to go to the next level.

As ever, you continually inspire me, remind me of what's most important in life, and inspire me to live my dreams like no one else. Keep doing your amazing work — you help so many people and my life has forever been changed for the better x 100 by you.

Carmen Marshall
What a gift Rick is to the world!

I came on this retreat hoping to get some insight and clarity into the next phase of my life and what I'm walking away with is a blueprint of what that looks like not only in my professional life but how I'm going to live my life in all aspects for many years to come.

Not only is the VysionQuest process carefully thought out and structured but Rick's innate ability to guide and hold space for each of us to find our voice is truly profound. I feel privileged to have been able to learn from and work with such a special soul.

Thank you, Rick, for allowing me to hear my inner voice so clearly — I'm certain it would have taken me a very, very long time on my own (if at all:)!

Caroline Potter
I had been feeling a void in real purpose for several years, particularly in relation to what I am on this planet to do and what will truly make me happy. I could feel a strong sense of struggle, predominantly in my professional life, but could also sense it was affecting my family in a negative way. I felt worried when I looked in my children’s eyes that they would not remember me for who I truly am and that they would harbor some resentment to me because of the lack of physical time I spend with them.

I could also sense that there was a growing disconnect between myself and my wife for my uncertainty in which way to move forward with our life. My view was firmly fixed on monetary gain to the sacrifice of what is the love of my life; my family. In saying that, my intentions were fully fixed on providing what I thought would be the best life for us all.

The spark was lit by my wife, who knew I needed a break. I had received a holiday gift from her for my 40th to take a week off to do whatever I wanted (within reason!) It had an expiration date (!) to force me to use it and I still didn’t. I roll into my birthday this year and after a tough 8 months of work, since returning from our year of family travel, I knew it was time for a break. I knew fishing wasn’t going to be it.

Shan had heard of vision quests from a recent retreat she had attended and encouraged me to attend. I liked the concept, but didn’t want to spend my holiday in the bush somewhere on my own for 4 days. It didn’t feel right for me. So, I started to Google for other types of vision quests…ones that would give me a break, that would give me clarity or vision, but would also allow me to have some fun. When I found Rick’s VQ, it immediately gelled with me with the surfing connection. And so after plucking up a serious amount of courage, I signed up. This took a lot for me as I’m not wired well in an emotional sense. Never been on a wellness retreat before and never spent a week with 7 other people who I had never met before.

The experience for me was an emotional rollercoaster with Rick at the helm, guiding us through the ups and downs with kindness and compassion.

I made friends that are now closer to me than a lot of my extended family and never though that could be possible in such a relatively short space of time. These friends I’m so grateful for will be a rock for me to refer to should my path ever stray from the one I know I need to take.

I already have several friends and family that I intend on encouraging to get along to Rick’s VysionQuest and do themselves and the rest of the world a favor. Imagine if we all knew what we were here to do and understood how it was supposed to be. I now have the clarity and the courage to significantly change my life and the lives of others. I won’t be backwards in coming forward to try and get others on the same path.

Love and gratitude,

Chris Ashton
The retreat was incredible - I felt a sense of centeredness that allowed me to truly get in touch with what I thought and felt about my life so far and where it's going.

Your process, retreat and PURPOSE has changed the course of my life and the ripples will reach far and wide.

Chris Jeong
My sole purpose in attending VysionQuest was to find focus in my life, be it business or personal. There were other underlying issues with confidence in myself and other long term fears that I wanted to conquer during my 50th lap of the sun!

I’ve never done any sort of self development retreat and had no expectations of what would or wouldn’t happen. I only had the praise and guidance of prior participants to go on.

I can’t believe how many thoughts and feelings can be brought to the surface by simply asking questions.

Having completed the VysionQuest I feel great, I’ve found my “mojo”, my purpose, and have conquered 2 major fears!! :)

Thanks you brother. You are made of pure light and are part of my family now. As I said to you today you should be very proud of what you have, have done, and are doing.

VQ is amazing. <3

Chrisso Dean
The VysionQuest is the best gift I've ever given myself. My life is on a whole new trajectory.

I don't know how to explain how I feel in words.... Rick, I wish you were in arm's reach so I could hug my happiness into you. 

Is this real? Is life really this fucking awesome?! I'm filled with so much joy, contentment....and am well on my way to self awareness. I'm happy. I'm living life. I feel so alive.

Seven months ago, I made the toughest decision of my life; I canceled my wedding and ended the relationship. A decision I'm so damn proud of. Then, while vulnerable, I decided to travel alone. I signed up for your retreat, and my life changed.

Here I am, Rick, sitting in my new loft (#2 "Have my own loft") in Austin, TX (#1 "Move somewhere warmer") and I am so damn grateful for each and every day I wake up. The things I get to do, the beauty I get to see, the people I get to have in my is incredible.

You didn't only help me through a tough time.....I've never felt this happy and content in my life. I am proud of the woman I am today. :)

What you did for me....what you gave me....the hope and inspiration manifested through your energy, love, and is priceless.

I continue to work daily towards my inspirations, goals, desires. I continue to focus on what makes me feel whole and centered. When I flounder ... I read my workbook. But nowadays, when I flounder....I stop beating myself up and realize I'm just frothing. :)

I can't believe this is my life! I can't believe I'm living a vacation. This is real. This is ME! I can breathe!

I think of you often. Learning that I have control of MY life, and yet, I have no control OVER life has been the most crucial piece of understanding I've ever gained.

Thank you. I love you. Keep touching people and making the world a more serene place.....much like the ocean.

Christine Schuck
Rick, words simply can't express my gratitude for the space you have created for me to truly and deeply explore and reveal the deepest, most precious parts of me.

VysionQuest is a beautiful and magical process of unraveling life, connecting to the purest and rawest version of me. Coming into full alignment, and from that place redesigning with deliberate and soul led intention a new path that is deeply connected with my purpose. What a GIFT!

It has been such a privilege to be part of this magical process and I am so excited to continue the journey. So much love and respect.

Danielle McPharlin

If you don’t know what your dream life path is or don’t know how to commit to it, maybe you’re not asking the right questions. Rick Cowley has the RIGHT questions to help you on your way. And they will be delivered in the most amazing paradise retreat location you have ever seen! After participating in this retreat I feel ALIVE, INSPIRED, FOCUSED and EMPOWERED. Honestly, Rick is a little bit out there! But he’s REAL and totally DELIVERS the experience you are after.

Danielle Merret
Rick is a true healer both personally and for others.

I always thought I had a pretty good idea what my purpose was but came to the retreat to cement it in and work out how to juggle everything. But what I really learnt was that it’s impossible to build an empire if the groundwork is unstable. I discovered that it was my own internal struggles that were holding me back from my true potential. Rick gave me the tools to fix that and I’m leaving the retreat energised, excited and ready to carry out my purpose with a bang.

He helped me connect, reach, dream and believe in everything I was born to be. He switched on the light in my soul and showed me all the treasures I already had inside that were impossible to see in the dark.

The process was pretty easy and fun but extremely clever. The modules walk you through simple exercises which eventually show you exactly what you want from life. It’s like working on a tapestry square by square and then taking a step back and realising you’ve created a beautiful piece of art. He helped me sort through the endless ideas and desires that run through my head so I could identify the ones that truly mean the most to me. Once you know what’s really important to you the next step is easy – go and get it!

What I didn’t expect were the connections I would make with the other retreat members sharing the journey. From the very beginning Rick helped us remove our protective outer personalities and allow us to be our true selves. Seeing other people share their true desires and vulnerabilities gave you an insight into their soul and created bonds that I’m sure will last a lifetime.

The future is bright and I can’t wait till we all meet again.

Thank you, universe.

Danielle Runge
Owner/Director at Luminise Care Solution
Gold Coast, Australia
Dear Rick,

With such gratitude in my heart, you have changed our lives. Your gift for inspiring and guiding us to find our true self and path is something special.

I arrived six days ago stuck in my body and mind. Your process has released this blockage. I am enlightened. I feel centred, powerful and fearless! Your guidance has enabled me to rediscover my purpose.

Truly inspirational.

Darran Ginn

I heard about VQ from a mate who had undertaken the course and he just said I would get so much out of it. Before doing the video and speaking to Rick I was stuck in life, my brain was a fog and I had no clarity or vision for where to next - self doubt and fear had become my best friends.

The VQ process was like nothing I had ever experienced before. It first involved unpacking my life, working out what I value in life, what brings me joy, excitement and fulfillment and importantly what I love about being me. It involved a journey with an amazing bunch of supporting, giving and talented humans all on different journeys, sharing their stories and experiences with emotion and passion. Being able to learn off others' life experiences added so much to my journey - I did not feel alone but rather super connected. The setting, daily yoga and meditations, the amazing food that nurtured us all - the sense of belonging I had in such a warm, inclusive and trusting environment. The tears felt good!

After I feel so mindful now - the self doubt and fear I brought with me has been replaced by an overpowering sense of clarity with who I am as a person, my place in the world and the journey I am on to use my talents to achieve my life purpose.

My workbook is everything - it is a lifetime of positive, negative and inspirational thoughts of who I am. It provides me with clarity, sense of purpose, direction and it is all me - this is my vision of who I am in this world. The workbook is my human GPS.

If you are thinking of coming to the course I would not hesitate to call Rick and have a chat. That chat for me was a chance to unpack where I was at and led me to take this mind-changing journey. You never know until you step out of your comfort zone. I say take that leap of faith. You have nothing to lose.

Darren Hall
I came on this VysionQuest because I had become bored with my life. Things were too easy, life had become a little bit boring, too much tv, not getting the job done, no real direction, stuck in the mud, wheels spinning, going nowhere. My wife saw this and encouraged me to do something about it. I thank her for that.

Since I’ve been here I felt more excited to get on with life, finish the process I started and to go after the big dream of sailing around the world, happy me, focus on my children. I work out that what I was put on this Earth for is teaching. That's what makes me most happy.

I look forward to the journey ahead. Life is good.

Dean Murphy
Before coming on the retreat I was really struggling with my identity. I felt lost and anxious. Stressed out all the time and not the best person I could be. I came here because friends had said it was amazing and they felt a new drive and purpose when they left.

What an amazing week. Rick provides a full emotional experience where you really go deep, have fun, and learn about what you truly can do and be. Through the experiences of learning to surf, calming meditation, yoga, and workshopping in small supportive groups you find your inner peace and life purpose.

If you're thinking about coming I would tell you to just take a leap of faith. Trust in the process and do it. You will find the most amazing people, have an awesome experience, and feel your life's purpose. It's a life changer.

Rick, thank you so much for helping me bring my joy back and find my purpose. Your inner light and wisdom has allowed me to dig deep and see what truly matters for me and I am surprised and excited. You have given me the courage to make a difference and simplify my life. Hang loose! Forever grateful.

Love, Deb 2.0 xoxo

Deb St. Onge
Why: Felt lost, needed clarity
During: Focus on how you feel, has a process to get deep to get to to unravel or reveal the layers to core of issue or dream.
After: Mind clarity. I've done hundreds of business plans over the years but never has one been able to get into as much depth and soul as the plan I created at VysionQuest. I truly believe this is what I needed.
Just do it. Don't overthink it. Make it happen. Just do it.

Donna Wild
VysionQuest is truly magic. This course has been the most profound and special moment of my life.

My soul has been craving this sort of thing forever, and it has really helped me gain some clarity and direction in working towards my life's purpose and fulfilling my hopes and dreams.

I am at a crossroads in my career life, working in an industry and job that no longer serves me. VysionQuest has allowed me to dream big and get clear on what is important to me in life while giving me a map to get out and go hard for what truly matters.

It was an absolute honour to spend the week working alongside such a remarkable group of like minded individuals. I saw miracles happen this week, I saw healing and people's lights turn back on, ready to shine bright out into the world.

I was incredibly lucky and grateful to have gone through this process with my life partner and soulmate and we both know this week has even further galvanised our already beautiful union.

Thank you Rick and the team at VysionQuest for transforming people's lives and helping co-create positive change in this world. It has exceeded all my expectations.

Peace and love,

Drew Rackley
VysionQuest is an incredibly deep and profound week, diving into the unknown of who you are and what you truly desire for your life.

This course is for everyone! You will discover aspects of yourself that you never knew needed to be uncovered. You go through a process of revealing your core essence and coming out a more authentic you. The experience for me has been deeply impactful and healing, allowing me to see what has been holding me back and keeping me small. Working through this with the support of Rick and the group has transformed me, and I am so grateful to have found the true me.

The love, bonds made and experiences shared within this incredible group has filled my heart beyond words.

How this course is structured and set out is one of a kind. You will not only get clearer on your life's purpose and discover deep truths about yourself, but you will come away with more balance, peace, stillness and presence.

A true gift. Thank you, Rick.

Elise Jay
This is a retreat for people who want big change and transformation! 

I did it 3 years ago and it was a turning point in my life. A whole new world of possibility opened up for me during and after this experience!

I walked away from the VysionQuest without worry of what I’m destined to do or what I have to achieve by a certain time. I discovered my true values and by doing so I simplified my life.

Elsa Eleni
I didn’t realize how much I needed this.

Thank you Rick for having the vision to hold your retreat in this gorgeous place, for enforcing a no screens rule, and for giving 100% of your heart and soul to each moment.

I feel like in the busy pace of life I sometimes get caught up in the ‘shoulds’, and this week I reconnected with my playful, natural self and it feels amazing!

I’m not sure what I loved the most — the morning routine, the heart centered sessions, the yoga, the surfing or the island exploration. They were all so powerful and fun, each specifically igniting some part of me that wanted to burn brighter.

I will always be grateful and looking forward to round 2!

Emily Pereira

I did the VysionQuest because my life has been turned upside down ever since the love of my life passed away 10 months ago. I was feeling lost and so desperately uncertain of my purpose in this world and the direction I am supposed to take now that everything I have been building and working towards for the last 5 years is gone. I needed help getting back to myself.

What is so unique about VysionQuest is the comprehensive nature of this retreat. The writing exercises in the most beautiful setting force you to sit with yourself and WHO you are and WHAT you want out of this life. The philosophical and practical approach to our life purpose was both raw and refreshing. This is the first time in 10 years that I have been able to be completely honest about my fears, desires, achievements, inspirations, my natural-born characteristics. This was the first time I was able to express the type of life and lifestyle I want without feeling judged or ashamed. I have always associated success with money and have been trying to find a way to change my definition of success and embrace my true self and my intrinsic gifts.

The surfing and the snorkeling really helped me appreciate LIFE and the beautiful world we live in. What a gift to be able to witness this natural beauty. How lucky are we to have this life!? I absolutely loved bonding with the other Vysionaries. The vulnerability and trust created in such a short amount of time through doing the modules/experiences/shares as well as during meals, free time and activities were absolutely priceless and memorable. I consider these people lifelong friends.

For the first time I feel confident that I can be successful and feel fulfilled being my authentic self. I know the money will come as long as I am doing things in line with my purpose and as long as I keep going! I now have a "fuck it" attitude because I know I will die one day and I want to do and see as much as I can in this one special life I have been given. As long as I am being true to myself I feel like the things I want will come to me. I know that just because one path may not feel right, I can take a step back, check in with myself, and know that there are other paths I can take. Just keep going.

VysionQuest would be good for anyone questioning their purpose in this life or feeling unfulfilled with whatever they are doing. This would be good for anyone who feels that they are just going through the motions or not tapping into their true potential. Anyone who feels "stuck" in general. You will get a deep look at yourself in the best way possible. This week will reveal emotions, struggles, and challenges from your past and simultaneously reveal your true desires and vision for your life. A vision that is in line with YOU - not your family, not your culture, and not your own false expectations of what you think your life should look like.

Emmanuelle Larroque
San Diego, USA

When I signed up to Rick’s VisionQuest Bali Retreat I had already started to make major changes in my life. In March, 2017 I left a professional career of almost 20 years because I was becoming more inquisitive about what my true direction in life was. It’s great to get promotions, earn a big salary, have some leadership control, but shit that does not buy happiness. Well, not for me anyway. In a nutshell I actually hated my life and I really didn’t love or truly respect myself or my body.

After leaving my job and creating space in my life, looking back, I truly believe the universe did lead me to Rick. The questions I had been asking myself about my life are so much clearer. I have an amazing inner peace with myself. I’m excited about the future, I’m more ready than ever to fulfill my dreams and to live my life’s purpose.

This VisionQuest has been the best gift I could have ever given myself. Every moment has been incredible and it has definitely been a highlight in my life to date, as well as I am absolutely sure will be an event that I look back on for the rest of my life that made me truly happy, successful and an inspiration to others.

Learning to surf, the cliff jump, riding around the island, waking up at 5:30 a.m. by candlelight, sleeping to the sound of waves crashing, the yoga, meditation, hanging out by the pool, the food, the ecstatic dance on the sand in the morning… every moment I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Rick, what you have created is magical. You will forever be an inspiration in my life and have a special place in my heart until my last day on Earth. I will be at peace because I made every day count. :) xx

Fiona Rinaldi
Before the doing the VysionQuest Bali Retreat I had issues managing both my private and professional life. I came here to find more clarity on what I really wanted… and more peace.

You spend one extraordinary week on a paradise island surrounded by the sound of the waves. You share your experience with awesome people. You start to become truly yourself as you do each exercise.

The process is just magic. The combination of yoga, meditation, and the exercises is life changing. I gained more clarity than I ever expected.

I can see/feel a huge difference in the 6 months since I was at the retreat. I’m stronger, I know what I really want and this would have not happened without doing the retreat, you & Ashley, and the other participants, so THANK YOU.

Go with the flow, let go, and trust the process.

Frederique Berney
Rick Cowley's VysionQuest Bali Retreat was my birthday prezzie to myself this year and one of the best ever!

Amazing location, amazing company, amazing self-inquiry and tools to co-create the life of your dreams/ turn your dreams into reality... along with raw chocolate, deep intimate sharings, fresh coconuts, superfood breakfasts and beautiful surfs in crystal clear waters....

So awesome what you've created there, so moving how much you care about people reaching their full potential and living life to the fullest... THANK YOU for re-minding us and having the courage to show up the way you do...!!

My life has shifted soo much since the retreat! I want to tell you that you're amazing Rick, and so is VysionQuest!! You're definitely a big earth angel light worker on this planet xoxox

Friederike Chur
The last 2 years I felt as though I had simply been surviving life, when I really wanted to be thriving instead. I wanted to make 2021 a year filled with joy, energy and alignment - but I had no idea how to do it. I had new opportunities arising so I wanted to make sure that any decisions I made moving forward would bring more joy and fulfillment in my life. I was tired of feeling tired! I knew I needed to go 'all in' to find my mojo again. Enter VysionQuest. By far the most POWERFUL form of personal development I have ever done. The workbook guides you through each lesson to help draw out your inner dreams and find more clarity, purpose and energy than I ever knew possible. So now I'm back. More focused than ever and with a heart filled with gratitude and love for the magical life I've been able to create for myself and a child like excitement for what's yet to come. If you're needing some real clarity or simply a big fat dose of self love - I cannot recommend it highly enough. Since completing VysionQuest I now have a strong inner knowing and clear directions to live out an incredibly fulfilling life. I cannot wait to get started on my new life filled with joy, energy and alignment. If you're needing some real clarity or simply a big fat dose of self love - I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you're feeling uncertain whether VQ is right for you - stop thinking and just do it. Trust in the process that Rick takes you on. It's an unforgettable journey that has the power to transform your life. Fuck yeah!

Haley Hughes
Rick Cowley and his VysionQuest gently guided my interpretations of the world around me to a place of great awareness and openness. He helped me to channel the quietness we all desire amongst the mayhem of society in to a reality, that has impacted my personal and professional life deeply. Whether it be finding genuine connection with a stranger in my life, or the stranger I am about to become on film, the wisdom Rick has shared with me since we first met has and continues to be a profound part of my life.

Harrison Gilbertson
I lost my purpose before I came to Rick's VysionQuest and I have found it again! I can't wait to see what a badass mofo I am on my future journey. I'm so grateful! And the food is delicious!! Thank you from the depths of my heart.


Hat Nguyen
Rick, thank you so much for a truly inspiring and life changing week.

You are truly a master at creating a life vision filled with adventure, passion, purpose and FUN. Your story, journey, authenticity and transparency and your huge heart and constant support are so refreshing and inspiring. Your positive energy is magnetic and your passion and joy and sense of adventure are contagious.

Thank you for having the courage to share your story and for creating the structures and space to allow me to grow, blossom and shine.

This week has given me the space, clarity, focus and passion I so desperately desired at this time in my life. Living barefoot, waking with the sun, riding waves, sunset yoga, meditating, moving, breathing, drawing, sleeping to the sound of the wind and the waves.

It felt so good to disconnect from the non-essential elements of my life and reconnect with my authentic self, to remember what is truly important to me and to clarify who I really am at the core of my being.

I am so full of gratitude, inspiration, love and passion for life and I look forward to the next chapter of my life with so much excitement, joy and anticipation.

Thank you!


Heather Hobbs
On Jan 8, 2019 my brother died suddenly at 48 years old. While that was itself a great loss, it brought me up short. I had been a place holder in my family, even at 53. With the loss of my brother came incredible pain and sadness that in hindsight had started long before his death. My family role had shifted with his death. Where did I fit? What did I want? Whad did I need? My brother's life had been chaotic and I was the family problem solver.

I found I was living a life of so much sadness, despite the opportunities life had offered me. I cried a lot, I sighed a lot. I could find no comfort or joy. I had spent a lifetime navigating one disaster after another. I had lost or maybe even forgotten my purpose, my why, or even my power to believe anything else was possible was invisible.

My husband came to Bali on VysionQuest in October 2018 with a group of 5 men who became true mates. The plan was always that we would both attend VQ (though separately).

The decision came for me that I had to do SOMETHING. Coversations were had. Dates were set. Challenge accepted!

From a journey to Bali with a heavy heart and a teaspoon of optimism, to a week of honest soul searching, my heart is lighter, my mind is clearer. The energy and focus I thought was lost has a candle under it. Anything is possible.

My appreciation for what you have given both James and me holds more power than you can ever know.

It doesn't matter if you think you are on the right track or trying to get back on track, the VQ experience provides a life altering opportunity. 

My heart is full, my soul is recharged. <3

Ingrid Leverrier
Hey Rick, wow... thank you!!! This has been the single most revealing process I've done over the past 15 years on my journey of personal development.

Having a fairly good idea about the opportunities I am currently working on, the VysionQuest retreat solidified the journey ahead and put some more “fuel on the fire”, confirming this is the exact path I need to be on and also being true to myself and passionate.

I’ve completed several personal development programs in the past but the VysionQuest process and environment far surpasses them all.

Rick's extremely well thought out process and accompanying materials are a dream to those like myself who can often become overwhelmed when putting pen to paper, especially when about themselves and their life experiences. The process has a special way of coaxing out your inner most thoughts/feelings and the pen literally just flows…

Being in an environment where you are completely immersed, in my opinion, is the only way to gain the full impact of VysionQuest. There’s nothing to hijack your thoughts other than awesome adventures throughout the week, surfing, snorkeling, cliff jumping, and letting go of your normal everyday routine.

The group setting is such a valuable resource enabling the sharing and support of fellow people all on the same mission to get on purpose and into the flow of their lives.

I feel completely on point ready to sink my teeth further into my projects now that the I have super defined goals mapped out and the big “WHY” crystal clear.
I learnt a huge amount about myself and what drives me so I would recommend without hesitation to join a VysionQuest Bali Retreat.

Rick, thank you for providing a safe space to allow me to be raw and real... with myself. I know you have changed many lives but there are so many more that need your touch.

I'll be returning in the future. 

Love you, mate

James Denham
I was at a Reliable Education Summit on the very last day, sitting at the back of the hall with Stack when Adam spoke about men checking in on each other. He asked all the guys to check in on each other on a regular basis so we turned to each other at the same time and asked each other if we were ok. We both said “yes” and 10 seconds later we turned back to each other and at exactly the same time said, “yeah, most of the time.”

Later that evening we went across the road to the pub for a beer and Stack mentioned that he would be keen to set up a group of guys to just get together on a regular basis to check up on one another. I thought it would be a great idea and agreed. About a week later Stack sent out an email seeing if anyone would be happy to come to the VysionQuest Bali Retreat. I said yes immediately and the rest is history. Here we all are just completing the week.

Before coming the main problem I was having was a lack of clarity about where I am headed. I felt trapped. Trapped by my job. Trapped by a lack of vision.

What made the VysionQuest Bali Retreat so unique was being completely away from any distractions and totally involved in the process. That made it much easier to tune in and become part of it.

Now after completing the process I have a feeling of incredible excitement for what is in store. I have started making a list of goals, people I need to contact, things that I need to learn more about and planning out where to start.

I also feel a great sense of relief that I could find my purpose in life and that by simply joining all the dots together come up with a vision for my future.

I learned more about myself this week than I thought possible. I even learned things about myself that I didn’t even know.

It has given me a clear view to the future and a pathway to follow and if I ever have any doubts or worries I will come straight back to this workbook, find the relevant section and work my way forward.

Thank you so much to both you and Ashley for all of your guidance, support, caring and passion for what you’re doing.

Thank you for making this an absolutely life changing experience. From the moments of trepidation leading up to this quest to be now coming to the end and having possibly one of the best times of my life. I look foward to recommending this to as many people as possible.

Love you,

James Leverrier
My experience at Rick Cowley’s VysionQuest retreat was incredibly empowering.

The structure that Rick has designed for the course content is extremely clear. He uses voice recordings that bring you to a space of deep listening and clarity, as well as written content that is simple to read, however gets into the emotional aspects of your soul and triggers questions in yourself and life that begs you to dive into your purpose here on Earth.

Rick’s excitement for guiding people to find their vision and clarity is enriching to be around. He empowers you to find your dreams and set goals to move toward. You dream big, set high expectations for yourself and realize that that world is possible. He teaches you the tools to unravel and discover your purpose in a structured and detailed way, through visualization, writing and open communication in the other participants.

Before the retreat I felt stuck in a few aspects of moving forward towards my dreams. A lot of this revolved around conditioning I had created around money and self worth.

Rick guided me to see this and taught techniques that were so brilliant and simple once you grasp the tools -- tools that I will always have in my pocket.

He helped me discover how much I have to offer to the world. And to drop out of the storms of self-doubt I had created for myself.

The retreat, the process, and the adventures along the way will change your life forever. Jump on board, I can assure you, you won’t regret it.

Jamie Bade
We tend to think of the so-called “quarter life crisis” in negative terms, that period in our young lives when we realize we’ve done everything we’re supposed to, made the “best” decisions we could, worked hard, and are disturbed to realize that we’re still not happy. Something is still missing.

Previous generations seem to think of this as a “reality check” for us millennials, where we realize that life isn’t and won’t be as fulfilling as we had hoped and been promised it would be.

F*ck that.

To me this ‘crisis’ has been a positive event and has given me the awareness that material success does not equate to happiness or fulfillment, and that a new strategy for life is now required to move forward in a meaningful way. I feel like I have come out the other side happier, healthier and more inspired than I ever would have imagined.

We weren’t interested in waiting around until retirement to live our dreams. We were also chasing answers to what we wanted in life, what brought us joy, and I was exploring what the elusive concept of success really means.

About halfway through our trip we participated in Rick Cowley’s VysionQuest Bali Retreat.

To say this experience was life-changing would be an understatement.

We returned home to Toronto, Canada, and have been working on starting anew since then. I have achieved many of my Fyckit List (Five Year Bucket List) goals and dreams, some while traveling and others since we’ve been home, all of which I am very proud of and grateful for.

I feel like I’ve made incredible progress over the last 12 months in creating the life that I most want to live and loving each and every day of the journey. But where the last year has been about tearing down, contemplating and rebuilding the foundation, the next few years will be about doing the hard work to actualize the structure.

A big thanks to Rick for helping me put many of these dreams and goals into words, and to my wife Karen for giving me the courage to be bold and chase them.

Jamie Knowlton
Co-Founder and CFO - Better Place Forests
San Francisco, USA
I have had several friends and acquaintances go through this process, all of which have had incredible life changing events happens as a result of the work they did with Rick at the VysionQuest. My partner went through the process at Rick's last retreat and upon completion he signed me up!

The smaller group size allowed for deeper connections to be made almost immediately, each person was so incredibly unique and brought something interesting to the conversation. The vulnerability each participant showed allowed for everyone to delve deeper into the process. "The Process" of course, is Rick's incredible workbook and audio recordings that guide you into the process, followed by a round table discussion that punctuates each session. Rick takes it slowly, allowing for conversation that initiates the real self reflection to take place. Each day is a little different from the one previous but one common thread was the deeply nourishing conversations over equally as nourishing meals. A daily yoga session with a remarkable teacher that feels the vibe of the group and adjust the session accordingly, it was really wonderful to see such a dedicated teacher on the retreat. Along with Rick's surf metaphors came actual surf lessons to allow us to truly get it - they were also incredibly fun and in a location like no other!

Now I am feeling renewed, refocused, and like I have rediscovered my purpose. Alliteration aside, the process was exactly what I needed to begin a new year, and a new decade. I now have a clear vision of what my core values are, what's important to me and how I want to spend not just the next 5 years of my life, but how I want to feel in that experience and who I want to be a part of it. I feel connected to incredible humans that I got to know so well during this experience and I am grateful for the time I got to spend here at this beautiful location.

Anyone that feels stuck or like they're not getting the most out of their potential would benefit from the VysionQuest. If you're looking to rediscover what your power is, your passion, your reason WHY, this is where you need to be. Take the 8 days, come to this beautiful place and give yourself the gift of guidance - self guidance and soulful, sincere, real and raw guidance from Rick. You get out what you put in.

Jamie Louise

If you are reading this you are already on your way to finding fulfillment in whatever in your life you feel you may be missing right now… STOP READING this and just sign up and GO!

Jean Marie Poster
Before I came on the retreat I was feeling frustrated, tired and without a clear vision for how to live my best life.

Rick designed a series of experiences, questions, and writing exercises that allowed me to clarify my own vision for my life.

Anyone who is going through a life transition or is hungry to find more meaning, purpose and clarity would benefit from this retreat. Rick has a way of leading and guiding the retreat to encourage your own self discovery.

Completing the VysionQuest last year helped me uncover not only some specific goals, but a vision for how I want the next phase of my life to feel. This retreat set me on a course to living with more intention and joy.

It’s fun to check things off my Fyckit list, but even more powerful for me was that I came away with a softer approach to how I live my life. I’ve always been very goal oriented, and sort of white knuckled my way through challenges to achieve my goals. This retreat helped me clarify my larger purpose, and trust that the right opportunities will open up along the way.

For anyone considering a VysionQuest, I would say that this is an amazing gift to your future bad ass self – and s/he deserves it.

Jeanette Lodwig
Attorney - Hawaii Community Foundation
Honolulu, USA
What do you want to do with your precious, temporary life? I urge you to work with Rick Cowley and sort it out for yourself. Each of us has our own unique path and Rick's VysionQuest is such a smart and simple way to find your own truth. Anyone who might even be thinking that they could use some self-reflection to find your purpose should definitely come to Bali and do Rick's retreat!

Jen Yamanaka
I did the VysionQuest Bali Retreat with Rick just over a year ago and it was a GAME-CHANGER :)

I was at a bit of a crossroads in my life and wanted to get some inspiration and some clarity on where to go next. And I’ve had a flippin’ awesome experience. I got that clarity. I’m feeling way more peaceful and content and I feel like I have direction now. I am pumped about the next chapter. 

I'd recommend it to ANYONE wondering if how they are living is TRULY fulfilling them. If that's you, then this retreat will show you what WILL fulfill you.

If you’re currently sitting in an office having swallowed the red pill, grab the blue pill, sign up and just f*cking do it!

Jeremy Zinzan
Dear Rick, thank you. Coming to your VysionQuest is one of the best experiences of my life.

Prior to attending I was successful but generally unhappy with no real direction for the future. My life felt like groundhog day.

I discovered VysionQuest through my boss. He attended last year and I had noticed a remarkable difference in his life. VQ looked like it had a good mix of adventure, relaxation and self-development. I took the leap and I'm so happy I did.

Arriving the first day on the retreat, I was out of my comfort zone. But from the moment I met you and your team, I felt safe.

Every day at VQ got better — unbelievable considering the first day was a 9.9 out of 10. Disconnecting from everyday life, surfing, sunrises and much more made for an enlightening journey which was also fun. The modules were excellent and I discovered my purpose. I also found so many reasons why my life is already awesome.

I never expected that taking a week out of my life could make such a difference, but words cannot describe it. I met the most amazing, like-minded people that I will now have as friends for life. The support between our group I have never experienced and Rick fostered this environment where we all flourished.

VysionQuest is the best investment I have made. I would call it priceless.

If any of this speaks to you, don't wait to find your vision. Speak with Rick and take the leap.

Love always, Jess xxx

Jess Hubble

I can’t even think of the words to describe how grateful I am to have done this retreat. I’m so glad I took the leap because I don’t think my life will ever be the same.

Before coming to VysionQuest I felt I was at a period of my life where for so long I had been doing what I thought I should do, or doing things that I thought would make others happy. I had lost that connection I had with my inner guidance system, with my inner voice.

I had ignored it for so long that I came to a point where it was so loud and screaming at me to do SOMETHING! ANYTHING!

That’s where a friend told me about Rick’s retreat. During the retreat I was able to reconnect with that inner voice, my inner compass again.

Although I needed to do a bit of work to get there, I can happily say that for the first time in a long time I feel like I’m me again. 100% whole hearted authentic me.

I learned how to use my inner guide to make decisions and to let go of what I think I “should” do, and follow what truly inspires me.

This process is different to anything else I’ve done and I have been to many seminars like Tony Robbins, etc… What I found was really different and unique was that we took time to dig super deep into what was truly important to us before clarifying any goals or setting intentions for the future.

I was so surprised as to this process as I feel 100% aligned with all of my future steps and goals I want to achieve. A clarity and motivation to get started like I never had had before.

Thank you, Rick, for helping me to be me again!

Jessica Ward
VysionQuest found ME.

At the time I was at a crossroads professionally and was chatting with a colleague who I hadn't spoken to for years. He told me very little detail about the retreat itself, but there was something in the tone of his voice as he described the impact VysionQuest has had on his life. It was incredibly inspiring to hear.

Rick is a true visionary and his ability to create space for others to transform is a rare gift. You will laugh, you will cry, you will reconnect with yourself, you will meet amazing people and be nourished by delicious food prepared with love, you will spend time in nature. But what you won't do is regret attending this retreat.

I went for one thing — clarification around my career — but I got sooo much more. I am so grateful for this process finding the light within me and helping it to shine brightly.

It's hard to give words to the process but it's truly transformational. Just take the leap and experience VysionQuest for yourself.

Rick, thank you for creating the space for us to go on this journey of self-discovery. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and gift.

Jill Adendorff

A wonderful week of surf, yoga, meditation and inspiration. I would give this retreat my highest recommendation for anyone looking to renew inspiration, rejuvenate their mind and body, and experience the true island life of Bali!

Jill Clifton
I signed up for the VysionQuest because I wasn't getting the results I wanted from my business. Rick's quest is a well though out and well laid out step by step process. I feel inspired to view and approach my business in a very different way than I had previously. If you are not living exactly the life that your heart desires, if you are not living your dreams, if you are not sure what your dreams are, then Rick's VysionQuest is a giant step you can take towards achieving this.

Jim Banks
Surfboard shaper

I have done several yoga and meditation retreats, none were so much fun and gave me such practical tools that go straight to the heart of my life purpose.

A year ago I karmically attended your retreat and everything changed for the better. You pulled me up and I have never come down since.

Sure I have my moments but since then the door of prosperity opened and keeps expanding.

I recently launched my own jewelry and website and have checked a few more things off my list which makes me feel incredible!

The biggest thing I got was to let go and trust that everything I want is possible.

Thank u so much and keep spreading the love.

Joanne Stone

Amazing week!

Before VysionQuest I was struggling to put my finger on what my next steps were in my career.

Work for myself or someone else? After working for so long for a corporation it was tough to really know what I wanted for myself, so it became important to try and figure it out before I turned 80 :)

It was actually a build up of frustration over a couple of years which required me to make a decision one way or another.

EVERYTHING was different about the VysionQuest process. An unbeatable, exclusive location, great people and a fantastic facilitator with an eye for guiding people's purpose - made it near impossible to NOT get a result.

After a couple of days I could feel the VysionQuest working. New results as new behaviours and attitudes began to mould. 

The retreat experience was amazing. There were countless moments that stood out. Such as swimming with manta rays, the crazy good feeling after doing yoga and surfing, the group activities or even better the moments of clarity you get after questioning the real things that mattered.

Rick, you definitely inspired and motivated me throughout. Your guiding presence and knowledge on the things that drive the human soul are second to none.

Seeing you live your life purpose was almost in itself enough to motivate me to further greatness!

I know this isn't the end, it's just the beginning! (Cliche much?)


John Wanis

Can't say enough about the VysionQuest Bali Retreat. Just freaking awesome.

My wife Tara Mixon and I did it 3 years ago and we both had a truly life changing experience.

I forever see life through a different lens and I keep revisiting my vision for a life well lived. One that I've defined more on my terms instead of living a life churned on the hamster wheel.

So much of my career has been simply about bouncing to/from things. I believe if I had had the freedom to think about who I really was and what I loved, that I would have taken a different, and perhaps more fulfilling path with my career.

If I could recommend one experience to friends, it's this retreat. Fun. Amazing location. Incredible depth. And the one and only Rick Cowley.

Working with him has been a big part of making this life my own to live. His passion for helping people live a life of purpose and intention is unparalleled. And his approach is one that's been honed and perfected by hundreds of amazing sessions.

I totally think that this is something everyone should find a way to do in some form. I deeply wish I had done it sooner!

Many thanks,

John Mixon
I came to VysionQuest after living in indecision and frustration. I had been feeling unclear about the path forward in a few areas in my life, including my career, my relationship and where to call home.

I kept planning and pondering scenarios and working inside my head to figure out what felt like a jigsaw puzzle. And I just kept feeling stuck. Every decision felt like it would lead to the same dead end.

I was inspired to join this retreat for the hope of clarity and purpose and truth. I got exactly what I was hoping and so much more than I ever could have imagined.

I have reconnected to my inner knowing. I have clarity about who I am and have always been. I am inspired by the possibilities of life ahead. I am awake. I am ready to take action. And I have faith in the path forward because it will be driven by the space inside that is my authentic truth.

I have laughed, connected deeply with everyone on the retreat, been overwhelmingly inspired, jumped into adventure and have been moved to tears. These bonds of friendship will last a lifetime.

When I start to get offtrack, I know that I can always come right back to the path because I have tools and I know my true life-purpose.

I am eternally grateful for the experience and for Rick who truly sees and connects with each person here. He brings a sense of playfulness, authenticity, vigor for life that is truly one of a kind. He is a total badass.

And this experience is life-changing.

Jonathan Warren

This is the most authentic and honest experience I’ve ever had. A whole week being truly yourself, no mask on, no ego, no barriers, fences or boundaries… just love, feelings, and digging into your soul to find out who you really are and what you really want in your life.

This experience gives you the tools to follow your dreams and find the alignment between your heart and your body and your soul.

Truly, some of the intense and wonderful moments here will always stay in my mind and my heart and will follow me through my journey.

Thanks Rick for being a brother and a mentor and a friend.

Jones Tchiakpe
Radio Producer and Host - Couleur 3
Lausanne, Switzerland
I decided to come on the VysionQuest Bali Retreat because I had found myself in a place where I could see little brightness in my future. This was because I had spent many years focusing only on work and others and not myself or my dreams. I needed something that was personalised, protracted and purposeful with a structure that would guide me to finding my own solutions.

Rick and Ashley have such beautiful loving hearts and truly beam with positive intent. The process I was guided through was gentle, nurturing and guiding whilst still firm and requiring considerable effort on my behalf. I was supported by the other participants and worked through the process step by step, ultimately finding myself in a better place and with a plan of action and intent to take home with me.

Thanks to VysionQuest I now have the guidelines to help me live a life of intent and positivity and I am truly looking forward to seeing where the next part of my journey will lead me.

Thank you, Rick.

Julia Berry
Two years ago I did the VysionQuest Bali Retreat with my husband Jamie (if you've seen me since then you've heard me rave about it).

It remains the single most life-changing and incredible week of my life.

It was a wonderful experience to spend an entire week directing my brain and my energy toward the positive, toward big dreams and ambitions, and to experience fun challenges like surfing, yoga, slack lining and even snorkeling for the first time.

The process accelerated my growth so much. From day one we considered some big questions about ourselves, and I found myself opening up about some tough stuff, and then being able to LET IT GO.

I will always remember how safe I felt with everyone there, how accepting and positive the group atmosphere was, and how every single person truly inspired me in some way.

Rick was such a supportive guide to us, pushing us to challenge ourselves and get the most out of this week, but also giving us the space to do things our way.

And it was fun!

I left feeling recharged and refocused, ready to direct the rest of my life toward the experiences and challenges that make me feel alive, to live with purpose and intention. 

Thank you,

Karen Knowlton

It's been a year since my VysionQuest Bali Retreat and there's not a day that goes by without me thinking about it. Magic happened there! 

I'm grateful for having had the courage to book this trip and for having met great, wonderful, open, giving people.

Mind body soul connection really came together during the week. It allowed me to totally unwind and disconnect from work.

I'm grateful for having learnt so much about the waves and the ocean and tides. I'm grateful for having more clarity around who I am, who I want to be, what I want. I'm creating an awesome life for myself.

I loved every minute of it and would do it again in a heartbeat. By far my best holiday :) If anyone is in doubt about doing it, just do it.

Thank you Rick for everything.

Much love,

Kate Masschelein-Rodgers

I have a philosophy: if I hear of something, read an article, meet someone, or become aware of something being mentioned 3 separate times, I have to listen, take notice and do the thing.

Three separate people took me by the shoulders and said about the VysionQuest on Bali, "You HAVE to do this." They are successful, big-hearted souls AND I knew I had to come.

Before coming I felt heavy and stuck. I knew there was more to this beautiful beast called Life and I wanted access.

Life was feeling like Groundhog Day, I was taking it for granted.

Throughout the week, I became lighter. Flow was ever-present. And ultimately, clarity arrived.

The connectedness I experienced with my fellow VysionQuesters will remain.

It has been a powerful and illuminating week, not possible to achieve at home. The sense of adventure, inspiration, fun, laughs and love have all been the perfect medicine. I felt planted among the right people, at the right place and the right time. Rick is an inspired guide. :)

To anyone considering the VysionQuest, I would (virtually) take them by the shoulders and say, "You have to do this!"

The transformation available to you is life-changing. We need you living your purpose in this world. We want to know your authentic and fully expressed self. It is a gift only you can bring and we crave it.

Kate Quinn

Before I quested for my vision, my life felt purposeless. Crazy to think I was in the most stressful, confusing, discontent state of mind just a few months ago. It was the largest chunk of time in my adult mind that I truly felt stuck.

I was in a foreign country unable to work since May and was fearfully hiding from officials literally and intently looking for "Katherine Lindsey".

I could not fulfill my purpose. I could not express it for 5 months. 5. My world flipped upside down and it dumped all my sprinkles and glitter all over the floor.

I came from a world where I held space for so many people in so many communities in NYC. I moved to a parallel dream-like dimension where I didn't have to work 3 jobs to sustain myself. I only taught my dream job.

Then I felt it was ripped out from under me like those cool things people do when they pull the table cloth quickly and skillfully out from under a perfectly full set of dinner ware with food and water in the glasses. except mine was not cool. And all my dishes fell over in all directions and it was not a pretty sight.

My busy-bee nature turned into a sulking, negative sloth. I could not financially support anything, really I remember trying to decide if I wanted to do my nails or have a decent breakfast. It made me cry. It was pathetic. My partner and I fought every day. I could not sleep, fall asleep, stay asleep or enjoy sleep. I wanted to give our dog back! Oh my god.

I wanted to leave Bali and questioned myself constantly. "Why am I even here?" I was negative towards myself and my partner. He didn't deserve it. Bless his soul. he stayed with me through it all. He loved me through it all.

Trust the Great Flow...

I just spent an awe-spiring, life-charging, beautifully moving week with seven of the most unique people I've ever met. Grateful for the experience gifted to us by Rick Cowley. I cannot IMAGINE my life without the past 8 days woven seamlessly in it. I am left blissed the f&* out, inspired and feeling as powerful as this massive, crashing wave. My heart has blasted wide open.

If you're feeling stuck, confused, discouraged - anything really - and wish to clarify your vision, find your way to Rick. Trust the process, do the work and be ready to ride the wave.

So much love for all of you that shared the week with me.. my heart is FULL.

Katherine Lindsey

If you are looking for a recharge, a refocus or wondering what to do for that next great getaway... I can't recommend Rick's VysionQuest Bali Retreat enough.

8 days in one of the most magical places on the planet doing pleasurable soul work while having an absolute blast.

There are SO many amazing things happening in my life right as a result of me or someone close to me attending this retreat.

Just. Go.

Rick, you've reconnected me to the gift of joyful expression. I love your child-like wonder and amazement in life. Thanks for pouring your heart and spirit into our week.

Love you, brother.

Keith O'Brien
CEO - PageOne
Ft. Lauderdale, USA

Before I came to Rick's retreat I was overworked, tired and drained. I felt lost and unhappy with no clue how or what to do. I was nervous and doubting myself before I got here.

I couldn't see how one more self development retreat/book/seminar was going to change anything.

How wrong I was! What a powerful journey!

And one that I could not have done alone. Rick and Josh created a space that allowed me to find my self, my dreams, my purpose. I leave here full of contentment and peace, armed with an amazing workbook and a plan that I can go back to time and again.

You don't need to know too much, just trust the process and fully surrender to it. Rick has put so much thought into this retreat and honed it so well. Throw aside your fears, doubts and practical side and do yourself a favor. You won't regret it.

Kelly Denning
My time in Bali with Rick was the most life changing, fun and fulfilling week of my life.

The writing sessions somehow balanced incredible introspection and motivation without becoming wanky, thanks to Rick's ability to always laugh at himself or others genuinely.

The spontaneity of the trip allowed a less manufactured and more genuine journey and adventure to take place, and it gave me so much more joy and excitement than I ever expected.

Challenges were presented unexpectedly, such as going skinny dipping in the moonlight with people I had met only days earlier, which helped me identify how I react when scared, and how capable I am to face those fears.

Stop wishing and start living.

Thank you, hugs!

Kim Church

Surf life is the place to get grounded and get in touch with who you really are. Not only is it a lot of fun, but the discussions, activities and meditation help you get a lot of clarity and renewed passion for living!! 


Have you ever felt like you were trapped in a corner with no way out? That's how I felt when I joined Rick and the other VysionQuesters on our retreat in June 2015. At the age of 30, I had just finished treatment for breast cancer and was in need of a serious reevaluation of my entire existence (to put it bluntly!)

I had led a fulfilling life up until cancer- a super successful career doing what I love making a positive impact on the world, amazing friends, tons of adventures, the opportunities to visit over 100 countries and live in 6, and the curse/blessing of being able to see the most beautiful and ugly sides of humanity. I knew who I was and I loved myself, but cancer put a wrench in all of that. I didn't trust myself or my body anymore, compromised my own needs to keep up appearances and forgot who I really am, to a point that it had completely shaken up my world.

I met Rick through friends in Bali who said "you've gotta meet this guy, he knows what you are going through" and man were they ever right. The retreat itself was incredible. Surfing and yoga everyday (and a beautiful snorkel!) with a group of the most lovely and supportive people who encouraged me to be patient with myself and my recovery process. I needed to learn how to be active in and learn to love my new self, and at a pace/style that felt good, not forced. VysionQuest helped me learn how to really say "no, I need this, no compromises" by checking in with my intuition more regularly.

The workshops and meditation were the highlight of the retreat for me, as they helped me to reclaim my passion for life and re-prioritize what I want for the future. The clarity I received in these sessions was "luar biasa" (out of this world) and has given me the motivation to further build and diversify my amazing career/life purpose while maintaining more balance with other things that are equally as important.

The lessons I learned and clarity I found at the retreat have literally changed my life and given me the courage, strength and motivation to move forward with even more momentum than I had before. I now realize, thank you Rick, that cancer is the best thing that ever happened to me — it gave me the gift of being able to truly look into myself and tackle fears/bad patterns that inhibit growth, and do this at a pretty young age. I'm so thankful for that, and for Rick, who made that realization possible.

It would be wrong of me to not mention how I was "healed" by Mr. Santi (Rick's five year old son). Having him on the retreat brought out my true self, and the side of me that represents who I want to become- a sparkly, loving, passionate inspiration to children both professionally and personally. Thank you, Santi, for your laughs, joys, self-awareness, knowledge, love and energy.

So in short, go on the retreat no matter where you are on your path to becoming your true self. It's the best decision you will ever make.

Enjoy the sun, sea and mountains!! I'm off to finally solo backpack Sri Lanka next week, one thing to check off the Fyckit List :)

Thank you, Rick. I've regained the motivation to keep changing the world.

Krista Clement-Arsenault

Rick, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift of this retreat.

Before my VysionQuest adventure I felt completely stuck and uninspired. I forgot my achievements and the feeling of motivation. Despite so much to be grateful for and opportunities in front of me, I blinded myself to it.

I knew that something within needed to change. You offered me a chance to find my purpose again. Thank you.

During this process I discovered there was no way to move forward without looking back. Very far back and deep within. I opened myself up and I was raw. I felt scared but from that I felt empowered. I could reset my foundations of what is important to me and how to live a fulfilled life

Being in this experience with others and hearing their journeys gave me strength and inspiration. I will carry their words and their stories in my heart and continually grow because of them.

I struggled to narrow down my life purpose in to 2 words but I did it, and it felt INCREDIBLE. Nothing will take my life purpose away from me now.

Now that this experience is coming to an end I feel an inexplainable peace, excitement and shine within. I've got a life to live and I'm going to go get it!! Watch out, world!!

The gratitude I feel for my life is immense and it was always there right in front of me. But now I can REALLY see it.

This program is truly life changing.

I found the workbook amazing to work out my inner thoughts, dark deep thoughts, suppressed feelings and to map out what it is I've already achieved and the path that I dream of.

If you're thinking about participating in this experience, give yourself the best gift you can and DO IT. Your heart will be opened, your legs grounded and eyes set ahead for the life you want and deserve.

There is nothing you have to think about or prepare - just show up and let the magic happen. This is the best thing that could have happened to bring me back to my path of fulfillment.

Thank you always and forever, Rick.


Kristen Czyszek

I am already someone that is quite focused and driven towards my goals, however I joined VysionQuest to search for the reasons and the “why” behind my goals and dreams.

I got what I came for and so much more!

The week was so jam packed full of adventure and exercises like surfing, snorkeling, cliff jumping, along with amazing guided yoga and meditation.

Rick creates such an open, loving, sharing environment. I can honestly say that over the past week I have gotten to know and share with the rest of the group on a very special level.

I can’t wait to continue with VysionQuest over the course of my journey to reach my goals, with a group of new friends and a clear vision.

Thank you, Rick!

Kyle Bishop
It is one year since the retreat I was on with you finished, and I cannot thank you enough for helping me finally let go of some thoughts and feelings that were holding me back! I think about the world differently now.

VysionQuest is the freedom to let go of anything you've been holding onto in life.
Time and space to grow, challenging fears and beliefs in a non-judgmental, safe place.

A journey deep inside you, a chance to feel the real you that has been hidden by expectation and what 'should be' instead of 'what is'!

Not only this, but I relaxed and developed a deeper connection with my partner.

Lauren Prideaux

If you're reading this you're probably considering doing VysionQuest with Rick Cowley.

Straight up -- wherever you are right now, you're here for a reason. Whatever that is for you I am confident that Rick can be of service and help you find what you're looking for.

I found VysionQuest through the strong recommendation of friends who had been before and made significant changes in their lives with lasting and inspiring success.

Over the last 20 years I've built several large companies which had taken it's toll on my health, enthusiasm and passion for life. I had burnt out mentally, emotionally and physically, then faced my own mortality through cancer at 35, and witnessed both my parents develop chronic close to death diseases in their first years of retirement, having lived lives sacrificed for their children with very little personal fulfillment and joy.

In forging a different path as a high-achiever and living a life full-out, I've lived and breathed personal development from the age of 14. In the last 2.5 decades I've spent over $200,000 on books, audio programs, seminars, retreats, memberships and mentorships...

I can confidently assure you that Rick Cowley's work with VysionQuest stands as one of the most profound and impactful experiences available.

Whatever the cost and sacrifice it takes you to be here I'm sure you'll benefit 1000 fold on the other side.

After just 8 days of retreat I feel alive again, switched on, passionate and connected.

So my advice to you is just do it, invest in yourself and trust in the process and your life will never be the same.

Thank you, Rick.

Leigh Storr
Before the VysionQuest I'd been feeling stuck and that I wasn't moving in the right direction.

This retreat helped me to see all the amazing things I already have in my life and that actually I'm moving in exactly the right direction!

I'm leaving this retreat feeling alive, inspired, excited and trusting in the flow of life!

Lisa Ball
This retreat has been the best gift I have ever given myself.

It allowed the space and time to connect and communicate with myself... my biggest fears, desires and dreams.

I've discovered that I'm more powerful than I've ever given myself credit for.

Loly Rehder
The VysionQuest process changed my life and is easily the best gift I've ever given myself.

Before the retreat I was always feeling stressed, anxious, and confused and although I had a great life back home I just wasn't feeling it. I felt like life had beaten me down and I was just going through the motions of each day, waiting for it to end.

Rick woke me up, made me see what's in my heart, and realise my heart is a way more powerful driving force than my head.

The VisionQuest process taught me a lot about myself and what is truly important to me and after 8 short days with Rick I feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can smile again.

I also met a group of people who I know will be lifelong friends and continue to help me learn and grow just as I will help them.

Thank you, brother Rick. I look forward to doing this all again sometime down the track.

Luke Pickup

Rick, wow! Thank you so much for expanding my mind and soul. Thank you for awakening the passion for life I have had buried deep within.

I decided to attend VysionQuest to find the me I had lost after being a wife, a mother and a business partner for over 20 years. This week has been amazing to say the least. So many tears, so much laughter!

Sharing our vulnerability, our emotions and our dreams with people who started out as complete strangers and are now very close and dear friends.

I never expected to feel so alive with passion again. My heart feels like it is going to explode with sheer love, gratitude and joy!

Rick really is a very special soul who has a unique ability to draw out the best in people and who them the path to their dreams. He is the lighthouse.

I am so incredible blessed to have been on this journey and will be eternally grateful for the experience. I am so excited to start living my dreams.

I have never in my life felt this way - thank you. You truly have a wonderful gift you are giving the world. This is an experience one could never forget.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Majella Gee

VysionQuest inspired me again and more than ever to rediscover my passions, my dreams and at the same time to trust myself.

For a whole week of connection with open true and vulnerable people, and the ocean, I became more free to act and speak my own truth.

I'm leaving with practical easy tools to come back to this state/experience anytime.

Rick , your life, story and work are an inspiration. An example of how being yourself and opening yourself to others is the way of connecting and positively changing your own and others' lives.

Mannu Espinoza
I did the VysionQuest to find clarity in my future and to help me move forward with my life after losing the love of my life to cancer three years ago.

I had a huge feeling of sadness in my heart and not sure how to move forward. It felt like my head was in a cloud and my heart was underwater.

Following the process of asking questions and writing down the answers opens your mind to so many emotions you didn't even know you had.

Rick's insight into your answers helps even more to find your life's purpose.

Now I feel that my head is clear, I have a future, and my heart is coming to the surface.

I learned that life is awesome. I learned what my life purpose is: Big-Hearted Father. I learned to open myself to life, to go with the flow, and to not fight it.

Rick, you are awesome. Not sure what word is better than that but if there is then that is you. No wait, I know what it is: F*cking Awesome.

Thanks for putting me on my path to a new life.

Love you man,

Mark Crandon

This is the most amazing week I've spent in my life.

Rick has a beautiful gift and presence. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend his VysionQuest retreat in Australia. The space and energy that he creates and cultivates for each and every participant to find it within themselves is profound. Thank you for guiding me on this uplifting journey of self discovery so that I may experience and feel love and hope again and be proud of being my authentic self.

After grieving and suffering from depression and anxiety over the years I finally am not afraid to feel and to feel deeply, to love and be loved, and to be me again.

I am so grateful to live life again and am excited about the positive changes that I get to make to thrive so that I may be present for others.

Mary Leong
My VysionQuest journey started with a "What the heck is this!? Writing feelings, expressing myself, and sharing to a group are things that women do!"

What a change a week makes.

I went from passing, not commenting or sharing, to letting strangers hear my inner thoughts and dreams, my emotions and fears.

And the strangers I met have turned into pieces of me. Pieces that will be with me on my next journey in life, as I live the vision that I have made for myself.

Matt Bennett

Off the back of what will clearly be the most life changing for the better 8 days of my life, I met 8 people that are some of the deepest connections to any humans I have ever had. What a bunch of crazy ass mofo's. What happens in Bali stays in Bali.

I came because of the people I know who have already changed their lives because of VysionQuest.

VQ isn't some boring dude who comes to your office, shows you some PP slides and fucks off. Rick made real connections. We participated in activities that challenged us in every way and were a lot of fun. Every day was joy.

I feel so relaxed and am totally content that my life purpose is something to be enjoyed and embraced. The work we did was intense.

I would recommend VQ to anyone who feels like they have a lot to give but not really sure what that is or how to go about it. If you are coming to this journey, prepare to totally let go and trust the process. It all comes together in the end.

Matt St. Onge

My wife learned about VysionQuest via Reliable Education. Our lives are hectic, chaotic, too busy and not really getting anywhere. There's little happy and I thought this retreat could help.

During the retreat I felt and realized emotions I never really knew I had and reasons why life was the way it was. Tremendous clean meals, people that I could call family - the other participants. I'm a very shy person but felt like these people and this retreat was home. Lots of love, compassion and we all supported each other comfortably. It was the most surreal feeling ever.

Now I feel refreshed, re-directed, re-born and like a new person full of love and positivity. Life is so precious and amazing.

If you are on the fence, I definitely was on the fence too... "This is just another gimmick,"... No... it's life changing for the better! Life is good!

Matt Wild
OMG Rick!!! What have you done?

You've ignited the fire in all of us! What a magical retreat. It's a journey I never imagined possible and I've been able to achieve so many things I didn't believe I could do.

You have provided a safe and supportive space for me to open up and be honest. It's something I'll never forget.

Seeing your dream and life purpose come alive is beautiful. You have created a magic space. It's been fun and inspiring and I'll never be the same Mel again.

Thank you just doesn't cut it.

Love you loads,

Melissa Coates
This has been an incredible week. Incredible week!!! The outcomes have far exceeded what either Mark or I could have hoped for. Thank you for bringing together this wonderful group of humans who have helped facilitate this transformation for me, for us, with that extraordinary love of life and other beings.

Melissa Colman
Before coming to Rick's VysionQuest I was so stuck in my life and my head that I had forgotten how to feel. I really had forgotten how to be my true self.

The process is amazing and Rick is just the epitome of everything he teaches with such heart, soul and authenticity. I found myself opening up not only to the group but most importantly to myself. I witnessed such profound transformations of everyone there. I was such an amazing experience and a true honour.

Rick has changed the way I see myself, other people and the world. He is the right guide at the right time to facilitate a massive shift for anyone who is ready to create profound and permanent change in their lives.

This is something that will stay with me forever and my workbook is now one of my most treasured possessions.

Mike Cottam
Rick, I want to thank you infinitely for all of the healing and light you brought to my soul and my heart this year.

I am so happy our paths crossed and I got to work "online" with you. I am really looking forward to meeting you in person and giving you a real bear hug next year on Bali!!! 

You are a very special soul!!!! Keep shining and sharing the light.

Lots of love to you, my friend.

Monica Isaza
I believe with 25 years of professional business coaching and spiritual coaching that what I have experienced with VysionQuest was the path of least resistance.

I learned to be in the now and be present. I learned to relax my mind and physical being. 

But best of all, VysionQuest helped me to take that bold move to follow through on what I have desired to do now for two years!...

I re-designed my financial firm to fit my passions and fulfill my life purpose.

It's now "Life by Design" and the vision is to give financial advice with a Purpose Plan. Not just $$$$$.

I filed the investment advisory name with Ca Corp and it's being filed to the SEC. I have tons of video lined up and started my weekly blog. I re-designed my support team and I spent the money. But more importantly I'm stoked and having fun.

Love you Rick for doing what you were called to do, 

Monique Marshall

I looked at my workbook the other day and read my 5 year vision and realized everything I'd written down had already happened. In just two years! I was like, "what the hell!?"

Nathalie Rini Clarke
Over the past couple of years I have found myself not enjoying and not getting the most out of life — comfortable financially but not passionate about my corporate job, meeting lots of people but still single - and I have been struggling to find the time, space or energy to understand why and work out how to change my life for the better. I needed some help to identify specifically what the issues were, some support to set out what changes I needed and wanted to make and some structure to ensure I take the actions required to live the best and most fulfilling life I can.

The universe via my brother guided me to Rick and the VysionQuest Bali Retreat. The combination of clarifying my purpose with yoga, surfing and other people on their journey, in a stunning, isolated location sounded pretty perfect, and has turned out to be just what I needed at this point in my life.

The structure of the week allows for some necessary (in my case) intense reflection as well as bursts of creativity, all the time surrounded by and immersed in positivity and uplifted energy through Rick’s nature, the group dynamic of love and play, the yoga and surfing sessions. The additional moments of exhilaration, be it cliff jumping, swimming with mantas or dancing to incredible sunrises and sunsets, complete the sensation of an adventurous journey for mind, body and spirit.

I will take away from this retreat a new sense of purpose, clarity over how I want to change my life for the better, a plan as to how to achieve the small steps and the big leaps, and the positive energy and format of mind to make it happen, thanks to Rick and his VQ process. Not bad for a week’s holiday…

Nick Zinzan
I was struggling with my true identity and direction after military service in the Middle East. Diagnosed with PTSD, I struggled to feel my surroundings, friends & family. I felt lost and considered suicide 12 months prior to attending. Ultimately, I felt guilt and would not allow myself to enjoy life.

The VysionQuest process opened my mind & heart through a targeted sequence that gets the best out of yourself. It makes you search deeply under the layers to free yourself from self-imposed shackles. If you seek the freedom, then VysionQuest is your port of call. Life is too precious to let it go to waste. Rick's process gets the best out of “you” to make great changes and enhance your life.

I gained insight into my core values, my intuition & my situation. Best of all, Rick and the modules have given me freedom to start a new chapter in my life.

The retreat experience is second to none. A tropical paradise, amazing people, fantastic leadership - from Rick & many exciting adventures to push your boundaries & enhance your self worth. The retreat experience made me feel again.

To anyone considering it, my response would be - Just do it.

Nicklaus Browne
I am currently doing Rick Cowley's online VysionQuest program and am finding that the increase of focus towards what I truly want in and for my life has me centered and motivated to manifest.

I believe in the power of what Rick does and I think that anyone who cares to do some self deep-diving or clarify their life's purpose should consider doing this inspired experience, either online or on retreat.

Nicolas Venditti
My week on the VysionQuest retreat was a journey through my own thoughts, desires and feelings. The destination was a sense of peace.

Bali, writing, yoga, surfing, meditation, and unexpected happenings all provided the perfect setting for a week of bliss and self discovery. This trip marks a new chapter in my life.

Rick, I have so much love and gratitude for you, just for who you are and also for how much you have shown me the way.

Peggy Moore
Before I attended VysionQuest I was in a lost space, needing clarity about who I was and where I wanted to be.

Rick's process at the retreat was a unique journey through your inner self with golden moments right till the end.

At the end of the process you will be floating on air, knowing who you are and where your heart wants to take you.

I have gained so much from VysionQuest but most importantly I now have the positive building blocks for my future.

Your process is beyond what I thought it could be and has brought me joy beyond what I have ever experienced. I will cherish this for life.

I wish for you to create many more connections and change many many more lives in the future.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You have made me a better person.

Peter Stathopoulos

Before coming to VysionQuest, I had been through a lot over the last 6 years or so.

I have had to deal with chronic health issues and the mental torment that this can bring. I also had been living a life I thought I was supposed to live, well-paid job in the city, buying property, getting a pension and basically doing what I had been pre-programmed to believe was the only option.

Through my health issues, I turned to a more spiritual/alternative approach, as the traditional one had gotten me nowhere. By taking this approach, I was exposed to a different narrative on what my life could be if I took the road less traveled.

So, I quit my job, traveled and set up a business. I was headed in the right direction, but still a number of pieces in the puzzle were missing. I knew I needed clarity and insight into my potential and so I started paying attention to the signs. Being part of Reliable Education, I had heard the founder Adam talk about how he had had a complete life turnaround at a retreat in Bali, where he developed the vision for RE. Intuitively, I knew this was something I needed to look into.

I found the website of the company, VysionQuest, and had a call with the founder and creator, Rick. We had a Facetime call and within minutes I felt it was right. I told him to name the date and I was in. 2 days later, I paid my deposit and 3 months after that I arrived in Bali ready and curious to see how this would unfold.

The retreat itself is set in an idyllic villa on the beautiful island of Nusa Ceningan. The place is luxurious and special in equal measure. The group we had was small and immediately we all connected over our reason for being there. And we were made to feel safe to go deep and find what we were looking for.

I'm not a naturally emotional, creative or imaginitive person, but this process is devised in a way that makes you go deeper and deeper into your subconscious and help you unlock your purpose and your dreams. It felt like the group had been hand-picked as we naturally bounced off each other and raised our thermostats to a level we hadn't thought possible previously.

What makes this retreat truly great is the combination of balance and work, surf, yoga and free-time. It enables you to take a step back and really throw yourself into the work. By the end of the week, we have all been left with something we didn't have before - The knowledge and the tools to make these purposes and dreams a reality and this is both motivating and empowering. After the retreat, I know now the ball is in my court. I have the knowledge and tools, but now it's time to execute and I can't wait to get back and do this.

To anyone considering this retreat, ask yourself, "Are you ready to realize things about yourself and your potential that you never dreamed possible?" If yes, then don't think, take action and BOOK IT

Phil Hadfield

When I heard about VysionQuest and saw what it had done for others I knew that I'd do it one day. Why did I wait!? Even though I did it sooner than the "one day" I expected, I wish that I had done it as soon as I first heard about it.

Rick Cowley is a soul-filled, intuitive and inspiring genius. What happens during the course for every one is beyond magical.

I came to this course at a very difficult time... still searching after more than 50 years to find out who I am and what my purpose is. Through Rick's guidance I have have answers and I am so excited and inspired!

I cannot thank Rick, Josh and Pia enough for creating the space for what I can only call transformation. Everyone needs this. You must do this - and trust the process.

Phillip Haswell
I love how the process of learning to surf was a metaphor for the process that was going on in my thoughts: determination, practice, discipline, and the most important — fun.

So happy to have come to this retreat and met Rick and the other fantastic people in my group.

A worthwhile investment in my life which will always grow.

Phyllis Ho
A little over a month ago I had the opportunity to attend this retreat and it changed my life. I find it hard to articulate how profound this experience was. Sometimes you just gotta jump in and have a little faith!

Rachael Baltrusis
Rick you are truly amazing. My first retreat with you was the turning point in my life.

Thank you for being one of my greatest teachers in this life. You made me realize I was a butterfly when I was still a caterpillar.

Loved the amazing simple tools and a beautiful space for us to really tune in and clarify what really matters most in our lives.There is magic in writing our deepest desires down.

I am already living some of my most wildest dreams and it's just as scary as it is exciting.

I came back this week for my second retreat to find some clarity in working past some fears and Rick really helped me to remember that we all have these fears when we're going after our dreams and it's the best way to keep reminded about what matters most.

I feel overwhelmed with gratitude and joy for all that I have learned. I feel energized and so excited to go home and continue creating the life I love!

VysionQuest is truly magical... changed my life forever <3

Rebecca Woods

I did VysionQuest because I had lost my way. I was trying to do too much and had let circumstances knock my positivity. It felt truly awful!

VysionQuest is like nothing I have ever undertaken before. Rick takes you through a very well-thought out, structured program which step by step takes you towards clarity of purpose.

After completing it I feel awesome. I have my “mojo” back again! And I have 5 new lifelong mates. I am so grateful to have done VisionQuest with these great people!

Rick, thank you mate. You have changed my life for the better. Also the lives of everyone here.

You have to take the next steps to leverage your business. What you have is amazing. Imagine how many people you could affect!?

See you next year!

Rob Outridge
Business Owner - IGA Supermarkets
Sunshine Coast, Australia

This week has been full of uninterrupted excellence. From surfing and snorkeling to yoga, meditating and healthy eating.

Felt so good to be free of distractions by cutting out internet and phones, and the best one for me... no drinking.

I detoxed my mind, body and soul and cannot wait to get back to 'real' life to start checking off my Fyckit List!

I feel my life changed from this retreat. Forever thankful!

Rohan Cunico

I did the VysionQuest to get clarity on my life and my purpose on primarily a business level, but also on a personal level.

The process very much allows you to deepen your connection with yourself in a beautiful tropical location.

Surprisingly, VQ primarily affected my personal life. For the first time in 20+ years I was able to have true appreciation for the beautiful life that I live. It made me feel alive and connected.

I feel like I have been taken on a magical journey of healing. I feel amazingly grateful that I was able to share this with 7 other very beautiful human beings. I feel blessed to be able to connect on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

VQ is a life changing course that is a must for anyone that requires some purpose or direction in life. It is so intelligently designed with not only writing activities but yoga, surfing, and snorkeling. Rick is a soul fueled leader who can benefit anyone in need of growth.

Ryan Bill

Rick's retreat has solidified my path. I am confident in following my dreams and the things that I know will bring me true joy and happiness.

I have a new set of tools to face my biggest fears and to overcome them so that I don't have to experience as much drudgery and pain in life.

I know that this retreat will help me manifest what is truly important to me. Improving my work life, my relationships, and my overall experience.

I feel really good about who I am and who I want to be. I feel empowered. I feel like I can go back to the boring world of America and make my experience extraordinary. 

Whatever I feed my mind it will give back to me. I truly believe that doing this retreat was part of my path to achieving everything I want to be and can be.

Awesome, inspiring, insightful, bold, adventurous, aware, fun, challenging. These words describe the retreat and me going forward.

I already have two shows and some recording dates lined up. The waves of life are pumping bro! Let's get out there.

Ryan Mandell

The VysionQuest process has been 100% life changing. I am so different on the inside. I got so much out of it.

Sally Jensen

I've spent the last 14 years in a job that didn't fulfill me. Life was OK, pretty good in fact -- I married the love of my life, started a beautiful family and we enjoyed many rewards that hard work afforded us - travel, good food, amazing experiences together.

BUT, something was missing. I just didn't feel like I was fulfilling my potential. I wasn't using my natural talents day to day and most importantly, I felt like I was a salmon constantly swimming upstream. It was both defeating and exhausting.

I was guided to VQ by a series of universal nudges. I listened and registered. Of course, I was still a little unsure if this was what I needed when I arrived at the stunning retreat location in Bali, but once Rick provided his introduction to the process, I knew I was in EXACTLY the right place.

What ensued was 8 days of reflecting on my current life (what I love, what I have, experiences I cherish, people I aspire to be like), and then focusing on what really matters to me in order to create a much much brighter future, full of excitement and joy. It's not just as simple as that though.

The VQ process harnesses the power of journaling and sharing your thoughts and feelings with others in the safest place possible. THIS is an undeniable catalyst for discovering who you really are and what you really want to do with the rest of your life. This work was combined with surfing, yoga, delicious food and ample free time in perfect proportions to create a truly life-changing experience. One that your heart, soul and body will NEVER forget.

As Rick said on Day 1, "Once you get this much CLARITY, you can't go back."

I will be eternally in Rick's (and Ashley's) debt for the gift he has bestowed upon me. His process is a manifestation of pure genius and his gentle and supportive nature made him the perfect guiding light to help me navigate the retreat's activities.

Thanks to Rick, I have remembered who I really am. I know exactly what I really want out of life and I know exactly where I am heading. Incredibly, before even finishing the retreat, things started changing around me and I was beginning to swim downstream.

Rick was right. The universe WANTS you to live your purpose and it will do everything it can to help you -- you just need to find out what it is. THAT'S what VQ is for.

Sam Jones

On a very simple level, Rick's retreat gave SPACE. Space to be and really feel and get in touch with what your heart and soul truly, deeply wants.

His support and guidance and encouragement brought about great perspective on me, my life, my future, and clarity on the direction I want my life to take.

Rick's nurturing broke down the walls of life at home, raising awareness and appreciation, belief in one's self and ultimately gave strength. I have learnt positive thought patterns and modes of being I will carry forever.

As well as this crash course on loving life and living it to the full, we learnt to surf and further our yoga practice in an absolutely beautiful place.

In short, about as special and wonderful a time that one can have...

Sam McMillan

Truly one of the best weeks of my life.

I came to VysionQuest because I was lost. I lost my spark, my excitement, my passion for every day. I no longer knew what made me happy.

The thing that makes VQ different is how holistic it is. The people that attend and share their stories are as valuable if not more than the workbook. The process - from the food to the slack line to the yoga and the story sharing in a safe environment, and the hugs! - all combined equals a completely mind changing experience.

All of a sudden I feel completely clear about what matters in life and what doesn't. My workbook is something I will use forever. I cannot wait to reflect back in a year's time and see how many things I have checked off my Fyckit List.

I have gained so much more than I ever imagined before coming to this retreat. My self worth is through the roof and I am so clear on where my life is heading. I cannot wait to get back into the world and tick some things off.

Samantha Black

Participating in your retreat was one of the best decisions in my life. Thank you!

Sandrine Landrix

Rick, it's been an absolute pleasure getting to know you over our journey this week. You've revealed your wise sage, your soulful heart and your boyish goofiness in the most nurturing of ways. Thank you for serving as our trusted guide. The impact is ongoing and ongrowing.

Sarah Scott

Best crazy 2 a.m. weekday google idea ever..

Sitting in my office. Found Rick's site. Sent the email.

I was nervous like I was applying for a job or something...

Rick said, "You're IN."

I booked the flights, sorted my son and stuck the dates on the wall.

Immediately I felt purpose, more than a holiday.

My assumption at this retreat was some hotel with a few yoga sessions and a surf or two. I could not imagine anything deeper. I was not prepared or ready.

This retreat found my soul. I'd missed it, and I didn't even know it was gone. I'll never lose it again.

In 8 days I questioned, answered, shared and heard more than I have in my entire life. And now I'm changing my life so it's more like this week.

I don't think I will ever take mushrooms or own the same pants as Ryan, but I appreciate every difference in everybody that was there because I was accepted also.

Thanks for being you, Rick. My whole outlook on life changed forever after Bali!

Sean Mahon

I’ve had a desire to do some sort of retreat for several years. It was mentioned by Adam Hudson and I checked Rick out online. Before I came on the retreat I was feeling unfulfilled with my life. That I had so much more to give, to achieve, but I did not know what. I felt trapped, I felt frustrated and deeply unhappy. It was affecting my work and family life. I was drinking far too much.

What’s different about this retreat is, in a word, Rick. He has a wisdom and also a gift for uncovering or allowing me/us to uncover our Inner Knowing, our inspirations, our awesome abilities and our purpose for this life.

After doing the retreat I feel inspired, calm, at peace, grateful, motivated, excited… hell I feel truly ALIVE!!

I got too much from the process to list it here. I learned so much about myself. I learned that my past has been a real blessing. I have learned what inspires me and that I have the ability to live a life in tune with my inspirations and dreams if I only have the desire and courage to follow.

Truly amazing. I cannot thank you enough for helping me in the most profound way. You have changed my life!

Sean Quinn
This week has been a truly unique experience for me. I learned so many things.

Get clear on your inspirations and aspirations. Pursue your dreams. If you do not pursue your dreams then you may as well be dead.

Tuning into your inner voice is probably the most powerful thing you can do.

But the main thing... always be true to yourself.

Seb Brown

Before the VysionQuest I wasn't clear on what I wanted to offer the world and didn't feel a strong sense of determination to do / create anything. I felt stuck and incapable of any commitment to move forward.

The retreat had the perfect combination of writing, adventure, human connection, getting out of my comfort zone, being open and vulnerable in a safe space and SO. MUCH. FUN.

Rick has put in place a very strategic process which lead to piecing everything together into a very clear and concise vision statement.

The two experiences that I cherish the most is how quickly the wonderful people on the group became like a family, and also to witness each others moments of enlightenment.

I had my moment of magic on the last day when we pieced together everything we had been working through on through the previous days... an empowering sense of recognizing my life purpose. It felt like coming home! I just knew.

My life's forever changed, that's for sure! Just do it. It will change your life too!

Much love x

Selina Berni

Rick has managed to enter my life exactly at the moments where I needed him. After a particularly tough day - shopping for a tombstone for my Mom and overwhelmed with work - a friend recommended that I connect with Rick, go surfing, and find peace.

Fast forward a year, and after an amazing journey at Facebook, I have now left to pursue my passion of building my own company from the ground up.

Rick has a talent for asking just the right questions to help you find and clarify what you already knew - and take your life to the next level.

During a time of transition and reflection Rick's process and authentic understanding of people helped make me feel prepared to enter the next chapter in my life - to create, connect and embrace all life has to offer!

Seth Rosenburg

This was the week that the final layer got peeled off.

The old me, the old life, the old ways were washed off in the waves. Each sweet ride — and even the wipeouts — were baptisms.

The light within me was kick started by the light within each of the other participants.

The yoga, the people, the workbook, Rick, silliness, food, sand in my toes and dancing like a fool were all part of the RE-BIRTH.

Shannon Snapp

Going on this retreat was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Can't believe it's been over a year since I went! It's hard to describe how great this experience was, made even better by the people I met while there.

I came to find myself again and I realized... I am here, I am the author of my own story, what happens next is up to me.

Sigita Cahoon

Before coming on the retreat my main point of struggle was the lack of focus which I have been fighting with. There were many points of indecision in this very important time of my life. I came here to clarify my dreams and especially my purpose.

Rick is a well known facilitator and experienced life coach, so I decided to come with my heart absolutely open and receive as much information as I could.

The VysionQuest Bali Retreat is so different from anything I've done before. The location is magic. The smell of the sea. The view is unbelievable. The food. The care with us. The inspiring messages. The sunrises. The surf...

I can't describe in these few words what we've received this week at the retreat. Rick is illuminated. He has a unique soul and passed his love on to us. We have one more gift too which was Ashley. Her daily yoga and meditation classes brought peace and lots of inspiration to me. I am leaving the retreat full of love.

If you're thinking about coming, don't hesitate, don't think too much. Just make the decision and come to this fantastic experience. Don't come expecting anything. Just come and you'll find your way to a better life. Enjoy!

I am leaving absolutely inspired and with lots of gratitude. I have no words to thank you for all you have done for me and how blessed I am feeling to have had this experience.

Rick, you have changed my life.

Lots of love,

Simone Palladino
I decided to embark on the VysionQuest to tap into my full potential.

I've spent several years now with a feeling in my gut telling me that I'm meant for something better. An instinct that I can't quite explain, urging me to take action and clarify my purpose. I've been fearful of the unfulfilled potential and the chance that perhaps I'm not cut out to live the life I dream of.

VysionQuest has helped me stomp those fears and get ready for action.

After taking this journey I'm feeling refreshed, inspired, passionate, rejuvenated, renewed, excited and totally hyped up for the next step in my life. After spending this week with Rick and the other members of the retreat, I feel I have no other choice than to take tangible action that puts me closer to my dreams and closer to living my purpose. I am inspired by what came up for me this week, and I'm especially empowered by the experience of watching my friends grow.

Really, what could be better than taking active steps toward transforming your own life into the life you've dreamed of living? Thanks to the amazing coaching and unforgettable adventures, I will never forget my time on Bali. I can't wait to let my vision and purpose lead me into the next phase of my life.

Follow your heart and trust your gut!

Thank you, Rick.

Spencer Clark

I did VysionQuest to gain clarity around how to get out of my current life.

My life was smothering me. I was not equipped to move forward. It felt like I was about to melt down, explode, without any hope for a brighter future. I was trapped and could not see a way out.

What's different about the VysionQuest Bali Retreat? Location, location, location! The metaphor of surfing, the energy of a small group, a non-bias approach with spiritual content, down to earth, believable. Food. Having a feminine perspective and leadership... awesome. Yoga and meditation just allows you to absorb content. Requests for differing options. Feedback welcome.

Now I feel f*cken awesome. I have clarity around my issues. I now know with absolute certainty my purpose and vision. I actually now know who I have to be to live my fulfilled life.

Rick, words cannot explain the feelings and emotions that run through me when I think of you and the impact you are having on the world. Peace love and light to you all.

Thank you. You rock. xoxox

 Stack (Gary Stachurski)

It takes a special person, with a sincere passion, with compassion, patience and inner power to take a group of grown up strangers and change their lives so profoundly in 5 days!

Rick is meant to do this, that's why he's here and I am grateful beyond words for being a part of this retreat.

I arrived lost, I showed up confused, I lacked confidence and a genuine smile would have hurt me...

5 days later I left alive... too many descriptive words to list but in summary, I felt alive, truly awake and looking through different, clearer eyes.

My vision is clear thanks to Rick and the amazing people I shared this experience with.

I recommend VysionQuest to EVERYONE! Whether you think you need re-alignment or not, you will lift in ways you didn't think were possible.

I'm excited about my future now, I'm actually excited to be me!

Galaxies of love to Rick, and past and future participants.

Steve McPharlin

Ever since I met Rick this summer at my friend's wedding in Tuscany, Italy and he explained the depth of the VysionQuest process with all the surfing, yoga and adventurous activities, I'd been so keen to attend.

The process is certainly unique. It has a magical ability to connect you with appreciation and inspiration.

I'd strongly advise anyone ambitious and ready to supercharge their life to attend this retreat.

Looking forward to VysionQuest in the Middle East.

Much love,

Talal Almoayad

Before I came to the VysionQuest I kept on going strong! Heart core! Doing the things I am passionate about. But I felt myself drifting away even though I was doing things I was passionate about.

A lot of changes happened over the last 2 years. Father died. Closed my business to step in a new unknown direction. Did a lot of study. Separated from the father of my child and moved to live in another house. Lived 5 months in other countries with my son. Massive change.

I felt like time to breathe would be great. Time to clear my mind!!

It felt like my batteries were running low. Like the end of a race and I was having trouble breathing. My strength was drifting away. I needed to reconnect.

During the VysionQuest we had so many amazing group moments. Supporting, empowering, connecting moments. The combination of surf, yoga, free time and writing were perfectly balanced out. It had a good flow.

My most powerful moments were the moments when tears came.

The writing felt so good to do. It gave me clarity about the road I'm choosing to follow and how to create what I love in my life. The Silent Sunrise Sessions felt so good! Pure, clarifying moments full of magical energy.

If I could go back and talk to myself before I signed up for the VisionQuest, I'd say, "Don't wait so long to come. This is an essential experience."

Actually, I never had any doubts about coming, but I just wish I'd come sooner!

Thank you, Rick. You are beautiful not only on the outside but also deep down to your soul! A strong funny soul! Always stay authentic as f*ck. You are amazing! A pure treasure.

Tamara Slight

I've always felt there's something out there I'm meant to be doing, and even after attending many retreats I could not seem to figure out what it was so I thought I'd give VysionQuest a go.

What makes VQ different is it seems to attract a variety of people who are just some of the most amazing human beings I've ever met. During my time I not only learned a lot about myself, I learned equally as much through conversations I shared with other participants. I'm feeling sad to be leaving my new friends who I now consider my family but ready to face the world and create the life of my dreams.

The workbook is like a combination of all my jumbled thoughts put into a road map to lead me towards my destination which is to live my life purpose. It's now the most precious thing I own.

If you are on the fence about coming then you are probably the one who this will really help to refine and define where it is you would life to take you. I was once a fence sitter. Not anymore. Thanks to Rick, Josh, Pia, Jaya and Amy.

Eternally grateful,

Tash McCarty
VysionQuest is a bubble... where you can look through the shifting rainbow skin and see life magnified. Sweating, diving in, pushing yourself, breathing, feeling, relaxing, you find the quiet in your mind. The song of your heart raises its volume every sunrise, forcing you to throw your hands up and dance in a rain of inspiration. Eventually, exhausted, you rest and watch, only to find the walls of your bubble have expanded beyond infinity — the bubble is the whole universe and you are all together in it.

Tim Prideaux
I thoroughly enjoyed my entire experience the past week at the VysionQuest retreat.

For a long time I feel I've been stuck in a rut. Living the traditional life of spending 40 hrs/week in a mindless job that gave me a paycheck at the end of the week, which was just enough to put food on the table and pay a few bills, only to have 2 days at the end of this week to really spend with my family and do some fun things together which we enjoyed.

Although I'm grateful for all of this I've always wanted more. More time, financial freedom, to live my life by design and choice on my own terms.

VysionQuest has helped me realize my dreams and follow them to fulfill my life's purpose.

At the retreat I really took a step out of my life, I learned to surf for the first time, I snorkeled with manta rays, cliff jumped, ate so much good and a variety of foods that I wouldn't normally. Did yoga and meditation and basically lived every day to the max. I really felt alive and energized.

I can't recommend highly enough the VysionQuest retreat that Rick has created for anyone wanting to take the step to realize what their lives could be and to follow your dreams.

Wishing you the best possible life.

Todd Reynolds
What I'm about to write will fail to express how much I appreciate the gift you have given me...

I've run and owned multiple businesses over my 56 years and the noise in my head was driving me mad. I knew I needed to reboot somehow and felt time was running out to fix it.

I have been so so lost and I can finally see a path. Your gentle but strong way of teaching is an amazing talent. To be able to tap into the root cause of people's pain and show them a way out is priceless.

The lessons go deep and somehow, to my amazement, pulled out all the things that were holding me back. By the end of the week I knew my purpose. I had so much clarity I cried.

If you feel stuck on your journey through life invest in yourself with Rick. Be true to yourself. Go deep. It is like a mind tsunami :)

Tony Laughton
Sweet food for the soul.

We have laughed, cried, dipped, soared, stretched and danced our way to our Personal Vision Statements. We will never feel, be or think the same way again.

Rick, thank you for sharing your gift, your love and your insight with us.

You have changed our lives in ways you could not possibly know. We are deeply profoundly grateful for ever having crossed your path. We are better humans because of it.

Sending BIG love,

Vicki Simmonds-Ginn

I felt like my tank was empty and I didn't want to go into another big year without stopping to recharge. 

I had just finished an enormous year full of change, big events and a huge mental commitment to my work. I had neglected my health and my mental wellbeing.

Friends had told me about the retreat and I decided to go. 

It was incredible! I felt as though my whole mind and body had been reconditioned. I'm clear, focused and left with a written plan for the next 5 years and new daily habits to watch.

If you consider the VysionQuest and don't go ahead, I think you're reaching into your future and stealing from your health, wealth and happiness. Get on it at the first chance you have. You'll thank yourself for the rest of your life.

I love you, Rick. Both for the man you are to me and others but also for the fact that you've committed your life to a purpose that is all about making the world and its people better. Thank you for the monstrous effort you have put into this week. Your fierce focus and attention on each of us has been incredible.

Wayne Butcher

The VysionQuest Bali Retreat was one of the best trips I've ever had.

It is an amazing and truly life-changing experience.

For me it was like riding a wave: you go, open up, trust and go with the flow. You'll feel amazing and truly inspired.

I found a part time job which is perfect and exactly what I wanted. And the job came to me... I didn't have to put any effort in. Amazing.


Wiebke Quiesser

At this retreat I realized that the scariest possible outcome for myself is staying idle and settling into a mediocre life!

If you want to experience something truly new then I highly recommend checking out his retreats. I discovered there are like minded people out there filled with all of the qualities I thought rare.

Rick is one of those people you meet once and never forget. He's my friend, my teacher, and above all, he's just a wonderful human being. 

Zeid Bataineh