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Kids' Advice for Adults

Good morning, everybody.

This is my daughter Jaya and her friend Mila. And we’re walking to the bus stop. And I just wanted to have them make a video this morning for you guys.

So I have a question for them.

Me: What advice do you guys have for grown ups about having fun and being inspired?

Jaya: Um, well, if you find something that you want to do, you should just do it no matter what. Like I want to go to school. That’s where I’m going. (Jaya didn’t go to school for the previous 6 years, got inspired about going, and she’s back in school and loving it.) And Mila likes smoothies, so she drinks them.

Mila: Um. Never let your eggs let you down, because that’s just boring. (Not sure that’s what she actually said…)

Me: Awesome. That’s great advice.

Recorded on Feb 23, 2017 at Mullumbimby, Australia 

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