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Rick Cowley

You know you want more from life, you know you’ve got some untapped potential.

You’ve got a good life but somehow you’re just not feeling as happy or fulfilled as you want to. You want to find more purpose and meaning in life.

So you sign up for some kind of personal or professional development program, a seminar or a retreat, and you go, and you get all excited, you promise you’re going to make all these new changes… and then what happens? 

You go back home to your real life… and you start with the best intentions, but the old momentum is too great, and you don’t have the tools to implement what you learned on your own in your life. 

And of course some things do change hopefully, but you usually slide back to how you were before, AND you feel hard on yourself about it. 

And you even start feeling resigned about these kinds of educational experiences.

I saw this happening with a lot of my VisionQuest Bali Retreat clients. 

Not all of them, but maybe half of them would come on the retreat — let me just say that ALL of them discover their purpose and get more clear than they’ve ever been before about who they really are and what they’re really here to do, and they leave with this crystal clear written vision to guide the next phase of their lives —

But about half the participants created enough momentum on the retreat and they were just READY… and their lives change in massive ways when they got home. 

They quit their job or they launched a new business or they moved to a different city or country or they started their book. 

But the other half… these really important purpose driven dreams kind of got swallowed up by their old life.

And that sucks. And sometimes it’s even more painful than before! Because now you KNOW what you want! 

Before you at least had the excuse of not knowing what you really want. But after the retreat… now you KNOW! 

And if you’re not stepping towards it, it HURTS! It HURTS to ignore your purpose!

Now why am I telling you all of this?

Well after a few years of running the VisionQuest Bali Retreats I saw this gap and created a follow up online program to help you IMPLEMENT the purpose-driven vision that you discover on the VisionQuest Bali Retreat. 

Most of my participants sign up for that program at the end of the retreat… because they’re the kind of people who are serious about their growth! 

I mean they’ve already invested time and money to get to Bali and take a week out of their busy lives to do this work. 

And they LOVE this level 2 program because they learn a simple way to schedule their week based on what’s most important. 

It’s like lubrication for your most important dreams ?

But I’m always looking for ways to improve the VisionQuest process and improve the retreats. 

Recently I was talking with my girlfriend Ashley who facilitates the retreats with me, and she could see all this too, and she said, Rick you’ve got to include some of that follow up program into the Bali retreat. 

People need help with the practical side of implementing their visions and actually making the changes. 

I thought about it and knew she was right and knew it would take these already life changing retreats to the next level.

So here’s the exciting news… I’ve added an extra day to all my retreats where you’re going to learn the key steps of this powerful scheduling process, as well as some of our other tricks to help smooth your transition to a more fulfilling purpose-driven life. 

And I’m going to guide you through it PERSONALLY (which is way better than listening to my voice online!)

Imagine coming to Bali, staying in our beautiful accommodation perched right over this crystal clear ocean, listening to the waves, listening to your soul, every day following my step by step process for capturing these messages from your guide inside, and crafting an inspiring, true, purpose-driven vision for the next phase of your life. 

Imagine enhancing this inner process by spending time in nature and using your body with surf lessons, snorkeling, even cliff jumping. Imagine realigning with yoga and meditation. 

Imagine coming back to yourself, coming home inside yourself, and KNOWING what you are really here to do, knowing your destiny.

And then imagine having a simple powerful SYSTEM to implement this vision. Imagine being able to sit down at the beginning of every week and to tune in again to the same clarity and inspiration that you felt on Bali.

You’ll be able to test the salty sea air, smell the incense, and hear the waves! You’ll be able to hear the subtle whisper of your soul continually guiding you forward.

Imagine BUILDING this feeling of inspiration over time, and staying in action towards your most important dreams. 

How much faster are you going to bring these changes into your life? 

How much better will you FEEL about yourself knowing that you are taking the steps!?

So that’s my news. The VisionQuest Bali Retreats just got better! My next retreat is coming up soon and I want to invite you to check it out.

Click the link to have a look at the website. And if you’re seriously thinking about coming I’m happy to have a free 15 minute consultation call to answer any of your questions and to give you a chance to get a better feel for me and the retreat. 

It’s 8 days of your precious life and holiday time… you wanna make sure it’s a good fit for you! If it is, you’ll just KNOW it and I look forward to working with you on Bali with our feet in the sand.

Click the link to find out more and I’ll see you on Bali.

Lots of love,

Rick Cowley

Author: Rick Cowley
Rick is the founder of the VysionQuest process. Find out more about him here (link to About Rick page)
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