About Rick Cowley
When I was 21 years old I got leukemia.

It turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me because I got to see, at a young age, how temporary and precious this life is. And thanks to a mentor, I learned how to hear and understand the subtle guidance of my soul.

I went from being a shy and people-pleasing boy, to now speaking my mind and heart, able to connect deeply with people, and fearlessly going after everything I wanted. 

Well, almost everything. Over the next 13 years I discovered the path of one’s purpose has some challenges. The first is just knowing exactly what that purpose is. And even though I’d gotten clarity about many things in life through my experience with leukemia, I didn’t have all the puzzle pieces of my purpose. 

And then there’s the fear. Or “The Fear” as I like to call it now. The importance of one’s purpose also makes it terrifying. You don’t want to fail at it. Or you don’t want to really shine and stand out and attract attention. 

As I understand it now, The Fear doesn’t want you to discover your purpose or step towards it, because your purpose is your point of power in life. It’s the fastest way to create positive change. And The Fear doesn’t want anything to change. The Fear wants you to stay right where you are, whether you are happy or not.

After 13 years of amazing and exciting life (marriage, moving to Australia, having two kids, traveling, moving many times, starting a surf camp in Mexico, etc…) I was still unfulfilled and frustrated AF. 

I knew I was capable of a more meaningful life. I knew I had more to give. 

Since my time with leukemia, whenever I’d tuned into what I REALLY wanted to do, I’d get visions of me running some kind of spiritual surf trip. But I was scared. So many thoughts of self doubt.

Who was I to do this? Why would people listen to me? I need more training, more qualifications. My life needs to be more perfect before I could help other people. 

Until the day came when I was so frustrated and mad at myself that I couldn’t stand myself anymore. I had to try. I put together a retreat for young adult cancer survivors to help them learn from what they’d been through and clarify their purpose and vision.

It was a leap that changed everything. 

The retreat was a success. It led to 5 more retreats like this for cancer survivors in Australia.

And then in 2012 I moved to Bali, started running retreats here for anyone who wants to fulfill their purpose and potential. In total I've done 49 retreats.

In 2013 I took the best of the best content from the retreat and created an online program that can be done from anywhere in the world.

I’ll be doing this work until the day I die. 

Nothing gives me as much connection, joy, and fulfillment as guiding a group of people to reconnect with their souls and clarify their life’s vision. And watching someone’s personality drop while his BEING arises. Watching her worry and wrinkles melt off her face and her eyes beam new light. Watching him fall in love with himself and with his life again.

My greatest wish for you is that you discover your true path in life. Discover the way to be yourself, do exactly what you love, profoundly help people, and get paid well for it. So that your clients, like mine, thank you through smiling tears. So that your family, though they may feel frustrated with you at times, knows that they are deeply loved by you and knows that you are being true to yourself, which empowers them to be true to themselves too.

Ya, there is NOTHING I’d rather be doing than this work.

Except maybe bodysurfing with my kids :)

May the waves of life carry you easily and joyfully to your greatest destiny. 

See you on the quest,

"Rick's passion for transforming lives was a catalyst for me wanting to contribute even more to others."
Jeanette Lodwig
Attorney - Hawaii Community Foundation
Honolulu, USA
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