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30 Nov 2021
... And I believe that life WANTS you to fulfill your purpose — I mean, it's the reason life put you here on Earth — so life gave you natural talents and abilities and interests to help you do so.
9 Oct 2019
A few different things normally happen for people after they've done the VysionQuest process.
17 Nov 2021
"Looking back, one of the best things I have ever done for myself was to walk through the doors of that VysionQuest retreat."
9 Oct 2019
"It's like it unlocked a little piece of my heart."
7 Jun 2021
"Truly one of the best weeks of my life." - Samantha Black
5 May 2021
Start by looking at how many hours per day you are spending on things that are joyful or meaningful to you.
5 May 2021
One participant's report from 6 months after his VysionQuest.
5 Apr 2021
"The VysionQuest process is the most powerful form of personal development I have ever done." - Hayley Hughes
1 Aug 2018
From debilitating panic attacks to founding a purpose-driven education company with 13,000 students, tens of millions of dollars in revenue, and a mission to give back - in just 5 years.
9 Oct 2019
When I faced my death at 21 years old with leukemia, it was scary. It was beautiful though.
29 May 2018
Harrison is an Australian actor who has starred in lead roles in 20+ film/tv productions including Need for Speed, Upgrade, and Measure for Measure.
2 Jan 2021
2020 fulfilled its promise of being the year of perfect vision. Just not how I expected.
25 Feb 2019
If you’re feeling stuck, guess who’s holding you there? This session will help you let go and slip back into the Great Flow of Life. When you fight the current, life feels like a struggle. When you surrender to its power, solutions come fast. Be brave because it can be a wild ride.
10 Mar 2019
In this 30 minute Silent Sunrise Session you will: ~ Reconnect with the deeper presence inside of you. ~ FEEL it! ~ Find guidance and clarity for your life.
5 Mar 2018
Carmen Marshall is entrepreneur and business + lifestyle coach who lives on Maui. She’s done the VysionQuest three times. She inspires the sh*t out of me. Soak up some of her precious business/life wisdom in this interview.
11 Jan 2021
The shore break down the south end of the beach is small but heavy. Shore break waves come up out of deep water and hit a sandbar and throw barrels which explode into shallow water and occasionally right onto the sand. We love riding shore break, my son Santi and I. He's 10 years old now.
23 Feb 2017
What advice do you guys have for grown ups about having fun and being inspired?
28 Feb 2018
Through Rick I have since completed nine feature films in lead roles and TV shows in my pursuit and my vision of becoming a successful actor, and a photographer and a writer.
28 Jan 2019
Good morning. Today, I want to talk about the importance of understanding your unique purpose, and having a clear written vision for bringing it into reality. And I want to take you back to the beginning of when I started doing this work in 2010,
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