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Rick Cowley on the Take Me to Coffee Podcast

You've got The Fear, we've got The Fear, but that doesn't mean we can't find our purpose!
Rick Cowley is a purpose whisperer who leads VysionQuest retreats in Bali and online that have changed so many people's lives.
This conversation was exactly what we all needed to hear in this time when we're questioning everything.
About this Episode
Rick and Jess met four years ago, at an event in Australia put on by an entrepreneur they both knew. Turns out, that entrepreneur had met Rick when he attended his retreat VysionQuest in Bali. His time with Rick gave him the space to open up, ask himself what his purpose was, and it led to the idea for what has become a 100 Million dollar business that is driven by that purpose and passion. Since then, Jess has watched Rick help friends, colleagues and collaborators completely change their lives and discover their purpose. With the massive disruption Covid has brought on all of us, Andrew and Jess knew they wanted to bring on Rick, ask him to share his story and give our listeners some simple exercises to help turn this crisis into a huge opportunity. Be sure to listen toward the end, when Rick starts grilling Jess & Andrew!
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Author: Rick Cowley
Creator of the VysionQuest
The VysionQuest 28-day Virtual Retreat helps you get clarity and inspiration for your life. It's the next best thing to a near death experience. And WAY more fun!
Watch my free Masterclass:
The 6 Keys to Finding Your True Purpose-Filled Path in Life and Work
How to let the the quiet voice inside redirect you down a path of magic and meaning... rather than a path that others said you should follow.
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Watch my free Masterclass:
The 6 Keys to Finding Your True Purpose-Filled Path in Life and Work
Click here to get the free Masterclass
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