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A proven process to help you fulfill your soul's purpose in business and life
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Even though you're "successful" do you feel like you've lost your way? And you're not sure what to do next? Or maybe you think you know but you keep putting it off?

Overall you've lived an amazing life but recently instead of feeling happy you feel trapped. Or numb. And you can’t see a way out of it. Since self-understanding is key to living your best life and not missing the point of your precious time on Earth, you should take the time now to clarify an authentic purpose-driven vision that will help you stay focused on the dreams that matter most.

Left a career in finance and co-founded a company that saves forests
“To say that the VysionQuest is life-changing would be an understatement.”

Jamie Knowlton
Co-Founder and CFO at Better Place Forests
San Francisco, USA
Through a proven step-by-step process of guided meditations and journaling the VysionQuest will help you get more clear than you've ever been before about who you are and what you're really here to do.
Find direction and focus
Know what to do next in your life. Listen to your spirit rather than the noise in your head. Simplify your busy life. Collect your scattered energy and funnel it into work that is fun and meaningful.
Take time for yourself without feeling unproductive or guilty
You're feeling drained and overwhelmed by all of your responsibilities and the daily go-go-go. Take some space for yourself so you can recharge and bring your life back into balance. Then you can give to the people in your life with love rather than resentment.
Follow through on what you know you need to do
You're procrastinating more than you ever have. End this habit of mental paralysis, stop avoiding things, quit fluffing around and wasting time. Make the effing decision and just effing do it and move on.
Overcome fear
You're scared of so many things; the unknown, change, losing control, running out of money, being alone, what others think, etc... Create a new relationship with fear so that it doesn't stop you but it focuses and empowers you.
Feel at home in your skin
The tightness in your chest, the nervous energy, the pressure all the time, the exhaustion. Regain your confidence. Stop caring what other people think about you so much. Enjoy being you.
Improve your relationships
Be a more patient partner and parent. Have the time and energy to spend with the people you care about, without feeling on edge or like you should be doing something else.
Stop judging yourself so harshly!
Be more gentle with yourself. You forgive others. Now it's time to forgive yourself.
Let go of the past
Someone did something to you that hurt you. Maybe a partner. Maybe a business partner or competitor or critic. Now you're still hanging onto it years later even though you don't want to! The VysionQuest will help you finally let it go. And maybe even find the blessing in it.
Have a more positive outlook on life
Stop this habit of focusing on the negative and expecting the worst. Become more aware of your thoughts and what you are focusing on. (Because you get more of whatever you focus on!) Gain a better perspective on life. Appreciate the gift of your life and the beauty in this world.
Rebranded her company to be laser focused on her 4 favorite life topics and bought an ocean front home on Maui
“The VysionQuest was the third pivotal moment of my life.”

Carmen Marshall
Entrepreneur | Business + Lifestyle Consultant
Founder of Soul Craft™️
Maui, USA
VysionQuest 8-Day Bali Retreat
A deep dive adventure into your purpose and mission
Learn more
Next dates: Dec 28 - Jan 5
VysionQuest 8-Day Bali Retreat
A deep dive adventure into your purpose and mission
Learn more
Next dates:
Dec 28 - Jan 5
Overcame panic attacks and created a $50 million education business
“My company began as doodles in the VysionQuest workbook. I can't recommend Rick's program highly enough.”

Adam Hudson
Founder of Reliable Education
Gold Coast, Australia
VysionQuest 8-Week Online Program
A guided meditation and journaling program to help you clarify, plan and fulfill your life's vision
Learn more
Quit her job, travelled the world for a year, and moved to Hawaii
"For anyone considering the VysionQuest, I would say that this is an amazing gift to your future badass self – and s/he deserves it."
Jeanette Lodwig
Attorney at the Hawaii Community Foundation
Honolulu, USA
How It Works
Get the soul-level self-understanding that school stole from you and other programs skip
Learn more
How It Works
Get the soul-level self-understanding that school stole from you and other programs skip
Learn more
Landed 9 lead roles in feature films and tv shows and moved from Australia to New York
"Rick, thank you for your impact on my life."

Harrison Gilbertson
Actor - Upgrade, Need for Speed, Fallen, In the Tall Grass
New York, USA
Hey, I'm Rick
Ever since I survived leukemia at 21 years old I knew I wanted to guide people through a similar process of "awakening".
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Navigated the sudden closure of a successful business, built a new business to 7 figures by the second year, and met his woman
"There are SO many amazing things happening in my life as a result of me or someone close to me doing Rick's VysionQuest. Just. Go."

Keith O'Brien
CEO of PageOne
Ft. Lauderdale, USA
Testimonials + Results
Will it work for ME?
Testimonials + Results
Will it work for ME?
The VysionQuest process is life-changing for anyone with a sincere desire to fulfill their potential (and a willingness to be honest with themselves) but this is who it works BEST for:
  • You're a natural leader or high achiever.
  • You’ve accomplished a lot of what you thought you wanted in life but you’re not feeling happy or fulfilled.
  • Your work used to excite you but not anymore.
  • You know you have more to offer but you're not exactly sure what or how.
  • You have a (possibly budding) interest in spirituality/consciousness.
  • You may have suffered a recent loss that's reminding you how temporary life is and forcing you to ask some bigger questions.
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Free mini-course to help you find clarity
The 5 Minute VysionRESET is 4 x 5-minute videos and writing exercises that will help you reconnect with your inner wisdom and find practical answers for your life quickly. It's a good way to get a taste of this work and see if it can help you.
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