How to Gain Momentum Towards Your Dreams

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Rick Cowley

Hey guys, how are you? Good morning.

Just did my First Dreams First weekly planning process in my little office here. And my buddy, my kids little bro Jahnu, just showed up right when I finished.

But there’s something that I wanted to tell you about today, which is a way to help you gain momentum towards your most fulfilling dreams.

And you know that one of the principles that we focus on in the VysionQuest is that whatever you put your attention on you get more of. Whatever you focus on you get more of.

There’s one kind of little bonus step I want to tell you about in the First Dreams First weekly planning process. This is a way that you you implement your vision. You narrow it down, you simplify your life. And you focus on what is most important in your vision.

And step two is to review last week. That’s right here. So this is where you’re writing down your achievements and blessings from the last week. You’re writing down did you accomplish your most important milestone? What’s the progress that you took towards that milestone?

But also what are the other cool things that happened in your life? These could have been things that were planned or unplanned. But just putting your attention on the best of the best. You’re remembering what happened the week before.

The extra step is… You know how you created your Digital Achievement List in part 2? In the VysionACTION part of the program?

So you’ve got a document in your computer that is your Digital Achievement List. Your digital list of your achievements and blessings.

What I want you to do is that part where you’re reviewing the week before and writing down your achievements and blessings from that week, I want you to add that every week to your Digital Achievement List at the bottom.

You’re going to put the date of the Monday that you’re doing the First Dreams First, and then adding that to the bottom.

So what you get there is a paragraph from each week of the best of the best that happened during that week. And it’s a really easy way to focus on and remember the blessings in your life.

And you can always look through that list when you’re feeling like you need a little tune-up or a little encouragement. You can open that document and read through that list and realize that, “Hey, I’ve actually done so much. I’ve made so much progress. I’ve come so far.”

And it’s really inspiring.

Okay, so there’s a little bonus task for your guys’ First Dreams First weekly planning.

Just keep going. Love you. Want to say anything Jahnu?


No, okay. Alright. Bye guys.

Recorded on the Sunshine Coast, Australia on Mar 26, 2018

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Author: Rick Cowley
Rick is the founder of the VysionQuest process. Find out more about him here (link to About Rick page)
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