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How to Get the Clarity and Inspiration to Transform Your Life
The VysionQuest 28-Day Online Course is a life-changing inner adventure for high achievers at a crossroads.
Looking for more meaning, purpose and direction for your next chapter? This proven step-by-step process - created by cancer survivor Rick Cowley - is the next best thing to a near death experience. And WAY more fun. Get clarity on what's important to you and the inspiration to act on it so you start living the life you want to live - NOW.
Free Training: 6 Keys to Finding Your True Path
"Anyone who is going through a life transition or is hungry to find more meaning, purpose and clarity would benefit from Rick's VysionQuest."
- Jeanette L, Attorney & Entrepreneur, Hawaii
Learn how to let the the quiet voice inside redirect you down a path of happiness and meaning, rather than a path you were told by others that you should be following.
The VysionQuest process was born out of my adventure with mortality. It feels like we are going to be alive forever - but we aren't! You don't have to wait until you are on your death bed to realize how precious your life is.
  • Discover your purpose
  • Craft a crystal clear vision for your life
  • Reinvent yourself
  • Know what to do next in your life
  • Experience a sense of trust and ease
  • Create a more magical and meaningful life
  • Live your big dream
  • Create work-life balance
Have you achieved some success - but lost yourself along the way?
If you're stuck or confused, the simple, powerful and natural VysionQuest process CAUSES life-changing clarity in both your personal AND professional life.
1. Prepare
Download the app, print the workbook and commit to 28 magical mornings
2. Tune in
Listen to the guided meditations - and hear the subtle whisper of your soul
3. Discover
Unlock your soul's purpose-driven vision and capture it on the page
4. Focus
Now you have the clarity and courage to do what you REALLY want to do with your next chapter.
Hey, I'm Rick Cowley and one of my biggest challenges has been figuring out how to put this VysionQuest experience into words in a way that does it justice. How do you define an indefinable journey?
My participants say the same thing - but I still think their words do better than mine. One thing is that the VysionQuest adapts to whatever YOU most need it for - even when you don't realize what that is when you sign up. It shows you whatever you need to see to flow forward in your life. And maybe a life-changing experience can never really be put into words. Maybe you just have to SEE how people's lives change afterwards.
Anyways, after 11 years of trying to communicate the essence of VysionQuest, this web page is my best stab at it. I'm grateful you're here and grateful to whoever told you about it. Have a read through and if you get the feeling that it may be right for you book a free Connection Call with me >
Reconnect with your guide inside
Discover your true priorities
Let go of the past and flow forward
Regain your confidence
Create fun and fulfilling work
Free Training: 6 Keys to Finding Your True Path
Are you trapped in a life that you thought you wanted - but now you're not so sure?
Are you struggling to find authentic purpose and passion? Stuck in a rut? Lacking direction? Confused on what your true priorities are?
Maybe on the outside your life looks fine but on the inside you feel completely lost. Watching the years fly by - the years that were supposed to be the best years of your life. Maybe you've sought help before, signed up for courses, done therapy, worked with experts... but you're still struggling with the same old things. Maybe the things you used to do to fix your problems or get some relief have stopped working. Maybe you've been burned so many times that you think personal development is bullsh*t. You've broken so many promises to yourself. You've given up on dreams. You might sometimes feel that life is actually quite meaningless or even hopeless.
And that was before covid.
Throw in all of the extra pressure and uncertainty of the last 1.5 years and for most people the hurt has compounded. Basic mental health has become a precious resource! (The abrupt changes in my own life brought a period of anxiety and my first experiences with depression. I'm only human :) Very humbling.) Whether you agree with them or not, I think that the covid restrictions have amplified whatever wasn't working in our lives and wherever we weren't living in alignment with our values. I know it did for me. This is a wonderful thing, because it's forced us to face what's unsustainable in ourselves and where we're out of integrity. It's made the intolerable things truly intolerable. And now SOMETHING'S GOT TO CHANGE. This is wonderful! Because...
Most people spend their whole lives ignoring their purpose and aiming at an inauthentic version of success.
They conform to some false ideal that came from parents and teachers and movies. As they follow the herd and chase this generic "success" they lose more and more of themselves along the way. They move on through the years and decades with a nagging feeling that they're not really satisfied or living the life that is right for their unique soul. They don't know who they are. They don't know what they're here to do. They don't believe in themselves. But they also don't know what to do about it.
Often even if they get to "success" they experience a huge let down, like, "Is this it? I did everything I was supposed to do to be happy and fulfilled, but I'm not."
They go on this whole long wonderful adventure of life, but miss out on the main point of it... their unique PURPOSE. They miss out on the magical flow of support that life offers when you're living in alignment with your calling. Inevitably the end of their life comes and sadly they have to admit that they didn't do what they REALLY wanted to do in life. The fear kept them small and stuck and trapped. And then they die.
The VysionQuest is a wake up call to make sure that doesn't happen.
The whole reason that I created the VysionQuest was that I had an amazing experience when I was 21 years old... leukemia.
(Cancer of the bone marrow. Basically it shuts off your immune system so you can't fight infections.)
It was brutal and effing scary! But it turned out to be one best things that ever happened to me.
Cancer was an AWAKENING that totally changed me and the trajectory of my life because I got to see 3 important things:
1. I got to see how TEMPORARY our lives are.
I got to face the fact is that this lifetime is going to end. It's just a matter of time. You can't get time back and you don't know how long you have left. It filled me with an appreciation for my days and moments, appreciation for my loved ones, a sense of presence. It filled me with an urgency to go for it now. To speak my mind and heart. I didn't care what other people thought about me. I wasn't afraid to fail. Because when you're facing your mortality, what have you got to lose!? Seeing the temporariness of life gave me FEARLESSNESS.
2. I learned to LISTEN to my Inner Knowing.
And I started to be able to dialogue with it and ask questions and hear answers. The process was always uplifting and inspiring, and even when I didn't hear answers. Just the process of being still and listening was powerful. But I usually did get practical answers for my life, things that I could do and change. I felt aligned with the greater power at the source of life. I call it the Great Flow. This deeper connection made me feel like even though most of life is out of our control and most of life is a mystery that things are going to be okay. There's a loving intelligence at work behind the scenes. Listening to my Inner Knowing gave me CONNECTION.
3. I REFLECTED DEEPLY and HONESTLY on who I wanted to be and what I truly wanted to do with my life.
I followed my inspiration and revealed a clear vision based on what gives me joy, what excites me, my priorities, my dreams... and most importantly, my purpose. I had the space and time for it because of how interrupted my life had been. I couldn't do all the things I normally did - go to school, go surfing, do yoga, etc... I had so much quiet time in the hospital and at home. And thankfully there wasn't social media or YouTube or Netflix back then. I also had the support of a very special psychologist (thank you, Dr. Ted.) Reflecting deeply and honestly gave me CLARITY.
These 3 realizations set me free to be myself and do what I really wanted to do with my life.
It was almost like I didn't have a choice anymore! As the years went on, I realized how special my cancer experience was, how transformative it was and what a blessing it was. My perspective on life was so different from most people. I lived my life differently. I made my life into an adventure.
I was so lucky to have had cancer!
I started thinking, "How amazing would it be to somehow help others have that same AWAKENING experience... without having to almost die!?"
A mission started brewing in my soul. I've been obsessed with it ever since. What if other people could get this same deep self-understanding? What if they understood what their true priorities in life were? What if they felt how precious their time on Earth was? What if they discovered their unique purpose? What if they believed in themselves to fulfill it? What if they LOVED themselves exactly as they were and stopped trying to be someone they're not?
And then one day in 2010 I did it. I scheduled my first retreat and created the very first version of the program. It was a magical week and the tears and smiles in our final group hug showed me that the program had worked.
Retreat #1 - Aug 2010
Retreat #59 - July 2021
Since then I've been improving and refining the process during 50+ retreats, with feedback from hundreds of big-hearted achievers who have joined me for the adventure, both on retreat and online.
In 2016 I put the course into a 28-day online version that could be done from anywhere at anytime. By the way, I almost called it an "offline" course because I designed it so that you spend almost no time in front of screens. Life-changing clarity happens when you are looking inward, not at a screen! In late 2021, with retreats on hold thanks to covid, I had the time to do a major update to the whole course. The VysionQuest has become a super reliable and transformational process that is unlike anything that any of my participants have ever done before.
What makes VysionQuest different is the level of CLARITY that it takes you to.
So many teachers tell you to get clear, have goals, discover your purpose, know your vision. But they don't tell you HOW. Because it's HARD to guide people to truly authentic clarity! This is exactly what VysionQuest does.
The VysionQuest is not about filling you up with more ideas but rather making a space for you to hear your own truth. It takes you to a depth of clarity that CATALYZES your purpose and dreams. You know too much now. You are compelled to act. After you tap into the power of your purpose, which is your leverage to overcome fear, things cannot stay the same. After doing the process people say that they've never had so much clarity about who they are and what they're really here to do.
And they didn't have to almost die to get it :)
I want to emphasize something: You don't need to be perfect. You just need to be YOU.
I definitely don't feel fearless, connected and clear all the time. I've got plenty of flaws and weaknesses and bad habits, probably like you. I'm not especially smart or hard working. I mean, I love working hard on things that matter but I love being lazy too. I think I'm pretty much a bum ("You're NOT a bum!" my girlfriend says and we laugh.) I'm a sensitive introvert making my way in a hard world. And like everyone I have ups and downs. I think one of the most frustrating things is when we put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect and then self-doubt holds us back, for example...
Even with everything I'd gained from my cancer adventure I was terrified to run my first retreat. I put it off for years. I'm embarrassed to admit that.
I think that often the dreams that are related to our purpose feel extra scary because they are so important to us. We don't want to fail at them. My excuses were:
- I need more training/experiene before I have anything valuable to offer.
- Who am I to be able to help people?
- I need to have my sh*t together before I can help people.
- I need to have more money before I can help people.
But if I'd waited for those things to happen I would have gone to my grave without ever running my first retreat or creating the VysionQuest. And instead of reading my page you'd be mindlessly scrolling Facebook :)
The difference in my life has been the level of clarity and self-understanding I've been so fortunate to get.
As I said before... once you get enough deeper clarity, you can't go back. You are committed to your purpose and vision! I want to give you examples of some "impossible" dreams that have come true for me because of this clarity:
  • Create a 6-figure, deeply fulfilling, adventurous, purpose-driven business that changes lives and that I can run from anywhere.
  • Make peace with my ex-wife and create a supportive, harmonious co-parenting relationship with her. (She even caters at my retreats.)
  • Raise two awesome kids who were born at home, raised barefoot and mostly didn't go to school.
  • Live and work in Mexico and Bali and Australia - and have a flexible schedule so I can surf when the waves are best.
  • Live walking distance to the beach (I LOVE walking to the beach as opposed to driving) and get in the ocean - or go to a yoga class - most days.
  • Create a peaceful, passionate, playful relationship with my beautiful girlfriend. She's a welcome part of my family. And she's part of the VQ retreat team!
If a bum like me can do these things, what could YOU do?
Free Training: 6 Keys to Finding Your True Path
The Process
Imagine being handed a personal guidebook for your best life.
The VysionQuest is a guided meditation and journaling course, within a sacred 28-day container, to help you find answers to your most important questions about your life and work, and put those answers into one clear, compelling purpose-driven vision to keep you focused on what matters most.
The time commitment is one magical hour first thing in the morning for 28 days. Open the app, put your headphones in, listen to my voice, then listen to your inner voice and write in your workbook. You finish with a crystal clear written vision for your next chapter. This deep self-understanding puts you in alignment with the Great Flow of Life and moves you forward in ways that probably seem impossible today.
The VysionQuest is a guided meditation and journaling course, within a sacred 28-day container, to help you find answers to your most important questions about your life and work, and put those answers into one clear, compelling purpose-driven vision to keep you focused on what matters most.
The time commitment is one magical hour first thing in the morning for 28 days. Open the app, put your headphones in, listen to my voice, then listen to your inner voice and write in your workbook. You finish with a guide book for your life and crystal clear written vision for your next chapter. This deep self-understanding puts you in alignment with the Great Flow of Life and moves you forward in ways that probably seem impossible today.
Who it's for
The VysionQuest is for people who are navigating a major life transition and need clarity and inspiration for what to do next in life. Most of my participants are business owners, professionals, and artists who have achieved some success. Some are parents.
The VysionQuest could be right for you if...
- You feel out of touch with your true priorities in life.
- You've experienced a big loss that's taken it's toll on your confidence or happiness.
- You've achieved financial success but still feel unfulfilled.
- You've got to make a difficult decision that feels like it's lose-lose.
- You're tired of soul-sucking work and you're ready to do something more meaningful.
- You don't know what you truly want in your life or what to do next.
- Or you have a pretty good idea but have been procrastinating.
Who it's NOT for*
I've guided enough people through the VysionQuest to know that it's not for everyone. This section helps to weed out people who aren't a good fit for the process and save us all some time.
  • People who conform and don't think for themselves.
  • People who blame others for their challenges and problems. People who don't want to take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and life. (Narcissists will struggle.)
  • People who are too busy or too afraid to discover their true priorities.
  • People who don't want to do deep and honest self-enquiry. You've got to be willing to find out what it means to be honest with yourself.
  • People who think that they absolutely cannot leave a job/career/business that they don't enjoy because they've already invested so much time into it or they think there are no other options for making money.
  • People who don't have the discipline to wake up early and give up alcohol and coffee for 28 days (yes, those are requirements and some of my secret weapons for life-changing clarity).
* You don't need any meditation experience or need to be a "good meditator" to have an amazing VysionQuest. The guided meditations are like calming audio lessons. All you have to do is breathe and listen. You don't have to particularly enjoy writing either. The questions will help you let go and let your pen flow. Also the VysionQuest is not just for "successful" entrepreneurs or professionals. I focus on them on this page because they get great results with my program and I love working with them. But it's really for anyone who is committed to a more meaningful, magical, authentic life. Got it?
The Curriculum
Week 1
Day 1 - True Intentions
Day 2 - The Great Flow
Day 3 - Real Talk
Day 4 - Thank You For This Life
Day 5 - Count Your Blessings - Pt 1
Day 6 - Count Your Blessings - Pt 2
Day 7 - Path Lights
Week 2
Day 8 - Favorite Worries and Funner Beliefs
Day 9 - Present and Future Appreciations
Day 10 - Eulogies
Day 11 - Inspirations
Day 12 - My Recipe For Creation
Day 13 - Life Purpose - Pt 1
Day 14 - Life Purpose - Pt 2
Week 3
Day 15 - Inner Wisdom
Day 16 - Fun and Fulfilling Work
Day 17 - Perfect Average Day
Day 18 - Authentic Success - Personal
Day 19 - Authentic Success - Professional
Day 20 - Greatest Regrets
Day 21 - Guaranteed to Succeed
Week 4
Day 22 - 6 Things in 6 Months
Day 23 - Dream Emails
Day 24 - Future Journal Entry
Day 25 - Cause Your Blessings - Pt 1
Day 26 - Cause Your Blessings - Pt 2
Day 27 - Five Year Bucket List
Day 28 - Soul's Statement
What's Included
VysionQuest Workbook pdf
Your soul's own guide book for your life, including a crystal clear purpose-driven vision, to keep you inspired and walking your true authentic path. Destined to become one of your most prized possessions.
The App
Life-changing clarity and connection do not happen while looking at a screen, but while looking inwards. That's why this Online Course is designed with minimal screen time. All you have to do is put your headphones in, open the app, close your eyes and let me take your soul on a journey of self-discovery every morning.
28 x Guided Meditation Audios
Turn down the noise and reconnect with the deepest part of you. Each day a new meditation creates the perfect stillness for your inner truth to speak.
28 x Writing Exercises
Watch as more clarity emerges day by day. A collection of proven, high quality questions - in the right order - that work to disarm your fear, remind you of your creative power, and reveal what you truly want from life. You'll be inspired by your own story so far and gain conviction for your dreams to come.
Online Forum
Reflect, then connect. Find friendship and share/read inspiring success stories with Vysionaries from across the globe.
Lifetime Access
VysionQuest isn't a ''one and done'' thing. Come back anytime to tap into your own wisdom. Access a guided meditation or writing exercise whenever you need a quick boost. Or review the full 28-day journey whenever you need to uplevel your vision throughout your life.
LIMITED TIME BONUS - Coaching from Rick
For the duration of your 28 day course you have Voxer messaging access to Rick. Ask questions, find deeper clarity, and get fast support whenever you need it. I love supporting people on the adventure! (I can only offer coaching with me up until the numbers of participants hit a certain point, so take advantage of this while it's around.)
Free Training: 6 Keys to Finding Your True Path
An Invitation
If you're feeling frustrated, tired and without a clear vision for how to live your best life I want to do the VysionQuest. Your life's purpose is too important to spend another day stuck in self-doubt and confusion. I believe that the answers to your most important questions are inside you. You just need the right set of circumstances to allow your inner voice to be heard and captured. The VysionQuest creates that set of circumstances.
All you have to do is make some quiet space, follow the simple but powerful step-by-step process, and allow something amazing to happen for you.
If the VysionQuest is right for you, you'll probably be feeling a combination of excited AND nervous right now. That's because some part of you knows you're about to go on a life-changing adventure.
Enroll now
If the VysionQuest resonates with you and it's the right time in your life, start today.
VysionQuest Online Course
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Testimonials and Results
Alicia Albright got booked as an original cast member of Frozen on Broadway.
"I honestly don't think I would have fulfilled this dream if it wasn't for the VysionQuest."
Adam Hudson created an education company with over 10,000 students.
"My company is here today because of the VysionQuest."
Jones Tchiakpe got promoted to host the longest running radio show in Switzerland.
"VysionQuest gives you the tools to follow your dreams."
Joanne Stone founded a jewelry company in Miami.
"Sure I have my moments but since my VysionQuest the door of prosperity opened and keeps expanding."
Harrison Gilbertson booked lead roles in 9 feature films and tv shows.
"Rick, thank you for your impact on my life."
James and Ingrid bought a Gold Coast hinterland BnB - good for grandkids to visit!
"My appreciation for what you have given us holds more power than you can ever know."
Attorney Jeanette Lodwig moved to Hawaii and founded a tea company.
"Rick, thanks for your rare combination of soul-piercing depth and total goofiness."
Dean Murphy sold his business and sailed around the world with his family.
"I did the VysionQuest because I had become bored with my life, with no real direction."
Heather Hobbs moved to Costa Rica, founded a YTT company, bought land and had a baby.
"It felt so good to remember what is truly important to me."
Simone Palladino launched a family business in Brazil.
"The VysionQuest is so different to anything I've ever done. I have no words to thank you."
Jamie Bade started an alternative school on Bali.
"Before I felt stuck... but Rick helped me discover how much I have to offer to the world."
Australian Tony Laughton bought his dream retirement home in France.
"I got so much clarity I cried... I have been so so lost and I can finally see a path."
By far the most POWERFUL form of personal development I have ever done.
The last 2 years I felt as though I had simply been surviving life, when I really wanted to be thriving instead. I wanted to make 2021 a year filled with joy, energy and alignment - but I had no idea how to do it.
I had new opportunities arising so I wanted to make sure that any decisions I made moving forward would bring more joy and fulfillment in my life. I was tired of feeling tired! I knew I needed to go 'all in' to find my mojo again.
Enter VysionQuest. By far the most POWERFUL form of personal development I have ever done.
The workbook guides you through each lesson to help draw out your inner dreams and find more clarity, purpose and energy than I ever knew possible.
Since completing VysionQuest I now have a strong inner knowing and clear directions to live out an incredibly fulfilling life. I cannot wait to get started on my new life filled with joy, energy and alignment.
So now I'm back. More focused than ever and with a heart filled with gratitude and love for the magical life I've been able to create for myself and a child like excitement for what's yet to come.
If you're needing some real clarity or simply a big fat dose of self love - I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you're feeling uncertain whether VQ is right for you - stop thinking and just do it.
Trust in the process that Rick takes you on. It's an unforgettable journey that has the power to transform your life. Fuck yeah!
Haley Hughes
Founder - Empire & Co
This VisionQuest has been the best gift I could have ever given myself.
When I signed up to Rick's VisionQuest I had already started to make major changes in my life. I'd left a professional career of almost 20 years because I was becoming more inquisitive about what my true direction in life was.
It's great to get promotions, earn a big salary, have some leadership control, but shit that does not buy happiness. Well, not for me anyway. In a nutshell I actually hated my life and I really didn't love or truly respect myself or my body.
After leaving my job and creating space in my life, looking back, I truly believe the universe did lead me to Rick.
The questions I had been asking myself about my life are so much clearer. I have an amazing inner peace with myself. I'm excited about the future, I'm more ready than ever to fulfill my dreams and to live my life's purpose.
Rick, what you have created is magical. You will forever be an inspiration in my life and have a special place in my heart until my last day on Earth. I will be at peace because I made every day count. :) xx
Fiona Rinaldi
Owner/COO - West Coast Off Roaders
To say that the VysionQuest is life-changing would be an understatement.
We tend to think of the so-called "quarter life crisis" in negative terms, that period in our young lives when we realize we've done everything we're supposed to, made the "best" decisions we could, worked hard, and are disturbed to realize that we're still not happy. Something is still missing.
Previous generations seem to think of this as a "reality check" for us millennials, where we realize that life isn't and won't be as fulfilling as we had hoped and been promised it would be.
F*ck that.
To me this 'crisis' has been a positive event and has given me the awareness that material success does not equate to happiness or fulfillment, and that a new strategy for life is now required to move forward in a meaningful way. I feel like I have come out the other side happier, healthier and more inspired than I ever would have imagined.
We weren't interested in waiting around until retirement to live our dreams. We were also chasing answers to what we wanted in life, what brought us joy, and I was exploring what the elusive concept of success really means.
About halfway through our trip we participated in Rick Cowley's VysionQuest.
To say this experience was life-changing would be an understatement.
We returned home to Toronto, Canada, and have been working on starting anew since then. I have achieved many of my Five Year Bucket List goals and dreams, some while traveling and others since we've been home, all of which I am very proud of and grateful for.
I feel like I've made incredible progress over the last 12 months in creating the life that I most want to live and loving each and every day of the journey. But where the last year has been about tearing down, contemplating and rebuilding the foundation, the next few years will be about doing the hard work to actualize the structure.
A big thanks to Rick for helping me put many of these dreams and goals into words, and to my wife Karen for giving me the courage to be bold and chase them.
Jamie Knowlton
Rick has a talent for asking just the right questions to help you clarify what you already knew - and take your life to the next level.
Rick has managed to enter my life exactly at the moments where I needed him.
After a particularly tough day - shopping for a tombstone for my Mom and overwhelmed with work - a friend recommended that I connect with Rick, do his process, and find peace.
Fast forward a year, and after an amazing journey at Facebook as a product lead, I have now left to pursue my passion of building my own company from the ground up.
During a time of transition and reflection Rick's process and authentic understanding of people helped make me feel prepared to enter the next chapter in my life - to create, connect and embrace all life has to offer!
Seth Rosenberg
VC - Greylock Partners
This has been the single most revealing process I've done over the past 15 years on my journey of personal development.
Hey Rick, wow... thank you!!!
This has been the single most revealing process I've done over the past 15 years on my journey of personal development.
Having a fairly good idea about the opportunities I am currently working on, the VysionQuest solidified the journey ahead and put some more "fuel on the fire", confirming this is the exact path I need to be on and also being true to myself and passionate.
I've completed several personal development programs in the past but the VysionQuest process far surpasses them all.
Rick's extremely well thought out process and accompanying materials are a dream to those like myself who can often become overwhelmed when putting pen to paper, especially when about themselves and their life experiences. The process has a special way of coaxing out your inner most thoughts/feelings and the pen literally just flows...
I feel completely on point ready to sink my teeth further into my projects now that the I have super defined goals mapped out and the big "WHY" crystal clear.
I learnt a huge amount about myself and what drives me so I would recommend without hesitation to do the VysionQuest.
Rick, thank you for providing a safe space to allow me to be raw and real... with myself. I know you have changed many lives but there are so many more that need your touch.
Love you, mate.
James Denham
Rick, you didn't only help me through a tough time... I've never felt this happy and content in my life.
The VysionQuest is the best gift I've ever given myself. My life is on a whole new trajectory.
I don't know how to explain how I feel in words.... Rick, I wish you were in arm's reach so I could hug my happiness into you.
Is this real? Is life really this fucking awesome?! I'm filled with so much joy, contentment....and am well on my way to self awareness. I'm happy. I'm living life. I feel so alive.
Here I am, sitting in my new loft (Dream #1: "Have my own loft") in Austin, TX (Dream #2: "Move somewhere warmer") and I am so damn grateful for each and every day I wake up. The things I get to do, the beauty I get to see, the people I get to have in my is incredible.
You didn't only help me through a tough time.....I've never felt this happy and content in my life. I am proud of the woman I am today. :)
What you did for me....what you gave me....the hope and inspiration manifested through your energy, love, and is priceless.
I continue to work daily towards my inspirations, goals, desires. I continue to focus on what makes me feel whole and centered. When I flounder ... I read my workbook. But nowadays, when I flounder....I stop beating myself up and realize I'm just frothing. :)
Learning that I have control of MY life, and yet, I have no control OVER life has been the most crucial piece of understanding I've ever gained.
Thank you. Keep touching people and making the world a more serene place.
Christine Schuck
Owner/Therapist - Schuck & Associates
Anyone who is going through a life transition or is hungry to find more meaning, purpose and clarity would benefit from the VysionQuest.
Rick has designed a series of meditations, questions, and writing exercises that allowed me to clarify my own vision for my life.
Before I did the VysionQuest I was feeling frustrated, tired and without a clear vision for how to live my best life. Completing the VysionQuest last year helped me uncover not only some specific goals, but a vision for how I want the next phase of my life to feel. The experience set me on a course to living with more intention and joy.
It's fun to check things off my Five Year Bucket List, but even more powerful for me was that I came away with a softer approach to how I live my life. I've always been very goal oriented, and sort of white knuckled my way through challenges to achieve my goals. The VysionQuest helped me clarify my larger purpose, and trust that the right opportunities will open up along the way.
For anyone considering VysionQuest, I would say that this is an amazing gift to your future bad ass self – and s/he deserves it.
Jeanette Lodwig
Attorney - Hawaii Community Foundation
Founder - Waking Wonder Tea
If you are not living your dreams, if you are not sure what your dreams are, then Rick's VysionQuest is a giant step you can take.
I signed up for the VysionQuest because I wasn't getting the results I wanted from my business.
Rick's quest is a well thought out and well laid out step by step process.
I feel inspired to view and approach my business in a very different way than I had previously.
If you are not living exactly the life that your heart desires, if you are not living your dreams, if you are not sure what your dreams are, then Rick's VysionQuest is a giant step you can take towards achieving this.
Jim Banks
Surfboard Shaper
Owner - Mango Tree Cafe
If you feel like you're doing all of the right things, but have an underlying feeling of frustration, or maybe you feel a little lost with what to do next, then this is for you.
I signed up to VysionQuest because I felt lost in life. I felt like I was doing all of the right things. I looked after my health. I had a successful business. But inside I had this empty feeling. I knew I wanted more from life but didn't know what to do next.
VysionQuest is an immersive experience unlike any other. By disconnecting from the noise of life and following the process I was able to go deeper than I ever have before. I was able to gain much needed clarity. Hand on heart I can honestly say I know what's most important in life.
I feel so much lighter now. What a life changing experience. I know myself better than I ever have. There were tears, there was anger, there was frustration, there was happiness and joy. But beneath all of it I was able to discover my authentic true self, and it feels f*cking amazing to finish knowing what I need to do to be happier, more fulfilled, and free.
VysionQuest is for anyone who wants more from life. They say money can't buy happiness yet here I am on the last day, happier than I've ever been. If you're on the fence, just do it. You won't regret it.
Alex Ahern
Online Seller
It makes you go deeper and deeper into your subconscious and helps you unlock your purpose and your dreams.
I had been through a lot over the last 6 years or so, before doing VysionQuest.

I have had to deal with chronic health issues and the mental torment that this can bring. I also had been living a life I thought I was supposed to live, well-paid job in the city, buying property, getting a pension and basically doing what I had been pre-programmed to believe was the only option.

Through my health issues, I turned to a more spiritual/alternative approach, as the traditional one had gotten me nowhere. By taking this approach, I was exposed to a different narrative on what my life could be if I took the road less traveled.

So, I quit my job, traveled and set up a business. I was headed in the right direction, but still a number of pieces in the puzzle were missing. I knew I needed clarity and insight into my potential and so I started paying attention to the signs. Being part of Reliable Education, I had heard the founder Adam talk about how he had had a complete life turnaround at a retreat in Bali, where he developed the vision for RE. Intuitively, I knew this was something I needed to look into.

I'm not a naturally emotional, creative or imaginative person, but this process is devised in a way that makes you go deeper and deeper into your subconscious and help you unlock your purpose and your dreams.

By the end of the process, I had something I didn't have before - the knowledge and the tools to make my purpose and dreams a reality and this is both motivating and empowering. After the VysionQuest, I know now the ball is in my court. I have the knowledge and tools, but now it's time to execute and I can't wait to do this.

To anyone considering this VysionQuest, ask yourself, "Are you ready to realize things about yourself and your potential that you never dreamed possible?" If yes, then don't think, take action and BOOK IT.

Phil Hadfield
Online Seller + Creator of The Chronic Comeback Podcast
It's impossible to know the impact of the VysionQuest until 3 or 6 months have passed and serendipitous things start happening in your life.
I signed up because my mom died two months ago, which was a pretty harrowing experience, and that shook a lot of things up in terms of perspective.
And I'd been finding myself on repeat in terms of business... ending up in common situations with partners, clearly habitual as I'm the common denominator. And those cycles needed to break. And with Mom's passing that really shook things up enough for me to make a decision to do something different.
My friend Leigh recommended the VysionQuest to me and I just jumped in. I didn't really ask too many questions or look into it that much. He just said he'd heard lots of good things about it from people who were at a crossroads in their life. And with everything sort of being turned upside down, hitting that reset button was exactly what I wanted. So this was the perfect opportunity.
There's some magic in what gets done here... it works on the subconscious. I worked through a lot of things. I cried heaps. I broke through a lot of barriers. There were things that came up that I had no idea were going to come up. And I started with some pretty obvious major things, and they certainly came up, but some things that were buried a little bit deeper also came up, that I certainly wasn't expecting. The exercises induce all of that and it's done in bite-sized chunks. So it's not like a huge grind out.
In a nutshell what you end up with is something that has been extracted out of you during the process. And what I'm feeling now is so much lighter. I have fewer wrinkles! I feel younger. I feel clear.
There's still a lot of unanswered questions. This isn't the answer to everything in life. I mean, I can't bring back my mother and I don't have a date on when that pain is going to subside, but I have such a clear vision of what I am about what I stand for, and even the specific objectives of how I'm going to live.
It's like, how can the process pull all of that information out? But that's the magic of the process and sticking with it. You get to the end and you stop working through everything that you've done and you realize, "Hey, I know what I'm about." And I feel excited. I'm pretty pumped.
If you are considering it don't think too long. This shit will change your life. Jump in, do what I did. You won't regret it.
Sam Edward
Principle - Satori Finance
There are SO many amazing things happening in my life right now as a result of me or someone close to me doing Rick's VysionQuest.
I'm an entrepreneur and business owner, I run a media marketing company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
I have a couple of friends who I've known for a very long time who had done the VysionQuest and I was really impressed - they made some unbelievable and transformative changes in their lives and I really wanted to reconnect with that.
I'd been doing personal development work for quite a long time but was kind of out of practice with getting my business going and being a single Dad.
So I did the VysionQuest. It's just an amazing process that really helped me get connected to what's truly important to me in the next phase of my life, and most importantly how to take action on it.
There are SO many amazing things happening in my life right now as a result of me or someone close to me doing Rick's VysionQuest.
Just. Do. It.
Keith O'Brien
CEO - Page One
The VysionQuest was the third pivotal moment of my life and changed the whole trajectory of my life.
Rick, thank you for the massive impact you've had and continue to have on me, and so many others. As ever, you continually remind me of what's most important in life, and inspire me to live my dreams like no one else.
Whenever I need a refocus and realignment, whenever I want to step into some bigger dreams I know that your program will provide the inspiration and container to go to the next level.
I appreciate the space to journal, the time to write/think/feel/relax. I appreciate the content and time to really confirm and solidify my BIG DREAM.
Keep doing your amazing work — you help so many people and my life has forever been changed for the better x 100 by you.
Carmen Marshall
Business Mentor + Soul Fit™ Dance Teacher
I've spent over $200,000 on personal development and I can assure you that the VysionQuest stands as one of the most profound and impactful experiences available.
If you're reading this you're probably considering doing VysionQuest with Rick Cowley.
Straight up -- wherever you are right now, you're here for a reason. Whatever that is for you I am confident that Rick can be of service and help you find what you're looking for.
I found VysionQuest through the strong recommendation of friends who had been before and made significant changes in their lives with lasting and inspiring success.
Over the last 20 years I've built several large companies which had taken it's toll on my health, enthusiasm and passion for life. I had burnt out mentally, emotionally and physically, then faced my own mortality through cancer at 35, and witnessed both my parents develop chronic close to death diseases in their first years of retirement, having lived lives sacrificed for their children with very little personal fulfillment and joy.
In forging a different path as a high-achiever and living a life full-out, I've lived and breathed personal development from the age of 14.
In the last 2.5 decades I've spent over $200,000 on books, audio programs, seminars, retreats, memberships and mentorships...
I can confidently assure you that Rick Cowley's work with VysionQuest stands as one of the most profound and impactful experiences available.
Whatever the cost and sacrifice it takes you to do it I'm sure you'll benefit 1000 fold on the other side.
After Rick's process I feel alive again, switched on, passionate and connected.
So my advice to you is just do it, invest in yourself and trust in the process and your life will never be the same.
Thank you, Rick.
Leigh Storr
CEO - Resinc Solar
I've done the VysionQuest twice and it changed my life... twice. I cannot recommend an experience more!!!!!!!
The first time I did it, I was so lost and sad and making a big life change, and I was very confused.
And through the process I found myself again, and it changed my life, and so many incredible things happened after.
I came a 2nd time because I have a new job that is huge and I was finding myself stressed out and unclear and not my best self. So I had a break and came back to find clarity and a deeper sense of my purpose. I wanted to be really clear on who I am and who I want to be in the world and what I want to do in the world and for the world.
I wanted to be so grounded in that purpose that nothing could throw me off. And you know what.... it worked.
I learned in an even deeper way who I am and what I want and what my purpose is. The writing exercises helped to bring clarity and helped me to release my fear that tends to hold me back from my life. It helped me to move myself and my fear out of the way to reveal the light that illuminates from within.
Rick is an example of someone truly living their purpose and changing lives by doing that. He is inspiring, he is a guide, he assists you to find the answers on your own and he creates a space for transformation, growth, laughter, tears, healing, love and finding your soul and purpose.
I feel clear, I feel inspired, I feel grounded, and I feel excited about the future. Life is short and I want to live my BEST LIFE EVER. I want everyone in the world to feel how I feel.
If you are feeling lost or sad or stuck or uninspired or just want to get more out of this amazing one life that we have, then do the VysionQuest. IT. WILL. CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE.
Alicia Albright
Professional singer/dancer
The process was pretty easy and fun but extremely clever - simple exercises which eventually show you exactly what you want from life.
I always thought I had a pretty good idea what my purpose was but did the VysionQuest to cement it in and work out how to juggle everything.
But what I really learnt was that it's impossible to build an empire if the groundwork is unstable. I discovered that it was my own internal struggles that were holding me back from my true potential.
Rick is a true healer. He gave me the tools to fix that and I'm finishing the VysionQuest energised, excited and ready to carry out my purpose with a bang. He helped me connect, reach, dream and believe in everything I was born to be. He switched on the light in my soul and showed me all the treasures I already had inside that were impossible to see in the dark.
The process is like working on a tapestry square by square and then taking a step back and realising you've created a beautiful piece of art. He helped me sort through the endless ideas and desires that run through my head so I could identify the ones that truly mean the most to me.
Once you know what's really important to you the next step is easy – go and get it!
The future is bright. Thank you, universe.
Danielle Runge
Owner/Director - Luminise Care Solutions
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