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1 Tip for Making Real Change

Where does real change come from?

If you want to change, how do you do it and keep it?

Real change comes from beyond you.

You THINK it comes from your mind.

But you see in your life that lasting change OCCASIONALLY works but usually doesn’t stick.

REAL change comes from somewhere else.

I’ll explain what I mean in a second.

First, let’s look at what REAL change means.

Think of it like this: when real change happens, NOTHING will stop it.

Real change is like planting a tree.

This is why I say that real change comes from beyond you.

It comes from the same place that grows a tree.

You can use your mind to get a seed and dig a hole and plant it and water it.

But there’s a whole other force that actually grows the tree.

And just like when you plant a tree, when you start to make a change, it’s fragile.

It’s baby change.

It’s not real change yet.

It must be nurtured.

Then, when the trunk is strong enough, nothing can knock it down.

All of your changes have to start like this.

So… if you want REAL change, how do you make the step from baby change to REAL change?

Say you want to face and solve a few of your current biggest problems.

Maybe you want more control of your time.

Maybe you want to create work that’s meaningful AND financially successful.

Maybe you want to be a more loving spouse or parent or friend.

Maybe you just want to feel a little happier every day and appreciate what you have.

How do you change direction… and STAY on the new path?

Here’s how:

Find the fearlessness.

The fearlessness is in you. It’s more you than anything else.

I know this because when you are at the end of your life and looking back, you’ll see the truth that you had nothing to fear during your life.

So why wait until the end of your life to FEEL this fearlessness?

Start to identify with it now.

The fearlessness will help you break the old pattern.

It’s just a pattern of focus and response.

The fearlessness will automatically walk you along the new path of change.

Here is your new question for nurturing the seedling of real change.

“If I were FEARLESS what would I do?”

In areas of your life that feel stuck, you are letting The Fear guide you.

It’s like you are holding The Fear’s hand and it’s leading you down well-worn paths in your life.

When you ask, “If I were FEARLESS what would I do?” you have a chance to let go of The Fear’s hand and let LOVE guide you.

You really do have nothing to fear.

Except for NOT doing this work! NOT allowing change for the better. NOT rising to new focus and responses.

That feeling of shrinking back into old ways that don’t work is horrible.

Find fearlessness and then follow your love.

So how do you make this practical? How do you actually DO it?

Start first thing in the morning.

Or even better, plan it the night before.

Ask the question: “If I were fearless, what would I do from 5:30-6:00 a.m. tomorrow?”

This is a good way to understand what change is most important to you…AND to start nurturing it.

You take a peaceful minute before bed to answer this question and write it down.

Then DO it tomorrow morning. And see what happens.

Remember, once the tree is strong enough, it’s SOLID and takes almost no effort.

It just gives you fruit.

It’s a beautiful process.

Let me know your questions and let me know what happens when you try this.

Lots of love,

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