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Is the Path That You're On Worthy of Your Life?

When I faced my death at 21 years old with leukemia, it was scary.

It was beautiful though.

I guess I feel like I have been able to have moments of deeper connection in my life and connect into what what's really going on behind the scenes. Feeling like, you know, I've always been drawn to spiritual ideas and learning about religions and spirituality. So, I was curious...

You know, there were a lot of emotional moments I remember. Like say when I was living in and out of the hospital, I would go in for a week or 10 days, and have a lot of time to myself in there.

And, you know, friends would visit, my parents would visit and bring me food and spend some time with me.

But most of the time in the hospital I was by myself, not feeling very good, and had plenty of time to reflect.

And it's funny, you know, the hospital, it wasn't a scary place to me. It sucked... I mean, to get bone marrow biopsies - where they drill a massive needle deep into your hip bone to withdraw bone marrow to test it - sucks. It's painful.

And the chemotherapy makes you feel like shit. So you're not feeling very well.

But there was a bit of this sense of it being a life-changing experience for me, no matter what happened. If I died or if I lived. Like from here forward, it's different.

What I know my purpose is, is guiding people back to themselves and helping them discover what they're really here to do. Who they are and what they're really here to do. And discover their purpose.

And this is... everyone has that purpose. We all have our different ways of doing it.

From what I've seen, everyone has those two desires in them; to help other people relieve their suffering and to empower people and wake them up.

And each person has their unique way of doing it. Their unique way of being, their unique talents, their unique way of expressing themselves, their unique way of connecting with people.

And this is my purpose. For whatever reason, having discovered this process that can take you out of the momentum of decades of your life, living a life that is not really you and not really your life, and creating the space and the time for you to reconnect and holding your hand and guiding you down this path where you're disarming the fear and going deep into your heart and soul and getting clarity that you've never had in your life.

It's clarity that you have a deep sense of. So when you get the clarity, it's like coming home.

It's like entering your body and everything aligns; your body and your spirit and your mind and emotions all come into the center - where you are - and it's like coming home. You feel powerful. You feel clear.

You know that it's not that everything becomes easy after this, but it's like the path that you're on is worthy of your life probably for the first time.

And there's going to be challenges and there's old habits and everything, but what you're aiming at and who you are when you're walking this path is worth it.

It's worth it to be yourself and get to be yourself every day and be and do things that are meaningful for you.

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Rick Cowley - Creator of VysionQuest
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